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Services of HR Self Service kiosk in Dubai

HR Department of any organization is the backbone of the business. They are not only responsible for hiring the skilful staff but also responsible for managing them to maintain a healthy work environment and steady production capacity. Hence, they are … Continue reading

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Why more self service kiosks are being used in Dubai now?

The self-service kiosk is an integral part of delivering an omnichannel experience for your customers, connecting them more deeply with the products or services that you offer. In the UAE, kiosks Dubai is being widely adopted because they offer numerous … Continue reading

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5 new techniques to collect customer feedback

The proper collection and analysis of customer feedback is a highly valuable activity to improve your services. But there are two bottlenecks that every business has to deal with whenever they try to implement a customer feedback system. First, customers … Continue reading

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7 Features of Self Service Kiosks

In this blog, we will discuss the 7 features of a self-service interactive kiosk that could drastically improve customer experience and can boost your sales. These features will also help you automate the processes, which could result in more convenience, … Continue reading

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Shifting of business process on interactive kiosk

From grocery stores to retail outlets, several industries are starting to recognize the benefits of digital kiosks in Dubai. Interactive kiosk with custom functionality is being heralded as the next big thing in customer service and employee satisfaction. Every organization … Continue reading

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How to maintain social distancing in Human Resources department?

COVID-19 has changed our work-life in unprecedented ways. The pandemic has brought an end to our old office lives, with employees working remotely for months at a stretch. However, with many of us slowly resuming our work lives by returning … Continue reading

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Mobile Anti-theft Charging Stands for IKEA

IKEA – Is a world-wide popular household name. The brand in itself is a symbol of quality and convenience. Ikea is multinational ready-to-assemble furniture and kitchen appliances and other household things. Well known for its quality, durability and longevity of … Continue reading

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Entrance fever checking Camera

The Entrance Fever Checking Cameras are very important these days. As the fever and higher temperature are among the main symptoms, so we have to consider them very seriously. There is a variety of thermal imaging cameras available in the … Continue reading

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Why should we use hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk?

As the COVID-19 outbreak has spread all over the world and still we are far away from a practical cure for the disease, technology-aided things such as our latest hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk could help to reduce the spread … Continue reading

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How HR Kiosks help managing the HR more efficiently?

Introduction to HR Kiosks With the advancements in the technology, the interactive self-service hr kiosk machines are serving in a lot of industries especially in public places. The HR departments of some organizations could be the busiest department with most … Continue reading

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