10 Useful Features of Interactive Kiosks

10 Useful Features of Interactive Kiosks

Customer experience is everything, if your customers are not satisfied with you, then you are surely doomed. This is what business are focusing on these days. Especially in Dubai, and other parts of UAE, the expectations of the customers are very high and the competition in the market is tough. The interactive kiosks have started their journey from ATMs and now they are providing from simplest to very complex services across all industries and sectors. Those services can be accomplished using powerful software and an interactive kiosk which might also involve a lot of peripherals and accessories. The kiosk industry is being expected to get doubled in the coming five years. If you are living in Dubai, you must have seen those bright screens everywhere. From very basic to very complex and complicated services all are being offered through the kiosks, for example, a simple token dispensing kiosk to a customer servicing AI-based interactive robot that can recognize the visitors and customers by their face and can have a conversation with them or it can escort them through twisted lobbies and much more. This is the spectrum of the utility of interactive kiosks. Businesses are realizing the benefits of interactive kiosk systems more than ever before. The adaptation level for the innovative solutions has also risen and the business is willing to do serious investments to ensure a great customer experience.

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Here are the 10 useful features of Interactive Kiosks:

1. Communication


The interactive kiosks can be used to display useful information. It also helps organizations to easily propagate their multi-media content across different branches and locations simultaneously. The business can push adverts, news and events and any announcements within seconds across their entire network. It is a completely free advertisement platform. The real-time updates, remote management and other features even maximize the efficiency of the system. There has been researching and the data reflects that more than half of the retail customers prefer to shop from the places which have digital signage and kiosks playing adverts on them. That is huge, due to the modernization and digitalization of your society and daily lives, we are becoming more adopted and attracted towards technology. This is why the kiosks and screens can be so effective in communication and marketing.

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2. Payments


One of the most widely used features of an interactive kiosk is online payment capabilities. Business is utilizing the interactive kiosks to provide an easy-to-reach payment counter in the shape of an interactive kiosk to not only expand their operational territory but to also facilitate their customers. This could significantly improve the customer experience. The payment functionality whether it is online payment via Credit/Debit card or cash deposit is a lot easier on the kiosk placed at any nearby location and most certainly there will no queue. People don’t like waiting in long queues, it is frustrating, time-consuming and annoying. The interactive kiosks can offer a more robust and instant method of payment which improve customer experience.

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3. Self-Service


These days the interactive self-service kiosks are everywhere. All types and sizes of business and organizations are using them to offer self-service terminals. Where the user doesn’t have to require staff or an agent to assist them with the service delivery. The service can be delivered in a fully autonomous way using the interactive features of the interactive kiosk. Self-servicing is gaining huge momentum for the past two-three years. From small business to large corporations, banks, hospitals, educational institutes, HR departments, government departments, and other public offices are adopting to self-servicing interactive kiosks to maximize their customer’s experience and satisfaction. Self-service Interactive Kiosks are a great innovative and easy-to-use solution that could ensure a superior customer experience. A great customer experience is very crucial for any business’s success. It improves customer loyalty, positively impact brand identity and brand reputation which further attract more customers. The interactive kiosk can really help a business sustain steady growth.

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4. Customization


One of the great features of interactive kiosks is that they can be easily customized to adapt to the particular needs and requirements of the business. This enables the organizations to easily offer their products and services via an interactive kiosk. Both the software and hardware can be customized to form the service delivery mechanism which ensures a superior customer experience. The customization is also very important, as all businesses and organizations have their slightly different organizational culture, practices and approaches toward different aspects of the business. The customization ensures that the brand maintains its unique business identity and customer experience at the interactive kiosk too.

The customization also makes the system more adaptive and integrated within the organization’s echo-system. It also improves the overall usability, productivity and efficiency of the system and business process. Businesses and organizations can customize an interactive kiosk to offer particular services in a very specific manner to ensure a great customer experience. This can easily be achieved by software customization, system integration, and hardware customization and accessories. The interactive kiosks are a great option to offer cost-effective customized solutions.

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5. Hardware Add-ons and Accessories

Hardware Add-ons and Accessories

Apart from customization, another great advantage of the interactive kiosk is that a wide variety of hardware accessories and peripherals are easily available in the market and at a very low cost. For example, usually in Dubai, business mostly require touch-screen, thermal printer, Emirates ID Card Scanner, Fingerprint Scanner, Iris Scanner, Passport Scanner, Document Printer and Scanner, Facial Recognition camera, intercom, physical keyboard and mouse pad, etc. These all hardware accessories are easily available at very low costs. There is a huge variety of different hardware components that can be added to perform certain tasks from the interactive kiosk. All those hardware are the most widely available and very cost-effective. The customized solution with customized hardware components can further improve the operational efficiency of the interactive kiosk system. Such solution is excellent at improving customer experience and on the same hand offering great value to the organization’s business process.

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6. Powerful Software

Powerful Software

The interactive kiosks also come with powerful software. The software allows the business to link various databases to enable the automation and digitalization of various processes. The software tool not only allow to manage interactive kiosks remotely but it also help organizations to collect statistical and usage data which can later be extracted in reports and used at various stages of decision and policymaking. The interactive kiosks are available with various computing platforms, such as Android, Windows, Linux, etc. This further enhances the technical capabilities of the interactive kiosk software.

The software of interactive kiosk not only provide user interface and interaction to perform certain tasks or for service delivery, but the software of interactive kiosks also includes module to capture data, collect feedbacks, generate reports. These reports could be extremely helpful in measuring KPIs, and taking decisions or setting up new business strategy. The software records all the activities and statistical data which then converted into actionable reports. The interactive kiosks system can help business in improving the customer experience and also collecting valuable business intelligence to understand their customers’ behavior, market trends and evaluation of their products and services.

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7. Integration with other Corporate Systems

Integration with other Corporate Systems

Most of the time when using interactive kiosks the business might want to integrate the system with other corporate systems and tools, for example the ERP or the HRMS or CRM, etc. This type of integration is mandatory to offer certain services and functionalities in the interactive kiosk. Thanks to technology, these types of integrations and data synchronizations are much easier. The data security is ensured using secure web services or APIs to establish a link between different corporate software and tools. The integration can help the organizations to share data between different departments to for a digital ecosystem which allows the interactive kiosk to offer certain functionalities and features for the customers.

The integration can also be used to synchronize the data between the interactive kiosk system and other corporate systems. For example, if a business is already using a CRM tool, they might want to receive the customer feedback collected from the interactive kiosk in that CRM system. So that the team won’t have to use multiple systems. This can only be possible by system integrations. There are a lot many other different tasks and functions that we can achieve by system integration in order to maximize the efficiency and usability of the interactive kiosk system.

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8. Automation


The interactive kiosks are very efficient at bringing automation to various business processes. Which not only reduce the workload of the staff but also provides a more efficient service delivery mechanism. Due to the automation, the monitoring and business intelligence data capturing is fairly simple and very effective. Automation not only reduces the workload of the staff and reduce the resource consumption of a particular service or business function, but it also improve the function itself. The service delivery could become instant and immediate, the data inputs could be error-free, the human factor can be eliminated which could cause delays and errors too. The automation also helps business in improving the customer experience. As there is no human involved so the entire delivery time could be reduced to the amount of time a user took to navigate the user interface, the rest is automated and don’t take any time.

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9. Generate Sales

Generate Sales

Interactive kiosks help business to increase sales and revenue, not only that they also help business to save cost on advertisements. The business can place their interactive kiosks to offer various products and services in those markets where opening up a new branch or outlet might be more expensive. This not only increases the sales but it also helps to sustain the existing customers by providing them easy access to various services in their nearby locations. Sales not only dependent on the marketing you are doing but it requires a certain threshold of reputation and brand identity to compel a customer to make a purchase. The entire brand identity and brand reputation revolve around the customer experience and customer journey. The interactive kiosks can solve both of those issues and help businesses in building a positive brand reputation and a super-customer-friendly customer journey.

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10. Low Maintenance and Cost-Efficient

Low Maintenance and Cost-Efficient

The interactive kiosks are built with vastly available technologies which significantly reduce the cost of the system. This also makes the maintenance easy and low cost. Usually the interactive kiosks require very little maintenance due to the technology and techniques to manufacture them. This made them significantly cost-efficient. If you compare the expense of opening up a new branch or a regional office, the interactive kiosks will cost you merely a fraction of that. Another extraordinary ability of interactive kiosks is that you can repurpose them easily with a very low cost. This not only expand their life but it also helps organizations to reduce cost a lot.Most of the hardware used in the kiosks can operate for years of inconsistency. Which also reduce the demand of regular maintenance and repair work. As the interactive kiosk industry gained popularity more manufacturers started building specialized components at mass production which significantly reduced the cost of the interactive kiosk itself and also reduced the cost of maintenance and repairs too. Even if you are using the interactive kiosks for a particular project for a particular time period in mind, you can still repurpose them as the upgrade and modifications are comparatively easy and cost-effective in terms of the hardware, as for the software the software customizations are much easier and even more cost-efficient.

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These days the customer experience is the most debated topic among marketers. The only reason is that the entire success and growth of a business relies on the customer experience. Obviously, if you started taking bad financial or management decision while maintaining a good customer experience as well as a great brand identity, then that is an exception, but for 99.99% of the business and organizations the customer experience is a huge factor in their success and growth. The interactive kiosks are helping organizations in creating innovative and technologically advanced solutions that can help them maximizing their customer experience and service delivery mechanisms. The automation and system integrations are also additional benefits which can further improve the system efficiency. The interactive kiosk systems always come with data capturing, KPIs measurements and other features that can help the business further maximize their ROI. The low cost and lower operational expense makes them an excellent option for business growing or seeking growth. We are specialized in customized interactive kiosk solutions, if you need any help or need consultation feel free to reach us out through the below comment box or contact us through our Contact Us page.

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