How to maintain social distancing in Human Resources department?

COVID-19 has changed our work-life in unprecedented ways. The pandemic has brought an end to our old office lives, with employees working remotely for months at a stretch. However, with many of us slowly resuming our work lives by returning to the office,  companies now face the challenge of ensuring social distancing in the workplace.


Self-serving HR kiosks like our HR Kiosk Dubai can simplify the HR department processes and also make the workplace much safer as we will see later on. Our HR Kiosk can help an organization automate most of the HR processes like attendance, salary certificates, loans/benefits, and overtime calculator.

We will take a look at how to manage social distancing at your workplace, especially the role of Human Resources tips during social distancing. Our HR Kiosk can also assist the HR department to efficiently carry out their functions. The HR Kiosks can be placed virtually anywhere in the office, like cafeterias, common rooms, receptions etc. so that employees don’t have to crowd in the HR department and make use of the kiosk.

Here are some tips for social distancing in the workplace in general, and the human resources department in particular with the assistance of our kiosk.

1. Our HR Kiosk can help physically distance the work environment


The HR Kiosk can be placed in the office so that employees don’t have to visit the HR department every time they want to get something done. Proper social distancing signage in the HR department along with our HR Kiosk Dubai can help avoid unnecessary gatherings inside the HR department. For example, if an employee wants to utilize the overtime calculator feature, or submit a travel request, they can do it easily at the HR Kiosk without having to go to the HR department. This is a great way to ensure safe distance in the HR department of an organization. Our HR Kiosks are equipped with standard hardware features like Emirates ID Scan, Biometric Fingerprint Scan, Facial recognition technology etc. and software features like a multi-lingual interface, dispensing salary certificates, payslips, leave applications etc. An employee can seamlessly avail any HR service using the kiosk.

2. Our HR Kiosk can help to avoid face-to-face meetings


A very intuitive way for effective crowd planning is to use our HRMS Dubai kiosk to automate most of the functions of the human resources department. Usually, employees have to meet their HR manager or other personnel to avail payslips, salary certificates or even update their documents. The HR department is usually the busiest department in an organization, which makes it extremely difficult to implement the tips for social distancing in the workplace. Employees may need to visit the HR for many reasons,  which puts their safety at risk. With our self-service HR Kiosk, face-to-face meetings can be eliminated entirely as employees can access all these functions via the kiosk. Simply installing our HR Kiosks strategically around the organization will empower employees to avail the services of the human resources department without ever actually visiting the department.

3. Customized HR Kiosk to adapt to safety protocols


Since the kiosk will be frequently used by employees, putting up social distancing signage near the HR Kiosk Dubai and other commonly used facilities is a good idea so that employees can maintain a safe distance. Our HR Kiosk Dubai comes in 17 and 19-inch screens that can be used to inform employees on safety policies. The kiosk is highly customizable so that the organization can provide whatever services they deem fit through the kiosk. The system is very flexible, including integration with third-party ERP software for maximum productivity and compatibility. To make the processes even more streamlined, you can integrate the Kiosk system with the existing HR or payroll management systems so that every function of the HR department can be carried out by the kiosk system. This will improve efficiency and profitability.As an employee uses our HRMS Kiosk for attendance or biometric authentication, a small awareness message can be played on the screen so that they are informed and aware the precautions taken in the organization to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

4. Use HR Kiosk Dubai to automate the human resources department and integrate with existing systems.


Due to the current financial situation around the world, organizations need to maximize profitability and keep overhead costs to a minimum. Our HR Kiosk system is the perfect partner to achieve these goals as it is quite powerful and can be customized according to the client’s needs so that it can be quickly implemented in the organization. There is very little maintenance required. Employees can request HR services through the kiosk, and the concerned department will instantly receive an electronic copy to process the request immediately. This can save a lot of time and cost in the long run.

5. Our HR Kiosk enables contactless attendance and usage


COVID-19 spreads through contact with infected surfaces. This is where our HR Kiosk can keep employees safe with advanced IRIS Scan verification. Even when the employee has to touch the kiosk, most of the features can be done in a single click. If an employee wants to print out his salary certificate, the kiosk can do so with the touch of a button with real-time data. In addition to our HRMS Kiosk Dubai, you can also implement our state of the art hand sanitizer self-service kiosk at entrance points to the workplace. In addition to a fully contactless sanitizer dispensing system, the kiosk also has facial recognition and eye scanning technology for attendance similar to our HRMS Dubai self-service kiosk. The HR Kiosk can also be easily installed at entry and exit points so that employees can safely check their attendance and timing records.

Social distancing is perhaps the most important thing workers can do to protect themselves and others from spreading COVID-19. Our workplaces may have changed forever, but taking adequate precautions can help organizations to increase productivity without sacrificing employee safety. Our HRMS Dubai self-service kiosk can reduce the overhead on the HR department as employees do not need to visit human resources frequently and create unnecessary contact risk. The HR can delegate workload to the kiosk, which enables them to spend more time on building a workplace for the future that is flexible, resilient and most importantly, safe.

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