5 Types of Touch Screen Kiosks

5 Types of Touch Screen Kiosks

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 types of touch screen kiosks. A touch screen kiosks is basically a combination of both interactive hardware and responsive software. The hardware is specifically designed to support certain software functionalities or a range of functionalities. If you are living in Dubai, you would see such touch screen kiosks or interactive kiosks everywhere. The screen’s glow easily caught the attention of the passing by people. Roughly almost 70% to 80% people think about inspecting the kiosks closely to see what it is. This can be used as a great advantage for marketing purposes as well. The touch screen kiosks are also very popular in the industry and can be used for a variety of self-service functionalities. The touch screen kiosks are not only a great advantage for the business but also for the customers, as a customer can perform certain transactions through the self-service interactive kiosk without requiring any help from the staff or others.

The interactive touch screen kiosk market has exploded in the past few years and is expected to grow more than double in the coming five years. Do you wonder why? It is because of the usefulness and benefits of the touch screen kiosks. For example, businesses can place touch screen kiosks in the places and markets where they have customers but cannot open a branch office or are not planning to open a branch office soon. This allows them access to the larger markets with very minimal cost comparing to having a branch office set up in those far-out regions. The touch screen kiosks are not only helping the businesses to reach out to the customers beyond their regular operations. That is promising but the question arises what type of kiosk will suit you? How you can benefit from it? In order to understand that we will first explore the five most commonly used touch screen kiosk types in Dubai:

1. Payment Touch Screen Kiosks

Payment Touch Screen Kiosks

Payment Touch Screen Kiosks are a very common site in Dubai, you can find them everywhere and more businesses have started adopting them. There are a variety of services that can be offered through this type of touch screen kiosk in Dubai. For example, bill payment, the customer do not have to wait in long queues to get it done through the staff at a designated branch. Instead, it can be done on any of the kiosk usually placed in easy to reach and convenient locations. Even you can find them at the entrance of residential buildings. This really adds up to the customer experience and customer satisfaction. Other peripherals and accessories can make this type of touch screen kiosk more useful. For example, the integration of contactless payment methods or payment through credit/debit cards or digital mediums such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay will definitely make your customer happier and satisfied. In addition to all that such kiosk help reducing the workload and pressure on the staff hence can be helpful in reducing the resources and cost-cut strategies.

2. Ticket or Token Dispensing Touch Screen Kiosk

Ticket or Token Dispensing Touch Screen Kiosk


These days you can find a ticket or token dispensing kiosk in all customer service centres, banks, public offices, government departments, hospitals and a lot many other sectors. These touch screen kiosks are commonly used with a Queue Management System or a Customer Flow Management Systems. Where ever a business is expecting to have a large number of visitors or customers in the branch/office they usually install these ticket/token dispensing touch screen kiosks. This kiosk can be used for multiple purposes. Most often used in basic configurations with only serving a ticket dispensing purpose or maybe an Emirates ID Card scanner or any such peripheral. These touch screen kiosks can display information about the queue and help to guide the customers to their relevant queues without any help required from the staff. Which significantly reduce the workload of the staff and also ensures smooth automated customer flow management.

Furthermore, there are some organizations and businesses that are using ticket or token dispensing touch screen kiosks for not only dispensing the tickets for the queue but also asking the visitors to input some information from various mediums. The kiosk software can automatically rely on that information on the serving agent and once the customer arrives at the counter the service delivery can be done much quicker. The innovation has no limits, but the technology surely has some limits. Thankfully the touch screen kiosk industry has grown rapidly and with each day passing more manufacturers are producing exclusive technologies for the touch screen kiosks which is paving the way for a new revolution.

3. Information Touch Screen Kiosks

Information Touch Screen Kiosks


Information touch screen kiosks are gaining popularity in Dubai. Basically, the purpose of the information touch screen kiosk is to collect and process information and then redistribute it or present it for certain useful purposes and objectives in mind. For example, we usually notice an information touch screen kiosk in libraries where it provides a complete catalogue and also interactive features to navigate to certain categories or search for a book, etc. Another example is most often seen in big malls, outlets and retail stores where the kiosk automatically collects the data and information and provide them for customers such as popular products, today’s sales and offers, functionality to find a product and/or a full product/price catalogue. The information touch screen kiosks not only improve the sales but also help the customers. The customer experience can be improved a lot by using such gadgets and the businesses who have installed the information kiosks are also reporting a good improvement in the sales.

Although it may sound complex it is fairly simple and easy to set up an information touch screen kiosk system. It comes with a hardware and a software component, the major labour is done on the software side, which communicates with other information systems and databases of the business and as per pre-defined protocols, it processes all the information and produces results. Of course, all the process is automatic and once the system is commissioned it doesn’t even require any manual update. However in some cases when automation is not possible due to certain technological limitation, even then our information touch screen kiosk can be monitored and controlled remotely, which provides very easy content and information management.

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4. Self-Service Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk

Self-Service Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk

Self-service interactive touch screen kiosks have been deployed in a huge number in Dubai and are the quantity is still growing. There is no distinguishing that only a particular industry or sector is using them, in fact, all types and sizes of businesses, corporations, offices, government sectors, hospitals, educational institutions, banks, hospitality sector, food industry, retail sector and everything else in between is utilizing the self-service interactive touch screen kiosks to improve their services, ensure customer satisfaction and for low-cost expansion.

There is a variety of software and hardware features that can be augmented in self-service interactive touch screen kiosks with an endless number of applications. For example, in the educational sector, universities and institutes are automating the student registration processes. In the Hospitality industry the booking, reservation and packages can be selected and bought through the online payment methods via a self-service interactive touch screen kiosk. In the retail industry, self-checkout terminals have been introduced using these kiosks. Customer signups, paperless registration, customer feedback, digital services and much more can be offered. There is an endless number of application of self-service interactive touch screen kiosks.

There are so many hardware options available for these kiosks, for example, Emirates ID Card Reader, QR Code Scanner, Printer, Receipt Printer, Passport Scanner, POS, Cash Depositing, Customer Support Center Integrations, RFID Scanners, NFC and much more. The software also allows integration, data sharing and synchronization with other corporate systems such as ERPs, CRMs, Inventory Management System, Digital Payment Systems and much more. Which even further enhances the capabilities of self-service interactive touch screen kiosks.

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5. Way Finding Touch Screen Kiosks

Way Finding Touch Screen Kiosks

The wayfinding touch screen kiosks are also a great example of the kiosk revolution. In Dubai, especially in malls, you will notice such kiosks. The wayfinding touch screen kiosks can be used in various environments such as in shopping malls, government offices, large facilities, educational institutions and universities, hospitals, campuses, metro stations, bus stations, airports, theme parks, etc and all those large facilities who are hosting guests and visitors. The wayfinding touch screen kiosks usually have a huge touch screen and a powerful software engine that allows the system to cater to 3D Maps, Virtual Tours, Information and Details to the visitors and customers. The users can easily search using an on-screen keyboard and also lookup in the directory and catalogues. Another great advantage of wayfinding touch screen kiosk is that it can also be used for marketing and advertising purposes. The large screen allows enough space to play multi-media content along with the Maps and navigational functionalities.

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In this blog, we have covered 5 types of touch screen kiosks. There are so many more sub-classifications but overall all the kiosks are divided into these major categories. No matter how small or big you are or what industry you are operating in. The touch screen kiosks could help you sustain your existing customers by providing those digital services, reducing the service delivery and wait time and reaching out to unexplored markets. As the market researches are suggesting and the statistical data is also projecting that the touch screen kiosk industry is about to get doubled in the coming years. This suggests the overall market trend. If you are operating in Dubai or any other part of UAE, you must have to be on top of your competitors. You should be the one who offers innovation and convenience before anyone else does. Touch screen kiosks with their less initial cost, low operational cost and very low maintenance cost can be a great companion for the businesses who are seeking expansion and cost cuts at the same time. RSI Concepts is a leading touch screen kiosk provider in Dubai and UAE. We are specialized in customized self-service interactive kiosks and digital signage. We can help you with achieving your goals. Feel free to contact us through the below comment box or reach us out from our Contact Us page.

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