Mobile Anti-theft Charging Stands for IKEA

Mobile-Anti-theft-Charging-Stands-for-IKEAIKEA – Is a world-wide popular household name. The brand in itself is a symbol of quality and convenience. Ikea is multinational ready-to-assemble furniture and kitchen appliances and other household things. Well known for its quality, durability and longevity of the products. The company has established its superiority worldwide by delivering modernistic designs, utility and simplicity along with its eco-friendliness. UAE is one of the most active nations in the MENA region aggressively implementing and promoting eco-friendly strategies. Introducing Ikea to the market was another brick to the wall. Ikea is growing exponentially since its operation begins in the country and has a very large facility in Dubai Jebel Ali area.

IKEA acquired Mobile Anti-theft Stands from RSI Concepts which are placed in smart home products section to give customers an interface to control devices through mobile phone. Our stand keeps the phone secure so that it will not fall or stolen. It means whoever is entering in the Ikea will first encounter our Mobile Anti-theft stands to explore the products and catalogues. As Ikea has established its own legacy so the stands should also be able to speak the same language. Which is the reason Ikea has selected RSI Concepts over so many other bidders and we have successfully matched the criteria of the product design and quality which was required by the Ikea?

The Mobile Anti-theft stands come in a few variants depends upon the need and requirements of the client. There are general purpose Mobile Anti-theft stands which are completely compatible with almost 95% of smartphones and tablets models. The Micro USB, Lightning USB and USB Type-C compatibility make them easier to use and compatible with almost any device available in the market these days. The stands are made up of very rigid and strong materials and are proven to be the most durable of their kind available anywhere in the market. The strong audible sound alarm which triggers whenever anyone tries to temper with the stand by trying to remove the device makes them more theft-proof.

Here are the remarks of our Sales and Marketing Manager, Ms. Maheen Waheed who was in charge of this project:

“Providing a product which matches Ikea brand’s DNA was not an easy task for most of the vendors participating in the bid, but at RSI Concepts since our inception, we have established a brand name in the market by delivering top-of-the-line products and services. Our portfolio and futuristic product design were the major advantages we had over our other competitors which lead us to win this bid.”

This is another testimonial of our commitment towards our customers and proof of our high-quality products and services. If you want to learn more please visit our Mobile Anti-theft Stand product page. Feel free to contact us at our Contact Us page.

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