7 Features of Self Service Kiosks

In this blog, we will discuss the 7 features of a self-service interactive kiosk that could drastically improve customer experience and can boost your sales. These features will also help you automate the processes, which could result in more convenience, less wait time, shorter service delivery time and obviously less workload on the staff. The self-service interactive kiosks market is expanding globally and the main reason is people prefer to use a kiosk instead of waiting in a long queue. Apart from that the interactive kiosks machines also allow a user to perform certain tasks without any involvement of the staff. Which could enable businesses to fully or partially automate their services. In both cases, the service delivery time can be reduced and the overall user experience is improved. Additionally, the business can provide more access points by placing interactive self-service kiosks on different convenient locations for their users and customers.


Here are the most useful 7 features of interactive self-service kiosk:

1. Card and/or Cash Payments


An interactive self-service kiosk with the ability to let the user make payments via card or cash deposit is a great feature to have. This feature is applicable to a lot of many solutions. Payment enabled kiosks to have a wide range of application in the services industry, pre-paid or post-paid services, vending machines, food sector, hospitality sector, shopping malls & retail sector, and much more. The users can have more payment points which reduce the queues and eliminates the requirements to visit a particular branch, etc. This help improving customer experience and happiness. A lot many businesses are relying on that type of interactive self-service kiosks. People most often consider this facility before opting for a particular service provider.

2. Information Desk Kiosks


Usage of the interactive self-service kiosk to provide information is very common, such types of kiosks can be utilized in various scenarios, such as when users are visiting a public office or a customer support centre, they can get information related to their matter beforehand from the kiosk, no need to wait in the queue to reach out the information desk. Such kiosks should have a large interactive touch screen to provide information in a presentable manner along with taking inputs and capability to respond to those inputs could add extra value to the usability of such kiosk machines.

3. Way Finding Interactive Kiosk


The wayfinding is another most useful feature of an interactive self-service kiosk machine. The wayfinding kiosks are mostly used in shopping malls, airports, mass transit stations, large public offices/buildings, and much more. The large interactive screen with the on-screen keyboard and interactive user interface can improve the user experience and at the same time, it can also be used for marketing/advertising purposes. These days wayfinding interactive self-service kiosks are also providing 3D wayfinding and integration with other systems for real-time updates and data synchronization. Which results in excellent user experience.

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4. Internet Surfing Interactive Kiosks


Internet Surfing Interactive Kiosks are usually placed in airports, immigration departments, government offices, mass transit stations, etc. Usually, the visitors/customers could stay for hours in such places and they might also require to access the internet to do some important work or something. For such places large touch screens and physical keyboard are excellent features, mostly the vendors are also including a trackball/pad for users’ convenience. The internet surfing interactive kiosks have gained worldwide popularity in the past decade and still, these kiosks are representing a large part of the interactive self-service kiosk market.

5. Restaurant Menu and Fast Food ordering interactive self-service Kiosks


Restaurant menu and fast food ordering interactive self-service kiosks are also gaining popularity since past 4 – 5 years, not only in Dubai, UAE but all across the GCC they are a common sight at restaurants, fast food outlets, and food courts. Almost 99% of the restaurant menu and food ordering kiosks accept credit/debit cards only and the users are liking these kiosks as they allow them to skip large queues. Not only that, these interactive self-service kiosks also allow more freedom to select from the menu with easy access to the full menu and no pressure from the people waiting in the queue behind.

6. Retail Goods and Vending Machines


Everyone is aware of large and small vending machines which dispense packed food items, chocolates, candies, juices, water and much more. These kiosks are mostly placed in public places where people are expected to wait for a long period, apart from airports, metro stations, bus stations, gas stations, mass transit, and such places, these retail goods dispensing vending machines are also provided by different brands to target additional locations, where a crowd is expected in any way. Businesses and corporations also like to provide more options in their canteens by using such vending machines. Which is another reason the private and retail sector is also installing such vending machines. Usually, such vending machines accept both credit/debit cards and cash payments.

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7. Employee Self Service Interactive HR Kiosks


HR Department could be the busiest department in some organizations. With hundreds of daily expected visitors. Another challenging factor for large organizations is that usually their HR Department is located in a different location and the employees are working and living in different locations, so providing transportation, bearing the off-hours during that period and arranging visits for the employees to perform their HR-related tasks, not only put pressure of the HR department but at overall management and administration. This is why Employee Self Service Interactive HR Kiosks are used to provide instant services through interactive interfaces on multiple locations, which not only reduce the visits to the HR Department but for some services it entirely eliminates the need of a visit.


These are only a few applications and classifications of the interactive self-service kiosk machines. The kiosk industry is expected to grow 20% to 28% in the coming 5 years (unofficial projections). It has a huge potential and with the customized interactive self-service kiosk solution providers like RSI Concepts, you can create a completely new idea which could give you a great competitive edge and it could also increase the happiness and satisfaction of your customers. The interactive self-service kiosks can be a great opportunity for you to improve your existing services as well as reaching out to new markets.

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