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HR Department of any organization is the backbone of the business. They are not only responsible for hiring the skilful staff but also responsible for managing them to maintain a healthy work environment and steady production capacity. Hence, they are continuously busy in regular activities and it is always critical to maintain a certain level of satisfaction of the employees to ensure quality work and growth of the business. HR Departments all across the industries in Dubai and the other Emirates of UAE are rapidly adopting services of HR Self Service kiosks to get benefits of the digitalization.


HR Self Service Kiosks not only allow the HR Departments to efficiently implement the organization’s strategies and policies but also reduce workload from the HR department. This brings employees’ satisfaction and happiness and helps organizations to cultivate a productive culture. The HR Self Service Kiosks also allow the organizations to facilitate their employees on multiple convenient locations, such as on-site or in residential blocks, where usually maintaining an HR desk is not convenient, this increase the desk-less workforce of the HR Department and also reduce the burden from the administration.

Why HR Self Service Kiosks are Gaining Popularity in Dubai, UAE?


Why HR Self Service Kiosks are gaining popularity in Dubai, UAE? As the technology is evolving the self-service kiosk industry is innovating new features and the cost is also reducing so the return over investment ratios are improving rapidly. Earlier only fewer functionality can be achieved and the general public was also not much familiar with the interactive self-service kiosks, but nowadays, everyone living in Dubai, UAE have had used an interactive kiosk for any purpose, such as the utility bill payment kiosks, or mobile recharge kiosks, or simply the token dispensing kiosks at any customer service centre, everyone is familiar with the bright glowing touchscreen machines. This is another reason why businesses and organizations are installing more interactive self-service kiosks in various sectors.

What kind of Services of HR Self Service Kiosk can be provided?


There are a variety of services the HR self-service kiosk can provide it depends upon the requirements and other factor related to the organization itself. As the technology is advancing there is a variety of scanner and printer that can be attached along with a lot many communication add-ons and other software and hardware accessories. The HR self-service kiosks are mainly powered by powerful computing hardware along with a core server application to allow automation and human-less or agent-less operations at the kiosk. There are a variety of automated services that can be provided through HR self-service kiosk, in this blog we will discuss a few very popular and commonly used services by organizations and businesses in Dubai, UAE, such as:

User Authentication Service



The users can authenticate themselves with their identity cards, RFID based employee IDs, QR Codes, Login credentials, Emirate ID Card Reader/Scanner, Passport Reader/Scanner, biometric scanner, IRIS scanners, facial recognition system and much more. It entirely depends upon the organization’s preferences.


Issuance of Salary Certificates


Once the user/employee is authenticated and signed-in to the system they can navigate through an interactive menu to navigate to their desired service. The salary certificates are the proof of the salary and other benefits which is a very basic service and the HR department received so many requests, if the HR self-service kiosks are placed on convenient locations and places then the employee does not have to visit the HR department to request for the salary certificate. Instead, they can easily print it through the HR self-service kiosk.


Leave Applications Submission


Leave application submission is another most frequently used service by the employees and the HR department always get overwhelmed by leave request. By automating such requests the businesses and organizations can save a lot of time and resources at the same time while providing a very convenient service to their employees. The HR self-service kiosk can print leave application forms and then let the employees to scan them along with any other relevant documentation such as doctor’s prescription in case of medical leave, etc.


Air Ticket/Travel Requests


Travel requests, annual leave requests, official or personal travel requests or any such other requests which may or may not require urgent processing, can also be submitted and marked as urgent or regular from the HR self-service kiosk for the perusal of the HR department. As the whole operation is digitalized and the basic mainframe information centre got updated in real-time so such requests can reach the concerned staff immediately. This not only saves time and hustle for the employees to travel to the HR department and wait in queues but it also helps the staff to organize and prioritize urgent tasks.


Attendance, Time Clock, Schedules


The HR Self Service Kiosk also allow the employees to access their attendance, schedules, timings, and other relevant information instantly with a few taps on the touch screen of the kiosk. This information is usually important for the employees but due to working on a remote site or getting posted away from the head-office or HR department they usually can’t access such information easily. With the HR self-service kiosk available at their site and/or their resting places or residence they can easily access such information.


Overtime Calculator, Loans and Other Benefits Calculator


In routine, the employees will have to visit the HR department or their admin staff to get information about their overtime, loans and other benefits they might seek or simply want to check their eligibility, which in case if they will have to visit the HR department they will usually avoid or found it difficult to manage time to do such tasks. But in case of HR Self Service Kiosks, they can easily get those details by simply authenticating themselves to the system and taping a few buttons on the touch screens. As the whole operation is automated and there is no human involve so the chances of error are slim to none.


Smartphone Applications


As in the United Arab Emirates, almost everyone owns a smartphone and had access to the internet so, introducing smartphone applications for Android and Apple iOS could help your employees a lot and provide them further freedom and convenience. The Smartphone applications coupled with the HR self-service kiosk can further automate a lot many services without putting extra load on your internal IT department. In fact, a complete version of HR Kiosk’s software functionalities can be replicated in the smartphone applications along with additional benefits of other online services.


Information Center, News and Updates


The HR Self Service Kiosks can be used to display and propagate instant news, updates and other valuable information in real-time. The kiosk is a very advance piece of technology, the bright screen always attracts attention. When the HR self-service kiosk is idle it can be used to display valuable information. The information can be controlled from the head office, branch or HR department itself. Whatever media or information the organization wants to display can be fetched to the kiosk screen instantly. Apart from that, different kiosks can be used to display different data and information depending on their placement and physical location.


Scanning and Printing Facility


The HR Self Service Kiosks in Dubai, UAE can host a bunch of printing and scanning accessories, such as a standard A4 size printer and scanner, Emirates ID card scanner, Passport scanner, Thermal printer, special printer. Forms printing and scanning, documents scanning and much more. It entirely depends on the HR department’s requirements. This not only reduces the workload of the HR staff but it also provides convenience and facilitates the employees.


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Customer Support and Queuing Solution


The HR Self Service Kiosks can also provide a customer support facility with the help of various software and hardware accessories such as IP phone to instantly connect to the call centre or support centre, complaint management system integration and much more. Furthermore, if an employee is working on a remote site and wants to visit the HR department they can also sign-up for the queue and dispense a token or ticket accordingly. Appointments can also be booked for the HR Department through the HR Self Service Kiosk.


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HR Self Service Kiosks with their services are the best opportunity for businesses to reduce the HR workload and staffing cost and at the same time facilitate their employees. The HR Self Service Kiosks can not only provide 24/7 access to the HR data to employees but also automate a lot many services which reduce the tedious manual process and paperwork. The organization can easily gather system usage data and stats to further evaluate their services and methodologies. The digital medium also provides a facility to communicate with their employees through a very simple and easy to access channel and collect their feedback. The HR Self Service Kiosk and HR Management System also make it easier to monitor KPIs. The organizations can reduce the HR Department’s operational cost at the same time improving the employees’ satisfaction and convenience.

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