Why should we use hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk?


As the COVID-19 outbreak has spread all over the world and still we are far away from a practical cure for the disease, technology-aided things such as our latest hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk could help to reduce the spread and aiding the social distancing. As for now, the social distancing seems to be the only prevention to the disease so we all must implement it as much as we could. As the virus can spread mostly from touching the contaminated objects and surfaces, so we have developed a very innovative product, our latest hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk which will allow a contactless operation of dispensing the hand sanitizer solution.

The hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk is fully automatic and doesn’t require any input such as a tap, or push button or something form the user. The kiosk has proximity sensors at the front and whenever someone places their hand in the range the kiosk will automatically dispense the hand sanitizer solution in their hands. The user doesn’t even require to touch the kiosk, this means there will be no contaminated surfaces which could possibly cause the spread of the virus.

That is not all, the hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk is also equipped with other features. There are two models one with a medium-sized screen and one with a fairly large screen. There are other add-ons such as body temperature sensor, thermal camera, facial recognition for the attendance, eye-scan for the attendance and instant alarm if fever is detected. Such features enable it to effectively identify a person with some basic symptoms of the COVID-19/Corona Virus. Thus the hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk can be placed at various locations such as entrances of the offices, shopping malls, airports, metro stations, bus stations, clinics, medical stores, hospitals, retail stores, shops and many more.

The hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk also comes with a standard digital signage module, this enables it to play videos and adverts. The videos could be informational or precautions of the COVID-19/Corona Virus prevention or just the advertisements for marketing purposes. There is a user dashboard for the administrators to monitor the level of the hand sanitizing solution in real-time and also control the digital signage screen. The signage content can be uploaded instantly at hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk from a remote location or from the head office. The signage can operate in multi-unit configurations where you can have two or more hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk connected to the network and can be controlled from a single admin dashboard. The admin dashboard is not only for monitoring the sanitizer levels and playing the content on the screen but the admin dashboard will also provide statistical data and reports. It can record the data for the temperature for any period such as one month, three months and so on, it depends upon the customer’s requirements. The usage data can also be extracted. All the stats and reports are downloadable from the admin control panel.

Due to this COVID-19/Corona Virus crises, we being a technological innovator have designed multiple products which will help our customers and users to implement the social distancing. We are also welcoming innovative ideas from our customers and providing them with completely customized solutions to help and support the community. Being a responsible citizen it is our moral duty to strictly follow the government SOPs and precaution to ensure our and other’s safety. Only together we can defeat this crisis. Do let us know about your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below or get in touch with our consultant to discuss your requirements via our Contact Us page.

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