What are Benefits of Integration of HRMS with Self-service Kiosks?

HRMS or Human resource management system is a backbone in any organization or business. If your employees are satisfied they will be more productive and efficient, hence the business will grow. If your employee is dissatisfied and unhappy their productivity will decrease, which will result in higher operational expenditures and lower outcome, or poor quality work. If the work quality is not good your customers will also move away from you, although the process is slow the consequences could be devastated for the business. The HR department is always very important, as they are responsible for hiring the right professionals, and in their regular daily routine, they could be very busy, which could also reduce their productivity and efficiency.


So, maintaining a positive and good environment inside your organization is very important. This is why businesses are widely using HRMS or human resource management systems to streamline all these processes, and to monitor and control their cost/expense. The HR Department is mainly responsible for ensuring a balance between employees’ happiness and controlled expenses, to achieve the highest possible productivity form the available resources.

The interactive touch screens or self-service kiosks are gaining popularity in a lot of industries, if you are living in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate of United Arab Emirates, then you must be aware of these touch screens and self-service kiosks, they are everywhere, from shopping malls to banks, hospitals, clinics, government offices, customer service centres and even in small businesses and showrooms. These self-service interactive kiosks are multiplying day by day in numbers. Whether you have to pay your mobile’s bill, or a utility bill, or whether you want to withdraw cash, or these kiosks and vending machines are everywhere and everyone is using them on daily bases.

Ensure Steady Growth


If a business wants to control and monitor their internal expenses and if they want to manage their employees efficiently then the HR Department should have to work at its best. The HR Department is not only responsible for employee management and resource management but it is also responsible for ensuring the business or organization have the required skilled professionals and the very efficient resource utilization. In order to boost HR Department’s output, the HRMS systems can play a vital role and if the HRMS is integrated with Self-service Kiosks, then you can easily attain twice the operational efficiency, which results in extremely well resource management, less cost more output and eventually ensures steady business growth.

Satisfy Your Employees


Provide a fully functional virtual HR to your employees. Let them avail HR services from remote locations, from project sites, from their residence and accommodations, or from other offices. The process automation will not only make the service delivery fast but it will also reduce the workload of the HR Department. The HR department has to allocate a lot of resources for their regular tasks, sometimes they even don’t get enough time to address employees’ queries. Which could easily annoy your employees and it could also increase the work of the HR department. All across the world, the HR Department is always seeking for a solution to reduce the cost and to maximize efficiency. By automating different processes and services the HR Department can significantly reduce their workload and the cost as well.

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Reduce HR Work Load and Cut the Cost


The HR department is always the busiest department who is sending most of the mails, doing filing, huge paperwork, and a lot more. The interactive HR Self-service kiosk will not only make the process fast and reduce the workload of the HR but it will also reduce the expense of the HR Department by allowing onsite printing and downloading/uploading and scanning of the documents. The employees can download different forms, print them, or scan them from the kiosk itself. This could significantly reduce the workload of the HR Department as they always have to perform such tasks on daily bases, and they should also have to assign dedicated resources for such works. By providing such facilities through automated channels, the HR Department can save a lot of efforts for tedious manual work, data entries, documents processing and much more, which could tremendously improve the HR Department’s efficiency.

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Automate and Digitalize the Processes by HR Self-Service Kiosk


By automation, productivity and efficiency can be significantly improved in the HR Department. The digitalization of various processes or even the entire HR Department also comes with additional benefits, no need to expand on the regular mailing, printing, and delivery services, provide all information and communication through digital channels. Automate and digitalize the processes with HRMS Self-service Kiosk, such as:

  1. Updated Employee Documents (New Emirates ID, Passport Update, etc)
  2. Reduce the HR Queries by Integrating HRMS with HR Self-Service Kiosks
    1. Document Processing
    2. Leave Application
    3. Salary Certificate Printing
    4. Employee Benefits Calculations
    5. Leave Requests
    6. Travel Requests
    7. Attendance, Time Clock and Schedule Checking
    8. Over-time Calculators
    9. Loan Requests and Status
    10. Etc
  3. Reduce the paperwork
  4. Reduce manual processing and manual data entry, let the employee to do their own data entry from the HR Self-service Kiosk
  5. Manage the Centralized Employee Database Efficiently
  6. Reduce Human Errors and Repeated Processes

These are only some of the benefits the HR Department can get when they integrate their HRMS with the HR Self-service Kiosk. Apart from that, when you are providing the HR Services on the remote location which are convenient for the employees, they will be more satisfied and happy, and the supervisors and managers don’t have to worry about arranging their visits to the HR Department or head office. This will also save time and cost and a lot of management-related problems.

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What Services can be offered through HR Self Service Kiosks?


The HRMS software usually has a centralized information centre, which contains all of the required information. The HR Self-service kiosks are very powerful machines with customizable software and hardware features as per the demand. The HR self-service kiosks can communicate or linked through secure web services or APIs with the central database of the HRMS or other corporate tools if needed. The software and hardware both work in harmony to make a process possible. The very basic and important part is user authentication and user access. The authentication can be done using various methods, such as RFID reader, Credentials, Emirates ID Card Reader, Biometrics of Fingerprint Scanner, or any other method which suits the requirements.

Once a user is authenticated to the system through the kiosk they would be able to access the data and information they are designated to. Multiple users can have multiple access levels and corresponding capabilities to update or input the data/information. For example, a supervisor or a manager can have access to their subordinates’ data too if required and so on and so forth.

In terms of hardware the HR self-service kiosks can have the following hardware features in general:

  1. Biometrics or Fingerprint Scanner
  2. Facial Recognition or IRIS Scanner
  3. RFID Reader
  4. Emirates ID Card Reader and Scanner
  5. Passport Scanner
  6. Physical Keyboard or On-Screen Digital Keyboard
  7. A4 Printer, Thermal Printer, Other Printing Devices
  8. Documents Scanner (Standard), Passport Scanner, QR Code or Barcode Scanner, etc
  9. Intercom or Telephone Connected to the Call Center or Respective Team
  10. Physical Keyboard and Trackpad

In terms of software the HR self-service kiosks can have the following hardware features in general:

  1. Touch Screen User Interface
  2. Multi-lingual Employee Dashboard
  3. Secure Employee/User Authentication
  4. Online Applications and Form Submission
  5. Online Documents Updates
  6. Online Appointment Booking with the HR Department
  7. Online Record and Information Access, and Printing/Scanning Facility
  8. Salary Slips, Certificates, Loan Status, Attendance, Time Clock and Schedules, etc
  9. Smartphone Application Integration
  10. Integration with other corporate tools such as ERP, CRM, Online Portals, Third-party Tools, etc

These are some of the general features that an HR self-service kiosk can offer when integrated with your HRMS or Human Resource Management System. Apart from that, a lot many customized services can be provided through the kiosk by installing other software and hardware components. These features can help and support the businesses to boost their HR Department’s operational capabilities which also results in cost-cuts and other progressive benefits.

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What about the cost?


Interactive Self-service Kiosks are very durable and long-lasting technology. The initial cost is also low, if you compare the return over investments rates, the interactive kiosks are the best solution available in the market. The maintenance and operational cost is also low, even compared to a standard PC and printer in the organization. All well-renowned interactive self-service kiosks providers in Dubai, UAE are also providing annual maintenance contracting services which could further relief the businesses and reduce their operational cost. The interactive kiosks are not expensive, especially when bundled with the Human Resource Management System (HRMS), the cost is marginally very low. The utility and benefits are obviously great, and it can offer a long term reduction in the operation cost of the HR Department with highly enhanced efficiency and performance.

Features such as:

  1. Stand-alone operation
  2. Secure and Rugged Body Structure
  3. Durable Materials
  4. Large back-side or front-side lockable servicing windows
  5. Tempered glass protective touch screens

And other design-related attributes make it easier to refill the consumables or doing the maintenance and servicing. Which obviously reduce the operational cost a lot.

Furthermore, the HR Self-service kiosks have been very easy to manage and maintain because of their design and technology. The HR self-service kiosks are very powerful computing machines and can remain operational for almost a decade with just basic maintenance.

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The HR Self Service Kiosks when integrated with your HRMS or Human Resource Management Systems could bring amazing improvements in terms of HR Department’s functioning, efficiency, and happiness of your employees. The HR Department’s operational cost will be reduced significantly, the workload of the HR Department can be cut from 30% to 60% by automating various processes, reducing the data entry, manual paper processing, and other tasks. Automation and self-service service delivery also reduce human error and work repetitions. The HR Department can easily implement new strategies and the management can get comprehensive reports and valuable insight. The biggest advantage of our HRMS and HR Self-Service Kiosk is that both tools are completely customizable, and can be designed and modified to cater to the very specific needs of our customers.

All organizations have their own methods and organizational structure which demands specific solutions for specific problems, a general-purpose or off-the-shelf solution can not only restrict the organizations and their HR Departments to follow the HRMS’s structure but it can also cause a lot many unnecessary delays and issues, which reduce the efficiency and operational capabilities of the HR, eventually, the organizations and businesses end up being paying more with an endless stream of issues and problems associated with the tools they are using. The customization eliminates all such problems and not only that the custom solutions can resonate perfectly well with the organization’s structure which results in amazing performance efficiency and a significant cut in the operational cost.

If you need HR Self-service kiosks for your existing HRMS or if you need a completely customized HRMS solution including the interactive HR kiosks, please do let us know. You can contact us through the below comment box or you can reach us through our Contact Us page.

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