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How Self-Service Kiosk Improves Customer Experience?

Businesses in Dubai and all around the UAE faces tough competition and skyrocketing customer demands. Furthermore since the past few years the businesses are transforming their basic business model from business oriented to customer oriented. This transition is very significant … Continue reading

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What are Benefits of Integration of HRMS with Self-service Kiosks?

HRMS or Human resource management system is a backbone in any organization or business. If your employees are satisfied they will be more productive and efficient, hence the business will grow. If your employee is dissatisfied and unhappy their productivity … Continue reading

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What is the difference in iPad Kiosk and a standard kiosk?

Kiosk is helping all kind of industries. In the past few years, the kiosk industry has been expanded and revolutionized with advance technology and innovative software tools. The kiosks are mainly used to enable businesses and organizations to provide their … Continue reading

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