How HR Kiosks help managing the HR more efficiently?

Introduction to HR Kiosks

With the advancements in the technology, the interactive self-service hr kiosk machines are serving in a lot of industries especially in public places. The HR departments of some organizations could be the busiest department with most people are coming there on a daily bases. There are so many HR-related tasks that keep your other employees away from their regular tasks just to visit the HR Department and to do those processes. This could lead to a busy, crowded and overloaded HR office/branch. This also results in delays in the regular HR processes and sometimes it disturbs the employees as well which could reduce their productivity.

If somehow we can automate the routine processes and eliminate or reduce the need to visit the HR Department, we can avoid a lot of these things. This raises the need for an interactive self-service HR Kiosk. For example, let say an employee needs to update their passport, they should have to take off from the work, transport should be reserved for them and they will have to skip some hours or maybe a complete day just to do that.


But in case if we provide them with the facility to update the passport through an HR Kiosk machine at any nearby location where they work, we can save all that time and resources required for just a simple task which can be done in 5 minutes max from the HR Kiosk machine having a passport scanner in it. The HR Kiosks can be placed in the offices, cafeterias, common areas, receptions, or living quarters for the labours and virtually anywhere.

Updating Passport or Emirates ID or such things are not the only features our standard HR Kiosk have but there is a list of standard features and additional add-one can be added to introduce more features. The complete HR Kiosk system is based on two main types of components, the hardware part and the software part.

Features and Functionalities of HR Kiosk

Here is a list of some of the most popular features and functionalities popular among our customers:

 HR Kiosk Hardware

1.       Emirates ID Scan 2.       Passport Scan
3.       A4 Size Documents Scan 4.       A4 Size Printer
5.       Biometrics Fingerprint Scan 6.       RFID/Magnetic Strip/Contact Chip Scan
7.       Barcode/QR Code Scan 8.       Telephone to connect to the Help Line
9.       Credit/Debit Card Payment 10.   Cash Acceptor
11.   Facial Recognition& IRIS Scan 12.   Physical Keyboard & Mouse


HR Kiosk Software

1.       Multi-lingual Simple User Interface 2.       Various Forms (Print + Scan)
3.       Attendance 4.       Documents Update
5.       Leave Application 6.       Ticket/Travel Request
7.       Salary Certificates 8.       Pay Slips
9.       Loan & Benefits 10.   ERP/CRM/Third-Party Integration
11.   Mobile Applications 12.   Low Maintenance Operations

These are some of the very commonly used features of the HR Kiosk.


The combination of the above-mentioned software and hardware features result in a highly interactive and self-service kiosk machine which let the employees do most of the tasks by themselves without any intervention of the HR officer.

How HR Kiosk works?

Here is a short but brief workflow of a standard HR Kiosk system:

Login to the employee portal

The employee should have to log in to the employee portal in order to access the personalized information. This can be achieved by:

  1. Biometric Fingerprint Scanning
  2. Emirates ID Scanning
  3. RFID Based Employee ID Card Scanning
  4. Magnetic Strip Based Employee ID Card Scanning
  5. Simple login credentials such as username and password

These are the most popular methods used for the logging into the system but in some of the recent projects, we also provided eye-scan and facial recognition-based log-ins. The HR Kiosk system allows implementing multiple methods or any of the above-mentioned method to ensure data protection and security.

Interactive Self-service HR Kiosk support multiple languages

As in UAE is a much-diversified culture having communities of people from diverse backgrounds. So, having an HR Kiosk which supports multiple languages will make it more convenient for the employees especially the labour and the lower class working staff, who might feel it difficult to work with only English or Arabic language, so our HR Kiosk system is built to have multiple languages simultaneously. The employee can choose their desired language immediately after signing in to the system or even prior to that, it depends upon the user interface and the client’s requirements.

Online and Offline HR Forms

The HR Kiosk can provide any type of form and application. The forms can either be filled online using the on-screen keyboard or a physical keyboard of the HR Kiosk. Or the employee can directly take print of a form, fill it, and submit it by using the built-in scanner from the kiosk. This is even more convenient than the online forms which you have to download and take the prints from a print shop and in some cases, you will have to visit the HR to submit the paper. This could save a lot of time and resources required to perform a certain task.

Identification papers and Document Update

In case an employee’s passport is renewed, then they must have to go to the HR Department to submit the new passport copy. But in case of the HR Kiosk, the employee can use the passport scanner to scan their passport and submit it via online through the kiosk. Similar applies to other documents, let say if an employee will have to submit a tenancy contract, in the conventional approach the employee will have to visit the HR Department, wait in the queue and submit the paper, the HR officer will have to file it, update it in the system and so on. But in case of the HR Kiosk, the employee can do it by themselves, by simply scanning the document with the kiosk scanner and submit it in a minute or two. This could really save a big hustle for just a very small task.

Employees Requests and Applications

Once the employee is logged in to the system then the system will automatically learn their identification and other info. If the employee wants to apply for a leave, then they must have to do a few taps on the touch screen and it will be done. The HR or the concerned department will receive an electronic copy and can proceed with the process immediately. Other requests such as transfer request or anything can be done easily from the HR Kiosk.

Annual Leave/Ticket Request & Attendance

The system can automatically calculate the annual leave as per the company policy and let the employee submit an application for annual leave and air ticket as per the company policy. Another advantage of the HR Kiosk is that an employee can check their attendance and other information too which could require a difficult process without the HR Kiosk.

Loans & Benefits

The employee can easily make requests for the loans, or other benefits such as health care or residence allowance or anything. They can view the status and other information of their current loan and deductions and the benefits they are getting.

Salary Certificates & Payslips

The employee can easily download and print their salary certificates and payslips to form the HR Kiosk within a few taps on the screen. That is not all there are endless possibilities to provide relevant information to the employees via the Kiosk.

Customized HR Kiosk Solution

The HR Kiosk system is built on a centralized database mechanism, which means whatever the organization wants to provide their employees can be provided through the HR Kiosk along with the standard printer, scanners and various other hardware and software feature the organization can implement automated processes as per their organization’s policy.

The system is very flexible and can be completely customized for each and every organization as per their preferences. Which makes it even more effective. The system works on a powerful software engine which is built on intelligent algorithms to let the clients automate as many processes as they want to reduce the load of the HR Department and to make all the processes more agile and robust for their employees. The automation comes with other benefits too, such as there is no chance of human error or any lag or latency caused by the manual processes. This prevents a lot of hustle, in addition, it helps reduce the HR resources and in a longer-term could be very profitable for an organization.

Integration with the ERP/Third-Party Software

The HR Kiosk system can easily be integrated with existing organizational software, such as ERP, Intranet, Property Management System, HR and Payroll Management System and many more. The integration can be done via Secure Web Services (APIs) this let different software communicate with each other and ensure better security of the data and information.


The HR Kiosk system can communicate with existing digital information centres and other enterprise solutions & systems to fetch and push data and for various authentications. This also makes the operational process and maintenance a lot easier for the IT Department. The HR Kiosk system can be hosted in any data centre, cloud or online hosting as per the policy and existing information technology infrastructure of the client. This makes it a lot less expensive in terms of maintaining the HR Kiosk system and as the Kiosk unit itself is a self-service and very interactive tool so it doesn’t require any operator or presence of HR/Staff on sight. These are some of the distinguishing features of our HR Kiosk system.


The HR Kiosk will reduce the workload of the HR department and the employees would be able to do a lot many things without worrying for the need to go to the HR department and wait in long queues. This will result in lower resource consumption by the HR and the related activities. The reporting mechanism is automated and quite comprehensive. Customized reports can be generated to meet the requirements. The HR Kiosk system can easily be integrated with any existing organizational software or any other third party software/ERP using secure web services or APIs. This allows the HR Kiosk to push and pull the data from the main information centre and keep the information centralized. The HR Kiosks are highly customizable in terms of both the software and the hardware, the design too can be customized to meet the branding requirements of the customer.

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