What is the difference in iPad Kiosk and a standard kiosk?


Kiosk is helping all kind of industries. In the past few years, the kiosk industry has been expanded and revolutionized with advance technology and innovative software tools. The kiosks are mainly used to enable businesses and organizations to provide their services through self-service interaction and the kiosks are also enabling the organizations and businesses to expand their area of operations. There are certain activates that we all are doing on daily bases in Dubai, UAE, for example, everyone draws money out of an ATM machine, and it is basically a kiosk machine. Earlier the same was done by standing in long queues in the banks and writing checks, but now with the help of the ATMs, the money can be drawn without any limitation of time or without standing in long queues or anything. People can get the service through the ATM machine at any time, the banks can expand their operations by offering their ATM machines in remote areas, on highways, in gas stations, in shopping malls or any such place where they don’t have a branch but still they can offer their services using the kiosk machines. This is only one example. There are hundreds of such examples where the kiosks are making our lives easier and also helping the businesses to expand rapidly.

Classification of the Kiosks


There are so many different types of self-service interactive kiosks however the main classifications are standard kiosks and the tablet or iPad kiosks. Both types of kiosk machines have their different utility and obviously, the cost is also a huge difference in both types. Both types run on different software platforms. Both the standard kiosk and the tablet or iPad kiosk have different applications and are suitable for different purposes. Let us compare both kiosks in terms of technology and their application:

Standard Kiosk Technology VS iPad Kiosk Technology


Here is a quick comparison of standard kiosks and tablet of iPad kiosks on the bases of the technology they are made of and their technical specs.

Standard Kiosk Technology

A standard kiosk usually comes with a computer PC board in it with all the advantages and power of a full-fledged Windows/Linux computer. All sort of peripheral devices and accessories can be installed and customized as per the client’s requirements. The screen-sizes are also not standard and any size of the screen from 8 Inch to 85 Inch can be used as per the requirements, moreover, Facial Recognition Cameras, Thermal Cameras, RFID, Biometric Scanners, IRIS Scanners, Standard/Custom Printers and Scanners, Passport Scanners, Emirates ID Readers, Intercoms, and much more can be added to the kiosk. The standard kiosks can also be designed to with-stand outdoors, and are very efficient in UAE’s weather conditions as well.

Tablet of iPad Kiosk Technology

However the iPad kiosks are only available in the standard iPad screen sizes, the computing power is also standard and whatever the newer model of Apple iPad Tablet is available can be used in these kiosks. The iPad usually have a very limited amount of hardware accessories available as of yet. The operating system is also Apple iOS. The Apple iPads are very high quality, rigid and efficient. The hardware is also very powerful and proved to be great with customized applications for self-service interactive kiosks.

Standard Kiosk Applications VS iPad Kiosk Applications


As both the standard kiosks and the tablet or iPad kiosks are built on different technologies and platforms so their usage and application are also different, sometimes in the certain application we can use both types of the kiosks but mostly both are used for different purposes.

Standard Kiosk Application and Usage

The standard kiosks are the most widely used self-service interactive kiosks. They come in all shapes and sizes, with tech specs and power as low as a mini pocket size PC and as high as a high-end professional computer or even lower-end servers. The standard kiosks can be customized for any use or any purpose and can be installed in any place whether indoor or outdoor. The standard kiosks come with a lot many software and hardware accessories, they can interact with the users and can serve as a front-end counter or service desk. The interactive kiosk industry is expanding rapidly, more industries are now adopting the kiosks to increase their efficiency and to expand their operations. The kiosks are being used mostly used to provide the services quicker and to a wider range of customers.

Where Interactive Standard Kiosks are mostly being used?

The interactive standard kiosks are mostly being used in the banking sector, healthcare, retail sector, hospitality industry, restaurants, banks, shopping malls, showrooms, airports, railway stations, mass transit and metro stations, testing labs, educational institutions, service industry, government departments, customer care centres, HR departments, and much more. Furthermore, the standard kiosk is used for advertisement purposes, marketing applications, information and wayfinding in a lot of many industries, corporate sector, government offices and other sectors.

iPad Kiosk Application and Usage

iPad kiosks are rapidly gaining popularity, and in some sectors, they are even replacing the more traditional standard kiosks. The iPad kiosks are only used indoors, which somehow limits their applications, but as the screen size and available hardware, integration is very limited so there are certain types of applications which are most widely moving towards iPad kiosks. The iPad kiosks are usually used in floor standing or tabletop modes, wall mount model is also widely used.

Where iPad Kiosks are mostly being used?

The major application is collecting customer feedback and conducting surveys, and collecting feedback. Moreover, exhibitions and event organizers, showrooms, banks, healthcare, hospitality sector, food courts & restaurants, customer services areas, and such places are where the iPad kiosks can be seen a lot. All sort of industries and sector who are using such applications are these day adopting iPad kiosks, as they are cheaper than the traditional kiosk and hence the application is not very sophisticated so such places won’t require high-end computing efficiency, therefore, the iPad kiosk is the best match for such requirements in certain industries and sectors.


Both the standard kiosks and iPad kiosks are very powerful interactive tools, which not only facilitate the customers and users but also help the businesses and organizations to enable them to expand rapidly with minimum cost and maximum output. If you need a kiosk that can perform certain tasks such as digital service delivery, scanning & authentication, printing, and other features that requires the involvement of a hardware device then the traditional kiosk is the best solution. If you need surveys, feedbacks, online ordering for a restaurant, event registrations, in showrooms for displaying information about the cars or booking test drive or any such small application which doesn’t require large screens or which doesn’t require any additional hardware integration then the iPad kiosk is the best and extremely cost-effective choice.

Moreover, it also depends upon your software application and features, it is always wise to get a suggestion or consultation from a professional interactive kiosk provider in Dubai, such as RSI Concepts. You can leave a comment in the comment box below or simply contact us using our Contact Us page and we will help you find the best cost-effective and more reliable solution for your needs.

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