Aramex Customer Feedback Interactive Kiosks

Aramex is a multinational courier company who acquired Customer Feedback Interactive Kiosks from RSI Geeks. The courier service is very popular in the UAE and is considered to be the leading courier service with the best rates and good delivery time. Most of the corporate sector is relying on Aramex services. Having flexible plans and packages for small and medium-sized businesses, the courier has established a brand name. Mainly the eCommerce businesses in Dubai, UAE are using the courier service for their time-critical deliveries.


Aramex is proving the best customer services and support all over the UAE. Such customer-centric organizations are very concerned about their customer feedbacks. Which is the reason the Aramex required a customer feedback kiosk which is not only easily accessible but also matches the brand look and feels when placed in their customer support centres? RSI Geeks has provided Aramex with an FR-MDF model having branding on three sides of the kiosk. The Samsung Android Tablet was also placed in a slim and sleek enclosure to maintain the brand identity. The tablet housing is fully protected with a lock and the Android tablet can only be accessed with a key. All of the wirings and other electronics are also protected underneath the body of the kiosk.

Here are the remarks of our Sales and Marketing Manager, Ms Maheen Waheed about this project:

”The project was a bit of a challenge due to a very short deadline, but thanks to our competent teams, we managed to pull out the gig. The design was not as that complex, but the strict branding rules and security & safety features made it a bit difficult. The Aramex team was very cooperative and understanding. We have completed the project within the given deadline and the client was very excited to have these Interactive Kiosks for customer feedback in real-time.”

Watch video of Aramex Customer Feedback Kiosks

These are one of the so many examples that we have set during our journey, meeting short deadlines and delivering big projects in record time. It requires a determined and dedicated team, who are highly motivated to do their job.

At RSI Geeks we specialized the techniques of custom made interactive kiosks and customer feedback systems. If you want to learn more or need a quote, please visit the RSI Geeks Interactive Kiosks.

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