Shifting of business process on interactive kiosk

From grocery stores to retail outlets, several industries are starting to recognize the benefits of digital kiosks in Dubai. Interactive kiosk with custom functionality is being heralded as the next big thing in customer service and employee satisfaction.

Every organization knows that the two pillars of its business are its employees and customers. Here we will take a look at how digital kiosks improve business & customer engagement, and how you can integrate self-service kiosks in Dubai into your organizational workflow.


The basics – What are digital kiosks?


Smart or digital kiosks in Dubai are interactive terminals powered by a computer system that can help customers or employees handle various transactions and functionality by themselves. Kiosks are a combination of hardware and software and can be customized to fit the requirements of any organization.

How can self-service kiosks improve businesses?


Kiosks in Dubai can help you improve customer engagement or satisfaction by streamlining your business capabilities and deliver a better customer experience. Alternatively, a self-kiosk machine can also empower employees to avail organizational services by themselves without having to rely on other departments.

For example, the HR department of an organization provides a salary certificate once an employee visits the HR department physically. If the organization provides smart kiosks in Dubai at various places within the organization, the employees can print salary certificates themselves through the kiosk without having to visit the HR department at all!

Why do people prefer / like using interactive kiosks?


A kiosk in Dubai can offer more functionality to staff and customers alike.

  1. Faster transactions: In a retail environment, having an interactive kiosk in Dubai can speed up the time it takes for customers to complete transactions since most processes are automated by the kiosk. The process becomes even faster for customers who are returning to the store because they know how to interact with the kiosk from earlier experiences.
  2. Visual cues with digital signage: Our interactive kiosk in Dubai has the ability to display digital signage that allows an organization to present what they want to the customer. Visual cues that will allow them to understand the kiosk faster and improve satisfaction while shopping.
  3. Increase customer spending: One way how digital kiosks improve business & customer engagement is by increasing customer spending. Studies have shown that people tend to spend more on a digital kiosk as they are stimulated through visual cues. For example, an image of a dessert food item could motivate them to add it to their cart before checkout.
  4. Convenient for employees: Shifting employee processes to a kiosk in Dubai can help save a great amount of time and increase the productivity of employees. For instance, if an employee wants to check his attendance log or wants to apply for leave, he first needs to take an appointment with the HR department. Then he needs to visit the department personally and interact with an HR employee to complete the process. All this time travelling to the HR department and interacting with an employee can be saved if there is a smart kiosk inside the department where he is working. With a digital kiosk, all he needs to do is authenticate his credentials with emirates ID or another document, and avail the HR service he wants through the kiosk. He can print his attendance log or apply for leave quickly and efficiently through the kiosk.

Some examples of real-world usage of Dubai self-service kiosk


There are innumerable uses for a digital kiosk. The biggest advantage of a kiosk is that they are highly customizable and can be configured to meet the requirements of the organization no matter which business they are in. Here are a few examples of real-world usage of a smart kiosk that can save your business time, energy and cost.

  1. Kiosk placed at the entry points of office buildings or retail stores in Dubai can display welcome messages, directions and building information. This is great for people visiting the store for the first time.
  2. A kiosk in the real estate industry can display room availability information, rates and other amenities.
  3. In a corporate office, staff can avail almost all HR functionalities through the kiosk. This includes printing payslips, attendance, salary certificates, travel requests, loans etc.
  4. A customer feedback system integrated with a kiosk can greatly improve the overall customer experience at a store. It helps the organization get crucial information about customer satisfaction and devise a strategy to keep customers happy and identify short-falls if any.
  5. In the medical industry, self-service kiosks used at hospitals or clinics can have options for appointment booking, doctor availability, check-in details etc.
  6. Integrating a kiosk for online services like bill payments can further improve customer experience. A customer can easily pay the bill online, or by visiting the office and using the smart kiosk available there.
  7. Placing smart kiosks at events and expos will be incredibly useful in displaying the details of the expo like exhibitor list, location map or even capturing the information of attendees.

As mentioned earlier, there are innumerable uses of a kiosks machine that can benefit any organization.

Digital Kiosks in Dubai can help your business


Investing in a digital kiosk is not expensive or difficult, especially when you work with a partner who can set up, customize and train you to take full advantage of the kiosk functionality. Learn more about leveraging the benefits that self-service kiosks in Dubai can bring to your organization by contacting us today.

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