Aramex Customer Feedback Interactive Kiosks

Aramex is a multinational courier company who acquired Customer Feedback Interactive Kiosks from RSI Geeks. The courier service is very popular in the UAE and is considered to be the leading courier service with the best rates and good delivery time. Most of the corporate sector is relying on Aramex services. Having flexible plans and packages for small and medium-sized businesses, the courier has established a brand name. Mainly the eCommerce businesses in Dubai, UAE are using the courier service for their time-critical deliveries.


Aramex is proving the best customer services and support all over the UAE. Such customer-centric organizations are very concerned about their customer feedbacks. Which is the reason the Aramex required a customer feedback kiosk which is not only easily accessible but also matches the brand look and feels when placed in their customer support centres? RSI Geeks has provided Aramex with an FR-MDF model having branding on three sides of the kiosk. The Samsung Android Tablet was also placed in a slim and sleek enclosure to maintain the brand identity. The tablet housing is fully protected with a lock and the Android tablet can only be accessed with a key. All of the wirings and other electronics are also protected underneath the body of the kiosk.

Here are the remarks of our Sales and Marketing Manager, Ms Maheen Waheed about this project:

”The project was a bit of a challenge due to a very short deadline, but thanks to our competent teams, we managed to pull out the gig. The design was not as that complex, but the strict branding rules and security & safety features made it a bit difficult. The Aramex team was very cooperative and understanding. We have completed the project within the given deadline and the client was very excited to have these Interactive Kiosks for customer feedback in real-time.”

Watch video of Aramex Customer Feedback Kiosks

These are one of the so many examples that we have set during our journey, meeting short deadlines and delivering big projects in record time. It requires a determined and dedicated team, who are highly motivated to do their job.

At RSI Geeks we specialized the techniques of custom made interactive kiosks and customer feedback systems. If you want to learn more or need a quote, please visit the RSI Geeks Interactive Kiosks.

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Kiosk that dispenses fragrance with user interaction by RSI Geeks

The team at RSI Geeks has manufactured a fragrance dispensing kiosk for one of our prestigious customers. The purpose of this kiosk is to introduce people with their new fragrances and perfumes. The idea was very unique and we have worked intensively with the technical team from the client-side. The result was IoT (Internet of Things) based mechanism which sprays a sprinkle of fragrance when someone places their hand in the proximity of the sensor. Moreover, the kiosks also have a large screen to act as active digital signage.

The customized interactive kiosk was made after a long and intense engineering work from our fabrication team. To ensure all the sensors, electronics and everything align with each other. The kiosk can be placed in public places, malls, airports, busy areas, and doesn’t need much of the human assistance after the installation and configurations.


At RSI Geeks we have done customized products for many clients, and with having more than 5000+ installations of our custom interactive kiosk machines, we are one of the largest Kiosks produces in Dubai, UAE. Our products and services are not only limited to the UAE but we have a large clientele in other GCC countries as well. Our technical and engineering teams have learned a lot from their experience which was the reason we were awarded this opportunity.

The pilot project has been handed over to the client and soon we will start the full-on production for a pretty large quantity. Here is what our Sales Manager, Mr Humayun Hashmi said about his experience with this project:

“I am working in the industry for so many years now but this was the most challenging project I have ever encountered. The design was completely customized, two technical teams were involved, complex electronics and above all a very short deadline makes it more challenging than anything else I have done so far. I would like to thank my design and engineering team who have revised the designs for countless times, to ensure the perfect solution for our client. Over the experience was quite learned and I am very much positive that this experience will help us in upcoming challenges.”

As I said, customization is one of our core speciality, not only custom interactive kiosks, but the solutions we provide is to ensure the best ROI for our clients which provide us with an edge over our other competitors.

Do you want to learn more about our Interactive Self-service kiosks? Please visit our product page, RSI Geeks Interactive Kiosks.

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Installation Of The Customer Satisfaction System For Electricity Department in Sharjah

Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in managing a business in this competitive world. It helps you reach more people through creating an interactive relationship thus, leading your business into success. Taking into action, customer’s opinion and suggestion gives a perception that you are taking their feedback in consideration and produce an expression that you are passionately committed towards serving them. Given the importance of that feedback in reaching or exceeding the customer satisfaction, the electricity department Sharjah (كهرباء الشارقة) has deployed the Customer Satisfaction System installed in customized kiosks placed in its 13 branches, manufactured by RSI Geeks to effectively monitor and check the happiness index of customers – who availed their service. This is an initiative done by (كهرباء الشارقة) to join the continuous effort of the UAE Government in promoting happiness to achieve a happier and peaceful society.

The Customer Feedback System Dubai let client handle the customer feedback with lesser ease because it can widely cover different parameters that could affect or influence their judgment such as experience, quality of products and services, time-lines, environment, and other relative aspects in an instant. Hence, it helps the agency to know who their customers are, understand what their customers need and give what their customers want. This is in line with the agency’s customer experience strategy – to give the desire of its consumers, deliver value for the customer and develop capable employees to please customers repeatedly (from their vision of 2020).

Using technology to improve customer relationship is timely and advanced at the same time, easy and more accurate. This innovative system makes acquiring knowledge and ideas from real SEWA customers highly possible. Once all the necessary information is gathered from the customers, there would be immediate discussions and faster response. It is a significant action to win the customers. And this customer satisfaction feedback will create customer loyalty and retention because they feel that they are important and that they are involved.

The department can constantly improve their water and electricity services since they have the customer feedback system that could identify other strength and weaknesses of the agency as observed by the consumers.

Since the customer feedback system is installed in a customized kiosk, RSI Geeks made sure that it is accessible and customer friendly. Customers can spend few minutes in answering some questions while waiting or right after the interaction. This would let them input accurate feedback as the feeling of experience is still fresh on their memory. It is also made handy as the system has a mobile app version available for both IOS and Android phone users.

The electricity department (كهرباء الشارقة) is consistent towards achieving one of their goals – to establish a distinct position in the mind of the consumer in such a way that effectively communicates their core values, which has led them in engaging themselves to the Customer Feedback System. This effort would obviously bring the desired results later on.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all” as said by Michael LeBoeuf. So, regardless on the nature of the business, whether big or small, listening to the customers should always be considered.

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Kiosk and Interactive Kiosks FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – Kiosk and Interactive Kiosks

What is a Kiosk Machine?
Kiosk is a self service device that is most of the time installed at public places for some specific or general purposes such as capturing customer feedback or issuing a loyalty card in a store or helping visitors of a shopping mall to find a particular store.

What other names can be used for Kiosk?

Kiosk Machines are also known as Self Service Kiosk, Interactive Kiosk, Touch Screen Kiosk, iPad Kiosk, Tablet Kiosk, Samsung Tablet Kiosk and so on.

How are Kiosks built?

Kiosk machines are built with metal, cast iron, stainless steel, fire rated medium density boards, acrylic or plastic. Cost is the major factor of choosing the material of the kiosk.

How are Kiosk Machines designed?

It starts with requirement gathering, then sketch making. The sketch is transformed into drawing and preferably 3d image.

What kind of devices are installed in Kiosk Machines?

Kiosk machines can be stand alone screens to have video input coming through HDMI cables or media players or interactive kiosks can be built-in or separate computers fixed in the kiosk.

What is the difference in a standalone kiosk and interactive kiosk?

In a standalone kiosk the video source of the screen is either transmitted through HDMI cable from a central room or an individual media player is attached with the screen. Media player is then connected to the network over Wi-Fi or cabled network that is Ethernet.

Should I go for an interactive kiosk or a screen based kiosk?

It totally depends on the requirement. If you want visitors of a shopping mall to be routed to a store on an interactive map then you need a computer and a touch screen where the user can type the store name or tap on the map to navigate. A customer feedback system and visitor survey will also require an interactive kiosk. If you need to display static or dynamic ads – a standalone screen with a media player or any other video source is what you need.

What should be the screen size of the interactive kiosk?

The size of the screen of interactive kiosk depends on the type of application is to be used for user interaction. Issuing a token in the bank for waiting customers will require a small screen. Similarly a customer feedback system requires a small screen to take user input in the form or emoticons. While routing the customer on the map requires a large screen.

What is a kiosk app?

A kiosk is either a standalone screen or an interactive kiosk. In the aforementioned the media player has a web browser interface where the required images, videos, presentations and other form of data can be played. An interactive kiosk requires an app to be installed where the user can interact with the machine using human interface mechanism. Such as an application in garments store can let users try different clothes with a tap of screen using different clothes or a navigation app in the store can route customer to their directions.


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The historic Qasimi Library, then founded in 1925, is now known as Sharjah Library, and operates under the Department of Culture & Information, Emirate of Sharjah. The library is located at the cultural square Sharjah alongside the famous Airport Road also known as E88.

Sharjah Library provides certain services to the visitors of the library where interaction with the staff and automated systems is a necessity. To continuously improve and strive to provide in-time and utmost services, Sharjah Library acquired Survey System and Visitor Feedback System to receive feedback of the visitors.

Sharjah Library also has a facility for schools where school children visit the library to get acquainted with the topics which are beyond standard school studies. This helps students to get familiar with the history, current affairs and the library ethics.

Visitor Feedback System provided by the team of RSI Geeks is deployed on the two kiosks which are used for elders and children. The visitor of the library can participate in the feedback system to provide the feedback about the services provided while leaving the library. A graphical, Emoji, Emoticon and Smiley based feedback system is installed on both the kiosk which are designed and built in mild steel and spray paint to get a decent finish to be kept and presented at the entrance of the library.

A small version of the kiosk is specially customized and designed for the children along with a base where children can stand and use catchy graphics to leave their feedback. This small version of the kiosk also has provided a mean for young children to be attracted towards a touch screen and interact with it.

The administration and the management of the library has been provided an administration panel of the Visitor Feedback System where they can create different feedback questions time to time. They are also provided with a reporting system where the visitor feedback can be analyzed and enhancements or improvements can be planned and executed.

After successful completion of the visitor feedback system Mahyne Waheed, project manager at RSI Geeks said, “We thank and congratulate HH Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah and member of the Supreme Council United Arab Emirates and the team of Sharjah Library to provide intellectual and learning facilities along with best of class services to citizens. We feel proud to be part of the project at Sharjah Library that is helpful in the betterment and improvements in society. We at RSI geeks feel confident to take over such projects in future”

Visitor Feedback System deployed over Touch Screen Kiosk is a standalone interactive machine that can help any organization to get instant customer or visitor feedback that can be analyzed to for improvements in the customer experience or business process.

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NYU Abu Dhabi is a University focusing on research of arts and science colleges in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The students all around the world approach the University for its standard of Education and facilities provided for the education seekers.

In order to provide student friendly services within the campus NYU Abu Dhabi decided to install Kiosk machines within different departments of the University.

Team at RSI Geeks worked with the team at Abu Dhabi University to come up with two different customized kiosk machines that will have iPad to interact with students. First design of the interactive Kiosk is a floor standing kiosk with a huge area for artwork to attract students. The Kiosk has all around graphics and NYU artwork to give a unique look to the kiosk. iPad is installed in kiosk in a way that it will have continuous connection to the power socket with concealed cables and at the same time iPad can be removed from the kiosk for servicing or app installation or update purposes.

Survey System Kiosk: The other design of the kiosk was also a floor standing kiosk with our standard kiosk model. The kiosk has the ability to fit in any screen size or any brand of tablet. Be it iPad or Samsung or Lenovo tablet, all the types of tablets can be installed in 9002 model of our kiosk. It is created in mild steel or fire rates MDF as and how it is required and adjusted in the environment. The kiosk had ipad installed to interact with the students in the form of Survey System.

After the successful execution kiosk design project the project manager, Mahyne Waheed said. “NYU Abu Dhabi is one of the most reputed university in United Arab Emirates. The Kiosk machine requirements were diverse and challenging. By designing and delivering such kiosk for NYU Abu Dhabi, our self-belief levels have risen up. We are further convinced that team at RSI Geeks has the technical know-how and ability to design and personalize any type of Kiosk machine by utilizing our team of designers, engineers and fabricators”

Team at RSI Geeks is committed to provide best of the class after sales support and service to customers to ensure that each and every installation of Kiosk , Computer Kiosks, iPad Kiosk or tablet kiosk are operational and serving the requirements of the customers 24×7.

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To enhance the security of the facility, Falcon Breeding Farm approached RSI Concepts to install CCTV surveillance systems. Falcon Breeding Farm is a world class falcon breeding and training facility. It is under the auspices and patronage of the Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Falcon Breeding Farm is a premier falcon training and breeding facility where very precious breeds of falcons from all over the globe are trained, bred, and looked after with care and commitment.

RSI Concepts is one of the leading providers of CCTV surveillance systems in Dubai. RSI CCTV security surveillance system has been acquired by many multinational clients.  These CCTV surveillance systems have always been customized to suit and meet the security requirements of the clients.

For the installation of the CCTV cameras and surveillance systems for Falcon Breeding Farm, the RSI Concepts team work together with the team from the Falcon Breeding Farm. Both the teams assiduously chalked down the various surveillance needs of the Falcon Breeding Farm. After this blueprint was drawn, RSI CCTV surveillance systems were designed and deployed in the precincts of Falcon Breeding Farm.

109 CCTV cameras were deployed in Falcon Breeding Farm in order to monitor the falcon development and training activities. The cameras were installed both within and outside the buildings. These CCTV cameras are intrinsically designed for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. They are weather proof, function optimally both during day and night, and also provide a 360 degree view.  Additionally these CCTV cameras are built on the latest technology and hence provide foolproof security.

The CCTV surveillance systems installed at the Falcon Breeding Farm now provide a 24 x 7 surveillance, monitoring, and tracking of every area of the training facility. Managers can now keep track of every movement happening within the facility and also record the footfalls in and out of the facility. Staff work and functioning can also be traced and recorded effortlessly.

The CCTV security systems which have been put in place in the Falcon Breeding Farm allow access to trainers through smart phones. This means that remote monitoring of training of the falcons by the staff is also feasible. Such a facility has provided the managers with the mobility which allows for increased all round efficiency and productivity.

After installing the RSI CCTV Surveillance System for Falcon Breeding Farm, Muhammad Iqbal, Project Manager at RSI Concepts said, “Falcon Breeding Farm is one of the most reputed falcon training and breeding facility. The security requirements are varied and imminent. By designing and delivering a cutting edge CCTV surveillance system for Falcon Breeding Farm, our confidence levels have spiralled up. We are further convinced that RSI Concepts has the technical know-how and ability to design and personalize CCTV security surveillance for any industry.”

The Falcon Breeding Farm is now completely secured with RSI CCTV security systems. This not only helps the management to record and track every movement, but also provides a mechanism to ensure that the staff and operations are at the productive best.

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RSI Concepts helped Khofakkan Municipality Council launching e-services portal along with face recognizable & voice responsive kiosk at Gitex 2017

Khorfakkan, the creek of two jaws and with only natural deep seaport in the region, is a second largest town located at the east coast of United Arab Emirates. Khorfakkan is a part of the state of Sharjah, dominated by its super busy container port. Khofakkan is also a famous weekend destination of the country due to the beautiful mountainous landscape throughout the city and a beautiful curved Cornish.

In February 2005, the emirate of Sharjah established nine municipal councils among which one was the Khofakkan. The Municipal Councils are considered as monitoring bodies to propose laws, regulations, supervision and other platforms that reflect the concerns and problems of residents and to provide solution by all means.

In order to provide in-time and quick services to the residents of Khorfakkan the Municipal Council has worked on state of the art technology in the recent years. This Gitex 2017 Khorfakkan Municipal Council has launched e-services portal, with a beautiful web design along with face recognizing and voice responding kiosk machine to facilitate the residents. KM (Khorfakkam Municipality) has also launched a mobile application on two platforms IOS and Android for the residents to avail the services quickly.

RSI Concepts has been the technology partner of KM to develop custom web application for the kiosk machine which has the capability to interact with residents over speech and face recognition.

After the successful launch , Mr. Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager says;

“It was a challenging project for us as we had to implement state-of-the-art face recognition and voice interaction algorithms for the residents. We have completed the mobile application, web portal with a beautiful web design, kiosk machine with an interactive experience – well in time and launched at Gitex 2017. We are honored to be a part of this project”

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We are exhibiting at Ajman X 2018

Ajman X 2018 is a platform for Government Entities to showcase their achievements and highlight their goals and challenges.

RSI Concepts is exhibiting at Ajman X 2018 to showcase some of our products such as Queueing System, HR Self Service Kiosk, Artificial Intelligence Robots, Feedback System and Survey System to help local Government bodies to understand, utilize and procure latest technologies to provide better customer experience and hasten the business process.

Visit our booth in Ajman X on 7th and 8th May 2018.

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Queuing System for Oman Post by RSI Concepts

Oman is the second largest country after Saudi Arabia on Arabian Peninsula with the geographical area of 309,500sqm with the population of 4.5 million approximately. Having an almost 2000 miles coastline across the country it has huge importance in the region.

Postal Services in Oman are taken care by Oman Post, fully administered by Oman Government since 1966. Since then, Oman post has never looked back in the progress of the postal services to serve the residents of the country. Every now and then the department has worked to adapt new resources, mechanisms and technologies to progress in the field of postal services.

RSI Concepts and Oman Post have signed a Queuing System project for five of the branches where the customer foot fall was a concern. Token machine System at branches will save resources and time of Oman Post administration, eventually serving the customer in short possible period of time along with quality service by using reporting and in-depth analyzing features of the token system.

The branches will be equipped with ticket dispensers, waiting LED screens, Sound System and required software applications integrated with the business process to facilitate administration, management and customer experience.

Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager RSI Queue System has shared his delightfulness by adding;

“We are extremely proud and excited for being chosen by the management of Oman post for Queuing System implementation. It was quite challenging experience to understand and provide an end to end Queue Management Solution which caters to their complex requirement for customer experience and integrations to their core business applications. This Queue System implementation is a pilot project which is being rolled out in five branches at the first stage. The objective is to fine tune the system at this high foot fall locations and then roll it out to the rest of the branches across the entire country”

Acquiring of Queue system is a sign that Oman Post is constantly looking to improve their services for the residents of Oman.

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