Role of Customer Feedback in Retaining Hard Earned Customers


The role of customer feedback in retaining hard-earned customers is often overlooked by most businesses in the UAE and almost all around the world. The truth is most of the time businesses only focus and invest in methods and marketing methods to get new customers. Although you might have good customer relationship management and good service delivery mechanisms, you still need to listen to your customers. It is very important for businesses to retain their existing customers if they want steady growth. For example, fifty new customers per month or even daily it depends upon your organization’s size, and you are also loosing let say, twenty customers, then your growth is only thirty customers per day or per month or any reference of time. But if somehow you got succeeded to retain all existing customers then for that time frame your growth will be one hundred per cent equal to your new sales. Customer Feedback plays a vital role in retaining the existing customers and it also provides vital business intelligence to further improve your products and services, which will definitely boost your overall growth.

What is Customer Feedback?


First of all, you need to understand what is customer feedback? Well, the answer is very simple, whatever question you will ask your customer, the answer will be your customer’s feedback. You can request your customers to suggest or opine on your products, services, or a segment of your business or the entire brand. There are multiple types of feedbacks and multiple stages when feedback can be collected. For example, when a customer makes a purchase, you can ask them about their experience, after 3 months or so you can ask them about the performance of the product or service they bought from you. You can request feedback when a customer availed a service from your service centre or customer support office. It could be anything, and it could be anytime. Although I am saying it could be anytime, or anything, but there are certain criteria to prepare your questionnaire and also when to present it. You cannot request a customer to opine about their experience at one of your customer service centre three months ago. They might not remember sufficient details after this long.

How to Collect Customer Feedback?


There are so many different methods and techniques to collect feedbacks some are old some are new, but all were set to encourage as many customers as possible to give feedback and suggestions. Basically, most of the time if a customer is either happy or unhappy they do not want to take the time to provide feedback or do a survey or any such thing. Even if when businesses ask their customers, only slightly more than half of them will answer the questionnaire. There are certain methods which are most popular all around the world. Here are some examples:

  1. Surveys conducted by staff at the branch
  2. Phone Calls
  3. Online Surveys via
    1. Emails (General/Marketing and Transactional)
    2. SMS
    3. Social Media
    4. Website
  4. Customer Feedback Systems
    1. Interactive Kiosks
    2. Tablet Kiosks/Stands
  5. Smartphone Applications
  6. Score Board Surveys or Customer Happiness Meter
  7. Online Suggestion Boards
  8. Online Reviews and Ratings

There are different innovative and high-tech solutions to collect customer feedback. There is no thumb rule or only one certified method of collecting feedback that can work for all. Different industries and different businesses require different customer feedback solutions. The main objective is to collect as many feedbacks as possible in a form that can help the management to gather actionable data.

In order to achieve your objectives you first have to understand what type of audience you have and what method will be more encouraging for your customers to attempt a survey or do feedback. Then multiple methods can be implemented simultaneously to increase the data collection. But your customer who has already given their feedback from one channel should not receive the requests to do the same feedback from other channels. Your all channels’ feedback should converge in a single information centre or database, and the final outcome should provide the details important for your business. For example, you should know:

  1. How was your customer’s experience at the branch?
  2. How satisfied they are with your products and services?
  3. What else can be offered to improve the product/service quality?
  4. How more likely they are to suggest you to their family and friends?

These are just some of the very fundamental customer feedback questions, which all businesses want to know. Apart from that, you can also build a strategy to collect segmented feedback. The segmented feedback collection is also experimented with by many businesses and they are getting good results. For example, in their first visit to your customer service centre, you can ask them about their experience at the branch. The next time or after a few days later you can ask them about the product or service they are using. The chances of getting feedback from the same person on the same subject with a different topic are very high. Of course, you can ask a few questions at the same time, but the response rate to single question feedback is way too higher than multi-question feedback or survey. Multiple feedback collection methods can be utilized with innovative ideas and the latest technologies to collect more customer feedback data which can help the management to take future decisions.

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How Customer Feedback Can Help Retaining Hard Earned Customers?


Customer feedback can help businesses to retain hard-earned customers. No matter how big or small you are or to what industry you belong, you must have to listen to your customers very closely to understand what is making them happy about your brand and what is annoying them about your brand. This is very important, it is an estimate that almost 30% to 40% of the customers switched to other options if they don’t receive good services. And if they are unhappy it is an estimate that almost 60% to 70% talk about their bad experience with their colleagues, family and friends. This could have a huge impact on your sales, reputation and brand identity. For example, research has been published by Business Insider [] which concludes that it requires almost 12 good customer experiences to only negate the impact of one bad customer experience! This is huge, and it is extremely important that you listen to your customers, know how they think about your brand, what do they like and what is not appreciated by them.

Customer feedback can help businesses:

  1. Building Customer Loyalty
  2. Building a Positive Reputation
  3. Improved Customer Experience
  4. Improved Products and Services
  5. Taking Precise and Calculated Data-Driven Decisions

In order to retain your hard-earned customers, building a loyal customer base is very important. You can only win your customers loyalty if you will be able to understand their needs, demands, and overall behaviour towards your products and services. Once you attain that your customers will start adding up to your efforts of building a positive reputation of your business and brand.

Customer experience always plays an extremely important role in any business’s success. Especially in the UAE where the competition is very high, there are so many options available to every customer. The customer experience will determine whether you will be able to sustain them and keep growing at a steady pace, or you will end up in a downward spiral? In order to understand the customer experience the best way is to take their feedback. This feedback will not only help you improving customer experience but it will also help you improve your products and services too.

There are two types of feedback, either it will be positive or either it will be negative. Here are the two types of customer feedback and their importance:

1. Negative Customer Feedback and Bad Customer Experience


We always discuss in our blog posts and we also suggest to our customers that negative feedbacks are extremely important even more important than positive feedback. An unhappy customer is a potential risk. The chances of getting them away from your business are very high. Once they went away to a competitor they will most likely start suggesting their colleagues, family and friends join them. On top of that, there is a chance of negative publicity, they could comment on your social media, or share their experience on their social media or whatnot. Which could further amplify the intensity of negative publicity. It is very important that you prioritize them, listen to them and try to resolve their issues on urgent bases.

That is not all, from their bad experience you can also learn vital information about your deficiencies and the areas where you being a business or brand and your staff lags behind. Their feedback is critical to understand what went wrong and what has to be done in order to prevent such scenarios to happen again. This will help you retain your existing customers and when you manage to convert an unhappy customer to a happy customer they will definitely cause you positive publicity. This will not only make you more popular among your existing customers but it will also help you acquire more customers.

2. Positive Feedback and Good Customer Experience


Like I said the negative customer feedback is very important but that doesn’t mean you don’t need positive customer feedback. Positive customer feedback always helps to promote your good image and results in more business. Collect and utilize your positive feedbacks too to further improve the areas which are more popular. Positive feedback doesn’t mean you are delivery a 100% perfect product or service, it will be always a part of the service or a particular feature or a particular trait that your customers will be going to like the most, this will also help you identify the features and aspects of your products and services which are not receiving much positive feedback despite being part of a very popular product or service. Such aspects can be further scrutinized and improved. So, no matter if it is positive feedback or negative feedback, it will go to help you in improving your products and services and in retaining your hard-earned customers.

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In the UAE the competition is very high, the customers are very demanding and they have too many alternatives. In such an environment maintaining steady growth is a bit more difficult. More competition means higher quality, higher quality means higher expectations. The customers always expect the highest level of the quality of any product or service they are purchasing. Which makes it even more difficult to keep them happy. Customer feedback can help you by providing very precise first-hand data and business intelligence. Which could help the decision-makers to take actions to improve the product or service quality and to establish future strategies. The customer feedback will also help you understand the current market trends and ever-changing demands of your customers. There are so many different methods to collect customer feedback, businesses can choose any one of them or a combination of multiple mediums and platform to collect feedback, the main objective is to get as much feedback as possible. To improve your customer experience, products and services and build a positive brand reputation. Which will not only help you retain your hard-earned customers but it will also help you gain more new customers. No matter if the feedback is positive or negative, collected through the happiness meter to gathered from an online survey all types of feedbacks and all methods of customer feedback collection have their benefits and utilization. The data will help businesses to understand their customers better. The management can easily and confidently make decisions, plan strategies, to improve their customers’ experience. Which will not only help them retain their existing customers but eventually it will help them building up a good brand image and getting more new customers.

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What are Benefits of Integration of HRMS with Self-service Kiosks?

HRMS or Human resource management system is a backbone in any organization or business. If your employees are satisfied they will be more productive and efficient, hence the business will grow. If your employee is dissatisfied and unhappy their productivity will decrease, which will result in higher operational expenditures and lower outcome, or poor quality work. If the work quality is not good your customers will also move away from you, although the process is slow the consequences could be devastated for the business. The HR department is always very important, as they are responsible for hiring the right professionals, and in their regular daily routine, they could be very busy, which could also reduce their productivity and efficiency.


So, maintaining a positive and good environment inside your organization is very important. This is why businesses are widely using HRMS or human resource management systems to streamline all these processes, and to monitor and control their cost/expense. The HR Department is mainly responsible for ensuring a balance between employees’ happiness and controlled expenses, to achieve the highest possible productivity form the available resources.

The interactive touch screens or self-service kiosks are gaining popularity in a lot of industries, if you are living in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate of United Arab Emirates, then you must be aware of these touch screens and self-service kiosks, they are everywhere, from shopping malls to banks, hospitals, clinics, government offices, customer service centres and even in small businesses and showrooms. These self-service interactive kiosks are multiplying day by day in numbers. Whether you have to pay your mobile’s bill, or a utility bill, or whether you want to withdraw cash, or these kiosks and vending machines are everywhere and everyone is using them on daily bases.

Ensure Steady Growth


If a business wants to control and monitor their internal expenses and if they want to manage their employees efficiently then the HR Department should have to work at its best. The HR Department is not only responsible for employee management and resource management but it is also responsible for ensuring the business or organization have the required skilled professionals and the very efficient resource utilization. In order to boost HR Department’s output, the HRMS systems can play a vital role and if the HRMS is integrated with Self-service Kiosks, then you can easily attain twice the operational efficiency, which results in extremely well resource management, less cost more output and eventually ensures steady business growth.

Satisfy Your Employees


Provide a fully functional virtual HR to your employees. Let them avail HR services from remote locations, from project sites, from their residence and accommodations, or from other offices. The process automation will not only make the service delivery fast but it will also reduce the workload of the HR Department. The HR department has to allocate a lot of resources for their regular tasks, sometimes they even don’t get enough time to address employees’ queries. Which could easily annoy your employees and it could also increase the work of the HR department. All across the world, the HR Department is always seeking for a solution to reduce the cost and to maximize efficiency. By automating different processes and services the HR Department can significantly reduce their workload and the cost as well.

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Reduce HR Work Load and Cut the Cost


The HR department is always the busiest department who is sending most of the mails, doing filing, huge paperwork, and a lot more. The interactive HR Self-service kiosk will not only make the process fast and reduce the workload of the HR but it will also reduce the expense of the HR Department by allowing onsite printing and downloading/uploading and scanning of the documents. The employees can download different forms, print them, or scan them from the kiosk itself. This could significantly reduce the workload of the HR Department as they always have to perform such tasks on daily bases, and they should also have to assign dedicated resources for such works. By providing such facilities through automated channels, the HR Department can save a lot of efforts for tedious manual work, data entries, documents processing and much more, which could tremendously improve the HR Department’s efficiency.

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Automate and Digitalize the Processes by HR Self-Service Kiosk


By automation, productivity and efficiency can be significantly improved in the HR Department. The digitalization of various processes or even the entire HR Department also comes with additional benefits, no need to expand on the regular mailing, printing, and delivery services, provide all information and communication through digital channels. Automate and digitalize the processes with HRMS Self-service Kiosk, such as:

  1. Updated Employee Documents (New Emirates ID, Passport Update, etc)
  2. Reduce the HR Queries by Integrating HRMS with HR Self-Service Kiosks
    1. Document Processing
    2. Leave Application
    3. Salary Certificate Printing
    4. Employee Benefits Calculations
    5. Leave Requests
    6. Travel Requests
    7. Attendance, Time Clock and Schedule Checking
    8. Over-time Calculators
    9. Loan Requests and Status
    10. Etc
  3. Reduce the paperwork
  4. Reduce manual processing and manual data entry, let the employee to do their own data entry from the HR Self-service Kiosk
  5. Manage the Centralized Employee Database Efficiently
  6. Reduce Human Errors and Repeated Processes

These are only some of the benefits the HR Department can get when they integrate their HRMS with the HR Self-service Kiosk. Apart from that, when you are providing the HR Services on the remote location which are convenient for the employees, they will be more satisfied and happy, and the supervisors and managers don’t have to worry about arranging their visits to the HR Department or head office. This will also save time and cost and a lot of management-related problems.

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What Services can be offered through HR Self Service Kiosks?


The HRMS software usually has a centralized information centre, which contains all of the required information. The HR Self-service kiosks are very powerful machines with customizable software and hardware features as per the demand. The HR self-service kiosks can communicate or linked through secure web services or APIs with the central database of the HRMS or other corporate tools if needed. The software and hardware both work in harmony to make a process possible. The very basic and important part is user authentication and user access. The authentication can be done using various methods, such as RFID reader, Credentials, Emirates ID Card Reader, Biometrics of Fingerprint Scanner, or any other method which suits the requirements.

Once a user is authenticated to the system through the kiosk they would be able to access the data and information they are designated to. Multiple users can have multiple access levels and corresponding capabilities to update or input the data/information. For example, a supervisor or a manager can have access to their subordinates’ data too if required and so on and so forth.

In terms of hardware the HR self-service kiosks can have the following hardware features in general:

  1. Biometrics or Fingerprint Scanner
  2. Facial Recognition or IRIS Scanner
  3. RFID Reader
  4. Emirates ID Card Reader and Scanner
  5. Passport Scanner
  6. Physical Keyboard or On-Screen Digital Keyboard
  7. A4 Printer, Thermal Printer, Other Printing Devices
  8. Documents Scanner (Standard), Passport Scanner, QR Code or Barcode Scanner, etc
  9. Intercom or Telephone Connected to the Call Center or Respective Team
  10. Physical Keyboard and Trackpad

In terms of software the HR self-service kiosks can have the following hardware features in general:

  1. Touch Screen User Interface
  2. Multi-lingual Employee Dashboard
  3. Secure Employee/User Authentication
  4. Online Applications and Form Submission
  5. Online Documents Updates
  6. Online Appointment Booking with the HR Department
  7. Online Record and Information Access, and Printing/Scanning Facility
  8. Salary Slips, Certificates, Loan Status, Attendance, Time Clock and Schedules, etc
  9. Smartphone Application Integration
  10. Integration with other corporate tools such as ERP, CRM, Online Portals, Third-party Tools, etc

These are some of the general features that an HR self-service kiosk can offer when integrated with your HRMS or Human Resource Management System. Apart from that, a lot many customized services can be provided through the kiosk by installing other software and hardware components. These features can help and support the businesses to boost their HR Department’s operational capabilities which also results in cost-cuts and other progressive benefits.

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What about the cost?


Interactive Self-service Kiosks are very durable and long-lasting technology. The initial cost is also low, if you compare the return over investments rates, the interactive kiosks are the best solution available in the market. The maintenance and operational cost is also low, even compared to a standard PC and printer in the organization. All well-renowned interactive self-service kiosks providers in Dubai, UAE are also providing annual maintenance contracting services which could further relief the businesses and reduce their operational cost. The interactive kiosks are not expensive, especially when bundled with the Human Resource Management System (HRMS), the cost is marginally very low. The utility and benefits are obviously great, and it can offer a long term reduction in the operation cost of the HR Department with highly enhanced efficiency and performance.

Features such as:

  1. Stand-alone operation
  2. Secure and Rugged Body Structure
  3. Durable Materials
  4. Large back-side or front-side lockable servicing windows
  5. Tempered glass protective touch screens

And other design-related attributes make it easier to refill the consumables or doing the maintenance and servicing. Which obviously reduce the operational cost a lot.

Furthermore, the HR Self-service kiosks have been very easy to manage and maintain because of their design and technology. The HR self-service kiosks are very powerful computing machines and can remain operational for almost a decade with just basic maintenance.

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The HR Self Service Kiosks when integrated with your HRMS or Human Resource Management Systems could bring amazing improvements in terms of HR Department’s functioning, efficiency, and happiness of your employees. The HR Department’s operational cost will be reduced significantly, the workload of the HR Department can be cut from 30% to 60% by automating various processes, reducing the data entry, manual paper processing, and other tasks. Automation and self-service service delivery also reduce human error and work repetitions. The HR Department can easily implement new strategies and the management can get comprehensive reports and valuable insight. The biggest advantage of our HRMS and HR Self-Service Kiosk is that both tools are completely customizable, and can be designed and modified to cater to the very specific needs of our customers.

All organizations have their own methods and organizational structure which demands specific solutions for specific problems, a general-purpose or off-the-shelf solution can not only restrict the organizations and their HR Departments to follow the HRMS’s structure but it can also cause a lot many unnecessary delays and issues, which reduce the efficiency and operational capabilities of the HR, eventually, the organizations and businesses end up being paying more with an endless stream of issues and problems associated with the tools they are using. The customization eliminates all such problems and not only that the custom solutions can resonate perfectly well with the organization’s structure which results in amazing performance efficiency and a significant cut in the operational cost.

If you need HR Self-service kiosks for your existing HRMS or if you need a completely customized HRMS solution including the interactive HR kiosks, please do let us know. You can contact us through the below comment box or you can reach us through our Contact Us page.

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What is the difference in iPad Kiosk and a standard kiosk?


Kiosk is helping all kind of industries. In the past few years, the kiosk industry has been expanded and revolutionized with advance technology and innovative software tools. The kiosks are mainly used to enable businesses and organizations to provide their services through self-service interaction and the kiosks are also enabling the organizations and businesses to expand their area of operations. There are certain activates that we all are doing on daily bases in Dubai, UAE, for example, everyone draws money out of an ATM machine, and it is basically a kiosk machine. Earlier the same was done by standing in long queues in the banks and writing checks, but now with the help of the ATMs, the money can be drawn without any limitation of time or without standing in long queues or anything. People can get the service through the ATM machine at any time, the banks can expand their operations by offering their ATM machines in remote areas, on highways, in gas stations, in shopping malls or any such place where they don’t have a branch but still they can offer their services using the kiosk machines. This is only one example. There are hundreds of such examples where the kiosks are making our lives easier and also helping the businesses to expand rapidly.

Classification of the Kiosks


There are so many different types of self-service interactive kiosks however the main classifications are standard kiosks and the tablet or iPad kiosks. Both types of kiosk machines have their different utility and obviously, the cost is also a huge difference in both types. Both types run on different software platforms. Both the standard kiosk and the tablet or iPad kiosk have different applications and are suitable for different purposes. Let us compare both kiosks in terms of technology and their application:

Standard Kiosk Technology VS iPad Kiosk Technology


Here is a quick comparison of standard kiosks and tablet of iPad kiosks on the bases of the technology they are made of and their technical specs.

Standard Kiosk Technology

A standard kiosk usually comes with a computer PC board in it with all the advantages and power of a full-fledged Windows/Linux computer. All sort of peripheral devices and accessories can be installed and customized as per the client’s requirements. The screen-sizes are also not standard and any size of the screen from 8 Inch to 85 Inch can be used as per the requirements, moreover, Facial Recognition Cameras, Thermal Cameras, RFID, Biometric Scanners, IRIS Scanners, Standard/Custom Printers and Scanners, Passport Scanners, Emirates ID Readers, Intercoms, and much more can be added to the kiosk. The standard kiosks can also be designed to with-stand outdoors, and are very efficient in UAE’s weather conditions as well.

Tablet of iPad Kiosk Technology

However the iPad kiosks are only available in the standard iPad screen sizes, the computing power is also standard and whatever the newer model of Apple iPad Tablet is available can be used in these kiosks. The iPad usually have a very limited amount of hardware accessories available as of yet. The operating system is also Apple iOS. The Apple iPads are very high quality, rigid and efficient. The hardware is also very powerful and proved to be great with customized applications for self-service interactive kiosks.

Standard Kiosk Applications VS iPad Kiosk Applications


As both the standard kiosks and the tablet or iPad kiosks are built on different technologies and platforms so their usage and application are also different, sometimes in the certain application we can use both types of the kiosks but mostly both are used for different purposes.

Standard Kiosk Application and Usage

The standard kiosks are the most widely used self-service interactive kiosks. They come in all shapes and sizes, with tech specs and power as low as a mini pocket size PC and as high as a high-end professional computer or even lower-end servers. The standard kiosks can be customized for any use or any purpose and can be installed in any place whether indoor or outdoor. The standard kiosks come with a lot many software and hardware accessories, they can interact with the users and can serve as a front-end counter or service desk. The interactive kiosk industry is expanding rapidly, more industries are now adopting the kiosks to increase their efficiency and to expand their operations. The kiosks are being used mostly used to provide the services quicker and to a wider range of customers.

Where Interactive Standard Kiosks are mostly being used?

The interactive standard kiosks are mostly being used in the banking sector, healthcare, retail sector, hospitality industry, restaurants, banks, shopping malls, showrooms, airports, railway stations, mass transit and metro stations, testing labs, educational institutions, service industry, government departments, customer care centres, HR departments, and much more. Furthermore, the standard kiosk is used for advertisement purposes, marketing applications, information and wayfinding in a lot of many industries, corporate sector, government offices and other sectors.

iPad Kiosk Application and Usage

iPad kiosks are rapidly gaining popularity, and in some sectors, they are even replacing the more traditional standard kiosks. The iPad kiosks are only used indoors, which somehow limits their applications, but as the screen size and available hardware, integration is very limited so there are certain types of applications which are most widely moving towards iPad kiosks. The iPad kiosks are usually used in floor standing or tabletop modes, wall mount model is also widely used.

Where iPad Kiosks are mostly being used?

The major application is collecting customer feedback and conducting surveys, and collecting feedback. Moreover, exhibitions and event organizers, showrooms, banks, healthcare, hospitality sector, food courts & restaurants, customer services areas, and such places are where the iPad kiosks can be seen a lot. All sort of industries and sector who are using such applications are these day adopting iPad kiosks, as they are cheaper than the traditional kiosk and hence the application is not very sophisticated so such places won’t require high-end computing efficiency, therefore, the iPad kiosk is the best match for such requirements in certain industries and sectors.


Both the standard kiosks and iPad kiosks are very powerful interactive tools, which not only facilitate the customers and users but also help the businesses and organizations to enable them to expand rapidly with minimum cost and maximum output. If you need a kiosk that can perform certain tasks such as digital service delivery, scanning & authentication, printing, and other features that requires the involvement of a hardware device then the traditional kiosk is the best solution. If you need surveys, feedbacks, online ordering for a restaurant, event registrations, in showrooms for displaying information about the cars or booking test drive or any such small application which doesn’t require large screens or which doesn’t require any additional hardware integration then the iPad kiosk is the best and extremely cost-effective choice.

Moreover, it also depends upon your software application and features, it is always wise to get a suggestion or consultation from a professional interactive kiosk provider in Dubai, such as RSI Concepts. You can leave a comment in the comment box below or simply contact us using our Contact Us page and we will help you find the best cost-effective and more reliable solution for your needs.

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Services of HR Self Service kiosk in Dubai

HR Department of any organization is the backbone of the business. They are not only responsible for hiring the skilful staff but also responsible for managing them to maintain a healthy work environment and steady production capacity. Hence, they are continuously busy in regular activities and it is always critical to maintain a certain level of satisfaction of the employees to ensure quality work and growth of the business. HR Departments all across the industries in Dubai and the other Emirates of UAE are rapidly adopting services of HR Self Service kiosks to get benefits of the digitalization.


HR Self Service Kiosks not only allow the HR Departments to efficiently implement the organization’s strategies and policies but also reduce workload from the HR department. This brings employees’ satisfaction and happiness and helps organizations to cultivate a productive culture. The HR Self Service Kiosks also allow the organizations to facilitate their employees on multiple convenient locations, such as on-site or in residential blocks, where usually maintaining an HR desk is not convenient, this increase the desk-less workforce of the HR Department and also reduce the burden from the administration.

Why HR Self Service Kiosks are Gaining Popularity in Dubai, UAE?


Why HR Self Service Kiosks are gaining popularity in Dubai, UAE? As the technology is evolving the self-service kiosk industry is innovating new features and the cost is also reducing so the return over investment ratios are improving rapidly. Earlier only fewer functionality can be achieved and the general public was also not much familiar with the interactive self-service kiosks, but nowadays, everyone living in Dubai, UAE have had used an interactive kiosk for any purpose, such as the utility bill payment kiosks, or mobile recharge kiosks, or simply the token dispensing kiosks at any customer service centre, everyone is familiar with the bright glowing touchscreen machines. This is another reason why businesses and organizations are installing more interactive self-service kiosks in various sectors.

What kind of Services of HR Self Service Kiosk can be provided?


There are a variety of services the HR self-service kiosk can provide it depends upon the requirements and other factor related to the organization itself. As the technology is advancing there is a variety of scanner and printer that can be attached along with a lot many communication add-ons and other software and hardware accessories. The HR self-service kiosks are mainly powered by powerful computing hardware along with a core server application to allow automation and human-less or agent-less operations at the kiosk. There are a variety of automated services that can be provided through HR self-service kiosk, in this blog we will discuss a few very popular and commonly used services by organizations and businesses in Dubai, UAE, such as:

User Authentication Service



The users can authenticate themselves with their identity cards, RFID based employee IDs, QR Codes, Login credentials, Emirate ID Card Reader/Scanner, Passport Reader/Scanner, biometric scanner, IRIS scanners, facial recognition system and much more. It entirely depends upon the organization’s preferences.


Issuance of Salary Certificates


Once the user/employee is authenticated and signed-in to the system they can navigate through an interactive menu to navigate to their desired service. The salary certificates are the proof of the salary and other benefits which is a very basic service and the HR department received so many requests, if the HR self-service kiosks are placed on convenient locations and places then the employee does not have to visit the HR department to request for the salary certificate. Instead, they can easily print it through the HR self-service kiosk.


Leave Applications Submission


Leave application submission is another most frequently used service by the employees and the HR department always get overwhelmed by leave request. By automating such requests the businesses and organizations can save a lot of time and resources at the same time while providing a very convenient service to their employees. The HR self-service kiosk can print leave application forms and then let the employees to scan them along with any other relevant documentation such as doctor’s prescription in case of medical leave, etc.


Air Ticket/Travel Requests


Travel requests, annual leave requests, official or personal travel requests or any such other requests which may or may not require urgent processing, can also be submitted and marked as urgent or regular from the HR self-service kiosk for the perusal of the HR department. As the whole operation is digitalized and the basic mainframe information centre got updated in real-time so such requests can reach the concerned staff immediately. This not only saves time and hustle for the employees to travel to the HR department and wait in queues but it also helps the staff to organize and prioritize urgent tasks.


Attendance, Time Clock, Schedules


The HR Self Service Kiosk also allow the employees to access their attendance, schedules, timings, and other relevant information instantly with a few taps on the touch screen of the kiosk. This information is usually important for the employees but due to working on a remote site or getting posted away from the head-office or HR department they usually can’t access such information easily. With the HR self-service kiosk available at their site and/or their resting places or residence they can easily access such information.


Overtime Calculator, Loans and Other Benefits Calculator


In routine, the employees will have to visit the HR department or their admin staff to get information about their overtime, loans and other benefits they might seek or simply want to check their eligibility, which in case if they will have to visit the HR department they will usually avoid or found it difficult to manage time to do such tasks. But in case of HR Self Service Kiosks, they can easily get those details by simply authenticating themselves to the system and taping a few buttons on the touch screens. As the whole operation is automated and there is no human involve so the chances of error are slim to none.


Smartphone Applications


As in the United Arab Emirates, almost everyone owns a smartphone and had access to the internet so, introducing smartphone applications for Android and Apple iOS could help your employees a lot and provide them further freedom and convenience. The Smartphone applications coupled with the HR self-service kiosk can further automate a lot many services without putting extra load on your internal IT department. In fact, a complete version of HR Kiosk’s software functionalities can be replicated in the smartphone applications along with additional benefits of other online services.


Information Center, News and Updates


The HR Self Service Kiosks can be used to display and propagate instant news, updates and other valuable information in real-time. The kiosk is a very advance piece of technology, the bright screen always attracts attention. When the HR self-service kiosk is idle it can be used to display valuable information. The information can be controlled from the head office, branch or HR department itself. Whatever media or information the organization wants to display can be fetched to the kiosk screen instantly. Apart from that, different kiosks can be used to display different data and information depending on their placement and physical location.


Scanning and Printing Facility


The HR Self Service Kiosks in Dubai, UAE can host a bunch of printing and scanning accessories, such as a standard A4 size printer and scanner, Emirates ID card scanner, Passport scanner, Thermal printer, special printer. Forms printing and scanning, documents scanning and much more. It entirely depends on the HR department’s requirements. This not only reduces the workload of the HR staff but it also provides convenience and facilitates the employees.


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Customer Support and Queuing Solution


The HR Self Service Kiosks can also provide a customer support facility with the help of various software and hardware accessories such as IP phone to instantly connect to the call centre or support centre, complaint management system integration and much more. Furthermore, if an employee is working on a remote site and wants to visit the HR department they can also sign-up for the queue and dispense a token or ticket accordingly. Appointments can also be booked for the HR Department through the HR Self Service Kiosk.


Read Also: How to maintain social distancing in the Human Resources department?


HR Self Service Kiosks with their services are the best opportunity for businesses to reduce the HR workload and staffing cost and at the same time facilitate their employees. The HR Self Service Kiosks can not only provide 24/7 access to the HR data to employees but also automate a lot many services which reduce the tedious manual process and paperwork. The organization can easily gather system usage data and stats to further evaluate their services and methodologies. The digital medium also provides a facility to communicate with their employees through a very simple and easy to access channel and collect their feedback. The HR Self Service Kiosk and HR Management System also make it easier to monitor KPIs. The organizations can reduce the HR Department’s operational cost at the same time improving the employees’ satisfaction and convenience.

Check this out: 7 Features of Self Service Kiosks

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Why more self service kiosks are being used in Dubai now?

The self-service kiosk is an integral part of delivering an omnichannel experience for your customers, connecting them more deeply with the products or services that you offer. In the UAE, kiosks Dubai is being widely adopted because they offer numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue generation.


Recently, Emirates enhances airport experience with self-check-in kiosks in Dubai. These interactive self-service kiosks reduce wait times for customers during peak travel periods and improve customer experience. With automated kiosks strategically placed at the airport, these kiosks enable customers to check-in, receive a boarding pass, select their seats and also drop off their luggage.

This is just one instance where self-service kiosk has been implemented in Dubai resulting in huge benefits for the organization and the customer. Let us take a look at some reasons why more self-service kiosks are being used in Dubai.

1. Highly customizable


The self-service kiosk is highly customizable; hence they can be adapted to meet the requirements of any company regardless of its nature of business. The kiosks can be configured with customized content and functions which will ensure that the kiosk handles the requirement in the best way possible. For example, interactive kiosks Dubai can be used at an airport for travellers, and they can also be used at banks for banking and cash management. Most self-service kiosk providers supply their kiosks in a highly adaptable manner so that they can be easily integrated into the organization’s existing systems.

2. Resource savings


Self-service kiosk eliminates the need for staff to put in extra time in order to cater to all needs of customers. The self-ordering kiosk is capable of automating a lot of business processes, and therefore the efforts of staff can be focused on other more pressing tasks.

3. Easy connectivity of interactive kiosks


Most kiosks are connected to some form of the network so they can be remotely configured as per the requirement. This means that new content or functionality can be remotely pushed to the self-service kiosks from anywhere. This is very important for organizations whose scope of operations span multiple locations. The content of kiosks located at multiple places can be managed remotely at once since all kiosks are interconnected.

4. Improved customer satisfaction


This is perhaps the most important reason why Emirates rolls-out self-check-in options in Dubai. With kiosks Dubai carrying out most of the functions that would otherwise have required manual intervention, customers do not have to wait as much to get things done. More number of customers are being served in a timely fashion and they are also better informed since the kiosk display important information that is helpful for customers. This creates a happy and knowledgeable customer base.

5. Increased revenue


When kiosks Dubai are able to improve efficiency, speed, and time-management, they inevitably lead to an increase in profits since more people are served in a shorter period of time. Increased automation will lower operational costs, thereby contributing to a more profitable business model.

6. Better customer feedback and analysis


Interactive self-service kiosks also provide a way for companies to collect customer feedback. This feedback data can be stored in a database that can be analysed and used to tweak the business operations of the company. It will also help in understanding areas that need improvement and contribute to increased customer satisfaction.

The ever-increasing demand for sophisticated technology to automate business processes makes self-ordering kiosk a useful tool in endless situations. They can be utilized in many different industries and are already making a huge difference in places that see heavy footfall, like Dubai airport.

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5 new techniques to collect customer feedback

The proper collection and analysis of customer feedback is a highly valuable activity to improve your services. But there are two bottlenecks that every business has to deal with whenever they try to implement a customer feedback system. First, customers rarely provide feedback unless you ask them for it. Second, obtaining different types of customer feedback can be a tricky challenge for most businesses.

5 new techniques to collect customer feedback

Each business is different, and therefore the best way to approach customers for feedback without affecting customer satisfaction will be unique for a particular business. However, there are some general techniques that can be applied everywhere. We will take a look at the 5 best ways to get feedback from your customers in a customer survey system Dubai.

1. Feedback button on your website or app


Instead of spamming your customers with emails to get their feedback, implementing an always-visible static button on your website is the fastest way to get actionable feedback from your customers. For example, customers can be prompted to leave their feedback using the button once they have made a purchase on the website. This should ideally be in the form of a customer satisfaction survey. The data from this can be implemented into a customer feedback system and become part of the larger customer feedback strategy.

2. Website surveys 


Another great way to get valuable data from your customer survey system Dubai is to implement website or web app surveys. Since the web has become an integral part of lead generation for any business, surveys on websites can be targeted to appear to only relevant users. It is a very convenient way too. If you have a CRM or a customer feedback system in place already, the data from website surveys can be streamlined to your customer survey system Dubai easily.

3. Transactional emails 


Instead of sending your customer’s dedicated survey or feedback emails and thus creating a negative impression, transactional emails are a powerful tool to foster a great relationship with customers as part of your customer feedback strategy. Transactional emails are the ones the customer receives right after he has made a purchase, signed up for new service with your company and so on. This will ensure that such emails are meaningful to the customer and not just spam.

Statistically speaking, transactional emails have better open rates than other types of emails. Therefore, asking a feedback question within these emails, which can take the customer to a customer satisfaction survey, is a great way to ensure that you get relevant and useful types of customer feedback. Transactional emails are perhaps the most useful of the 5 best ways to get feedback from your customers.

4. Survey Kiosk


If your business if of the type where a customer visits the organization premises in order to avail a product or service, then survey kiosks are a good way to get instant feedback about customer satisfaction and collect different types of customer feedback. Survey kiosks are a better way than walking up to a customer and asking them to fill out a form. The information captured by the kiosk can be integrated into your existing customer feedback system Dubai or CRM in order to complement the other ways of obtaining feedback.

5. Asking for feedback and monitoring social media channels


Social media is an inexpensive way to reach and engage your customers. Every business today has a presence on social media and customers actively participate in different social media channels. In fact, people use social media as a means of giving feedback. As a business, it Is a good idea to join in on the conversation to collect and monitor customer feedback. Several CRM and customer feedback process have social media monitoring integrated into them to analyse feedback obtained through social media.

So, we have seen Customer Feedback: Why It’s Important + 5 Ways to Collect It. Investing in customer experience improvement through a robust customer feedback system is a guaranteed way to improve your products/services and increase revenue-generating opportunities.

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7 Features of Self Service Kiosks

In this blog, we will discuss the 7 features of a self-service interactive kiosk that could drastically improve customer experience and can boost your sales. These features will also help you automate the processes, which could result in more convenience, less wait time, shorter service delivery time and obviously less workload on the staff. The self-service interactive kiosks market is expanding globally and the main reason is people prefer to use a kiosk instead of waiting in a long queue. Apart from that the interactive kiosks machines also allow a user to perform certain tasks without any involvement of the staff. Which could enable businesses to fully or partially automate their services. In both cases, the service delivery time can be reduced and the overall user experience is improved. Additionally, the business can provide more access points by placing interactive self-service kiosks on different convenient locations for their users and customers.


Here are the most useful 7 features of interactive self-service kiosk:

1. Card and/or Cash Payments


An interactive self-service kiosk with the ability to let the user make payments via card or cash deposit is a great feature to have. This feature is applicable to a lot of many solutions. Payment enabled kiosks to have a wide range of application in the services industry, pre-paid or post-paid services, vending machines, food sector, hospitality sector, shopping malls & retail sector, and much more. The users can have more payment points which reduce the queues and eliminates the requirements to visit a particular branch, etc. This help improving customer experience and happiness. A lot many businesses are relying on that type of interactive self-service kiosks. People most often consider this facility before opting for a particular service provider.

2. Information Desk Kiosks


Usage of the interactive self-service kiosk to provide information is very common, such types of kiosks can be utilized in various scenarios, such as when users are visiting a public office or a customer support centre, they can get information related to their matter beforehand from the kiosk, no need to wait in the queue to reach out the information desk. Such kiosks should have a large interactive touch screen to provide information in a presentable manner along with taking inputs and capability to respond to those inputs could add extra value to the usability of such kiosk machines.

3. Way Finding Interactive Kiosk


The wayfinding is another most useful feature of an interactive self-service kiosk machine. The wayfinding kiosks are mostly used in shopping malls, airports, mass transit stations, large public offices/buildings, and much more. The large interactive screen with the on-screen keyboard and interactive user interface can improve the user experience and at the same time, it can also be used for marketing/advertising purposes. These days wayfinding interactive self-service kiosks are also providing 3D wayfinding and integration with other systems for real-time updates and data synchronization. Which results in excellent user experience.

4. Internet Surfing Interactive Kiosks


Internet Surfing Interactive Kiosks are usually placed in airports, immigration departments, government offices, mass transit stations, etc. Usually, the visitors/customers could stay for hours in such places and they might also require to access the internet to do some important work or something. For such places large touch screens and physical keyboard are excellent features, mostly the vendors are also including a trackball/pad for users’ convenience. The internet surfing interactive kiosks have gained worldwide popularity in the past decade and still, these kiosks are representing a large part of the interactive self-service kiosk market.

5. Restaurant Menu and Fast Food ordering interactive self-service Kiosks


Restaurant menu and fast food ordering interactive self-service kiosks are also gaining popularity since past 4 – 5 years, not only in Dubai, UAE but all across the GCC they are a common sight at restaurants, fast food outlets, and food courts. Almost 99% of the restaurant menu and food ordering kiosks accept credit/debit cards only and the users are liking these kiosks as they allow them to skip large queues. Not only that, these interactive self-service kiosks also allow more freedom to select from the menu with easy access to the full menu and no pressure from the people waiting in the queue behind.

6. Retail Goods and Vending Machines


Everyone is aware of large and small vending machines which dispense packed food items, chocolates, candies, juices, water and much more. These kiosks are mostly placed in public places where people are expected to wait for a long period, apart from airports, metro stations, bus stations, gas stations, mass transit, and such places, these retail goods dispensing vending machines are also provided by different brands to target additional locations, where a crowd is expected in any way. Businesses and corporations also like to provide more options in their canteens by using such vending machines. Which is another reason the private and retail sector is also installing such vending machines. Usually, such vending machines accept both credit/debit cards and cash payments.

7. Employee Self Service Interactive HR Kiosks


HR Department could be the busiest department in some organizations. With hundreds of daily expected visitors. Another challenging factor for large organizations is that usually their HR Department is located in a different location and the employees are working and living in different locations, so providing transportation, bearing the off-hours during that period and arranging visits for the employees to perform their HR-related tasks, not only put pressure of the HR department but at overall management and administration. This is why Employee Self Service Interactive HR Kiosks are used to provide instant services through interactive interfaces on multiple locations, which not only reduce the visits to the HR Department but for some services it entirely eliminates the need of a visit.


These are only a few applications and classifications of the interactive self-service kiosk machines. The kiosk industry is expected to grow 20% to 28% in the coming 5 years (unofficial projections). It has a huge potential and with the customized interactive self-service kiosk solution providers like RSI Concepts, you can create a completely new idea which could give you a great competitive edge and it could also increase the happiness and satisfaction of your customers. The interactive self-service kiosks can be a great opportunity for you to improve your existing services as well as reaching out to new markets.

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Shifting of business process on interactive kiosk

From grocery stores to retail outlets, several industries are starting to recognize the benefits of digital kiosks in Dubai. Interactive kiosk with custom functionality is being heralded as the next big thing in customer service and employee satisfaction.

Every organization knows that the two pillars of its business are its employees and customers. Here we will take a look at how digital kiosks improve business & customer engagement, and how you can integrate self-service kiosks in Dubai into your organizational workflow.


The basics – What are digital kiosks?


Smart or digital kiosks in Dubai are interactive terminals powered by a computer system that can help customers or employees handle various transactions and functionality by themselves. Kiosks are a combination of hardware and software and can be customized to fit the requirements of any organization.

How can self-service kiosks improve businesses?


Kiosks in Dubai can help you improve customer engagement or satisfaction by streamlining your business capabilities and deliver a better customer experience. Alternatively, a self-kiosk machine can also empower employees to avail organizational services by themselves without having to rely on other departments.

For example, the HR department of an organization provides a salary certificate once an employee visits the HR department physically. If the organization provides smart kiosks in Dubai at various places within the organization, the employees can print salary certificates themselves through the kiosk without having to visit the HR department at all!

Why do people prefer / like using interactive kiosks?


A kiosk in Dubai can offer more functionality to staff and customers alike.

  1. Faster transactions: In a retail environment, having an interactive kiosk in Dubai can speed up the time it takes for customers to complete transactions since most processes are automated by the kiosk. The process becomes even faster for customers who are returning to the store because they know how to interact with the kiosk from earlier experiences.
  2. Visual cues with digital signage: Our interactive kiosk in Dubai has the ability to display digital signage that allows an organization to present what they want to the customer. Visual cues that will allow them to understand the kiosk faster and improve satisfaction while shopping.
  3. Increase customer spending: One way how digital kiosks improve business & customer engagement is by increasing customer spending. Studies have shown that people tend to spend more on a digital kiosk as they are stimulated through visual cues. For example, an image of a dessert food item could motivate them to add it to their cart before checkout.
  4. Convenient for employees: Shifting employee processes to a kiosk in Dubai can help save a great amount of time and increase the productivity of employees. For instance, if an employee wants to check his attendance log or wants to apply for leave, he first needs to take an appointment with the HR department. Then he needs to visit the department personally and interact with an HR employee to complete the process. All this time travelling to the HR department and interacting with an employee can be saved if there is a smart kiosk inside the department where he is working. With a digital kiosk, all he needs to do is authenticate his credentials with emirates ID or another document, and avail the HR service he wants through the kiosk. He can print his attendance log or apply for leave quickly and efficiently through the kiosk.

Some examples of real-world usage of Dubai self-service kiosk


There are innumerable uses for a digital kiosk. The biggest advantage of a kiosk is that they are highly customizable and can be configured to meet the requirements of the organization no matter which business they are in. Here are a few examples of real-world usage of a smart kiosk that can save your business time, energy and cost.

  1. Kiosk placed at the entry points of office buildings or retail stores in Dubai can display welcome messages, directions and building information. This is great for people visiting the store for the first time.
  2. A kiosk in the real estate industry can display room availability information, rates and other amenities.
  3. In a corporate office, staff can avail almost all HR functionalities through the kiosk. This includes printing payslips, attendance, salary certificates, travel requests, loans etc.
  4. A customer feedback system integrated with a kiosk can greatly improve the overall customer experience at a store. It helps the organization get crucial information about customer satisfaction and devise a strategy to keep customers happy and identify short-falls if any.
  5. In the medical industry, self-service kiosks used at hospitals or clinics can have options for appointment booking, doctor availability, check-in details etc.
  6. Integrating a kiosk for online services like bill payments can further improve customer experience. A customer can easily pay the bill online, or by visiting the office and using the smart kiosk available there.
  7. Placing smart kiosks at events and expos will be incredibly useful in displaying the details of the expo like exhibitor list, location map or even capturing the information of attendees.

As mentioned earlier, there are innumerable uses of a kiosks machine that can benefit any organization.

Digital Kiosks in Dubai can help your business


Investing in a digital kiosk is not expensive or difficult, especially when you work with a partner who can set up, customize and train you to take full advantage of the kiosk functionality. Learn more about leveraging the benefits that self-service kiosks in Dubai can bring to your organization by contacting us today.

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How to maintain social distancing in Human Resources department?

COVID-19 has changed our work-life in unprecedented ways. The pandemic has brought an end to our old office lives, with employees working remotely for months at a stretch. However, with many of us slowly resuming our work lives by returning to the office,  companies now face the challenge of ensuring social distancing in the workplace.


Self-serving HR kiosks like our HR Kiosk Dubai can simplify the HR department processes and also make the workplace much safer as we will see later on. Our HR Kiosk can help an organization automate most of the HR processes like attendance, salary certificates, loans/benefits, and overtime calculator.

We will take a look at how to manage social distancing at your workplace, especially the role of Human Resources tips during social distancing. Our HR Kiosk can also assist the HR department to efficiently carry out their functions. The HR Kiosks can be placed virtually anywhere in the office, like cafeterias, common rooms, receptions etc. so that employees don’t have to crowd in the HR department and make use of the kiosk.

Here are some tips for social distancing in the workplace in general, and the human resources department in particular with the assistance of our kiosk.

1. Our HR Kiosk can help physically distance the work environment


The HR Kiosk can be placed in the office so that employees don’t have to visit the HR department every time they want to get something done. Proper social distancing signage in the HR department along with our HR Kiosk Dubai can help avoid unnecessary gatherings inside the HR department. For example, if an employee wants to utilize the overtime calculator feature, or submit a travel request, they can do it easily at the HR Kiosk without having to go to the HR department. This is a great way to ensure safe distance in the HR department of an organization. Our HR Kiosks are equipped with standard hardware features like Emirates ID Scan, Biometric Fingerprint Scan, Facial recognition technology etc. and software features like a multi-lingual interface, dispensing salary certificates, payslips, leave applications etc. An employee can seamlessly avail any HR service using the kiosk.

2. Our HR Kiosk can help to avoid face-to-face meetings


A very intuitive way for effective crowd planning is to use our HRMS Dubai kiosk to automate most of the functions of the human resources department. Usually, employees have to meet their HR manager or other personnel to avail payslips, salary certificates or even update their documents. The HR department is usually the busiest department in an organization, which makes it extremely difficult to implement the tips for social distancing in the workplace. Employees may need to visit the HR for many reasons,  which puts their safety at risk. With our self-service HR Kiosk, face-to-face meetings can be eliminated entirely as employees can access all these functions via the kiosk. Simply installing our HR Kiosks strategically around the organization will empower employees to avail the services of the human resources department without ever actually visiting the department.

3. Customized HR Kiosk to adapt to safety protocols


Since the kiosk will be frequently used by employees, putting up social distancing signage near the HR Kiosk Dubai and other commonly used facilities is a good idea so that employees can maintain a safe distance. Our HR Kiosk Dubai comes in 17 and 19-inch screens that can be used to inform employees on safety policies. The kiosk is highly customizable so that the organization can provide whatever services they deem fit through the kiosk. The system is very flexible, including integration with third-party ERP software for maximum productivity and compatibility. To make the processes even more streamlined, you can integrate the Kiosk system with the existing HR or payroll management systems so that every function of the HR department can be carried out by the kiosk system. This will improve efficiency and profitability.As an employee uses our HRMS Kiosk for attendance or biometric authentication, a small awareness message can be played on the screen so that they are informed and aware the precautions taken in the organization to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

4. Use HR Kiosk Dubai to automate the human resources department and integrate with existing systems.


Due to the current financial situation around the world, organizations need to maximize profitability and keep overhead costs to a minimum. Our HR Kiosk system is the perfect partner to achieve these goals as it is quite powerful and can be customized according to the client’s needs so that it can be quickly implemented in the organization. There is very little maintenance required. Employees can request HR services through the kiosk, and the concerned department will instantly receive an electronic copy to process the request immediately. This can save a lot of time and cost in the long run.

5. Our HR Kiosk enables contactless attendance and usage


COVID-19 spreads through contact with infected surfaces. This is where our HR Kiosk can keep employees safe with advanced IRIS Scan verification. Even when the employee has to touch the kiosk, most of the features can be done in a single click. If an employee wants to print out his salary certificate, the kiosk can do so with the touch of a button with real-time data. In addition to our HRMS Kiosk Dubai, you can also implement our state of the art hand sanitizer self-service kiosk at entrance points to the workplace. In addition to a fully contactless sanitizer dispensing system, the kiosk also has facial recognition and eye scanning technology for attendance similar to our HRMS Dubai self-service kiosk. The HR Kiosk can also be easily installed at entry and exit points so that employees can safely check their attendance and timing records.

Social distancing is perhaps the most important thing workers can do to protect themselves and others from spreading COVID-19. Our workplaces may have changed forever, but taking adequate precautions can help organizations to increase productivity without sacrificing employee safety. Our HRMS Dubai self-service kiosk can reduce the overhead on the HR department as employees do not need to visit human resources frequently and create unnecessary contact risk. The HR can delegate workload to the kiosk, which enables them to spend more time on building a workplace for the future that is flexible, resilient and most importantly, safe.

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Mobile Anti-theft Charging Stands for IKEA

Mobile-Anti-theft-Charging-Stands-for-IKEAIKEA – Is a world-wide popular household name. The brand in itself is a symbol of quality and convenience. Ikea is multinational ready-to-assemble furniture and kitchen appliances and other household things. Well known for its quality, durability and longevity of the products. The company has established its superiority worldwide by delivering modernistic designs, utility and simplicity along with its eco-friendliness. UAE is one of the most active nations in the MENA region aggressively implementing and promoting eco-friendly strategies. Introducing Ikea to the market was another brick to the wall. Ikea is growing exponentially since its operation begins in the country and has a very large facility in Dubai Jebel Ali area.

IKEA acquired Mobile Anti-theft Stands from RSI Concepts which are placed in smart home products section to give customers an interface to control devices through mobile phone. Our stand keeps the phone secure so that it will not fall or stolen. It means whoever is entering in the Ikea will first encounter our Mobile Anti-theft stands to explore the products and catalogues. As Ikea has established its own legacy so the stands should also be able to speak the same language. Which is the reason Ikea has selected RSI Concepts over so many other bidders and we have successfully matched the criteria of the product design and quality which was required by the Ikea?

The Mobile Anti-theft stands come in a few variants depends upon the need and requirements of the client. There are general purpose Mobile Anti-theft stands which are completely compatible with almost 95% of smartphones and tablets models. The Micro USB, Lightning USB and USB Type-C compatibility make them easier to use and compatible with almost any device available in the market these days. The stands are made up of very rigid and strong materials and are proven to be the most durable of their kind available anywhere in the market. The strong audible sound alarm which triggers whenever anyone tries to temper with the stand by trying to remove the device makes them more theft-proof.

Here are the remarks of our Sales and Marketing Manager, Ms. Maheen Waheed who was in charge of this project:

“Providing a product which matches Ikea brand’s DNA was not an easy task for most of the vendors participating in the bid, but at RSI Concepts since our inception, we have established a brand name in the market by delivering top-of-the-line products and services. Our portfolio and futuristic product design were the major advantages we had over our other competitors which lead us to win this bid.”

This is another testimonial of our commitment towards our customers and proof of our high-quality products and services. If you want to learn more please visit our Mobile Anti-theft Stand product page. Feel free to contact us at our Contact Us page.

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