5 Best Features of Employee Self Service Kiosk

Features of Employee Self Service Kiosk

The Employee Self Service Kiosks are gaining popularity these days in Dubai, UAE. These kiosks are used to provide HR services to the employees at remote locations, or in simple words, the Employee Self Service Kiosk (ESS Kiosk) is a Virtual HR. It is a common trend in UAE that the HR always located at the head offices, or some businesses and enterprises could have regional HR or branches for their HR, mostly the HR doesn’t have local branches. It means that each time an employee who has to avail any HR services, must have to visit the HR office, which not only causes waste of time for the employee but this practice put huge pressure on HR department as well. The HR and most of the resources are consumed to handle daily inquiries and visitor’s flow management. This not only makes the HR processes slower but it also requires a lot much manual documentation and filing too which is an additional workload. However with the Employee Self Service Kiosk, these all problems can be solved, employee satisfaction can be improved, HR productivity and efficiency can be enhanced, and much more. The Employee Self Service Kiosk or HR Kiosk is a great tool for businesses and organizations.

1. Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

One of the biggest advantages of the Employee Self Service Kiosk is that it facilitates the employees. In most of the cases in Dubai, UAE companies and businesses are operating in multiple locations having the HR department located inside the head-office only. In such scenarios, if an employee needs HR services they will have to take a day off or some hours off to plan a visit to the HR office. This not only causes a delay in employee’s tasks but it also costs more resources such as the replacement for that employee (if required) and travel arrangements to the HR office from the work site or accommodation. In some cases, both are located in different emirates also.

After all, that hustle when an employee managed to arrive at the HR department, they will have to wait in long queues, which could ruin their experience at the HR office. Not only that sometimes the employees may have to stay for the entire day, which is very bad. This not only makes the employee unhappy but also reduces the productivity of the HR department as well. The unhappy employee could lead to devastating long-term effects on business growth.

The HR Department is the interaction of an organization with its workforce. If that interaction is unhappy and unsatisfactory, it means the employee will think that their organization or businesses don’t value them hence they will also start thinking in the same way, which will result in poor efficiency and poor work quality. It is extremely important for an organization to maintain a healthy relationship with its employees. If the employee will be satisfied they will be more productive.

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2. Reduced Work Load of the HR Department

Reduced Work Load of the HR Department

Having hundreds of daily visitors at the HR department is a huge work manual and otherwise for the HR staff. Daily visitors require more resources to attend to them and then later on the paperwork, filling and manual work is also a huge problem for the HR department. Most of the time the HR department is utilizing their resources in the manual works such as paperwork, filing, printing, and mailing, etc. Without the Employee Self Service Kiosk the HR staff will have to do a lot of manual work, for example, if an employee needs a salary certificate, they should have to come to the HR department to receive the certificate, the entire service delivery process begins with the employee signing-up for the queue at the HR office, then waiting in the queue then reaching to the counter, then identification might be required, then the agent or server will take the print, put it in an envelope and will hand it over to the employee. This is just a very small and common HR service there are other services too, and sometimes an employee needs service in urgency, such as it could be a request for travel, etc.

The manual business processes not only make the employee unhappy but also tremendously increase the workload of the HR department. All such processes and works are done manually, a lot of paperwork is involved and a lot of manual filling is required which increases the service delivery time. However, with the Employee Self Service Kiosk, the employee can avail most of the HR services at the HR Kiosk instead. They don’t have to go to the HR office each time they need a service. This not only improves employee happiness and satisfaction but it also reduces a huge amount of manual work for the HR department. The reduction in HR workload can be very healthy for an organization’s growth. It means that the HR department can focus more on productive activities rather than handling daily visitors and doing manual work for almost most of their workday daily.

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3. Benefits of Digitalization & Automation

Benefits of Digitalization & Automation

Digitalization and automation are the future of each industry. Technology is making our lives easier day by day. Whether it is our personal life or professional life the automation and digitalization have completely revolutionized the lifestyle. There is a huge potential of innovation and advancements in digitalization which can literally change transform an entire organization or business. The HR department is no exception at all. The technology is also consuming HR as well and the benefits are staggering. For example, technology has completely changed the recruitment process by introducing online portals and screening tools. Actually, the bigger issue is that businesses and organizations often don’t pay much attention to the HR department and their performance particularly in satisfying the employees.

However, with the digitalization and automation, the HR department can not only boost their efficiency and productivity but the employee satisfaction indicators are also significantly improved. The main advantage of digitalization is that the employee is no longer dependent on the HR department, which means they don’t have to visit the HR office each time they require an HR service.

Here are some benefits of digitalization and automation:

  • 24/7 Service Availability
  • Quicker Service Delivery
  • No wait time at HR Office
  • Reduction in human errors
  • Satisfied Employees
  • Huge reduction in HR workload
  • Improved HR Productivity
  • Improved Profitability
  • Cost Reduction

The automation aids the manual processes and is very capable of improving the entire business operation. Automation also reduces the human factor and human-related errors or deficiencies. Digitalization and automation reduce the resources and enable the businesses and organizations to easily do cost cuts and better resource management with added value to productivity and profitability.

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4. Integration with HRMS

Integration with HRMS

The modern-day HRMS or Human Resource Management Systems include an in-built module for HR Kiosks or Employee Self Service Kiosks. In case if that feature is not available, the integration can easily be achieved as well. The full HRMS integration further allows additional features for the Employee Self Service Kiosk. The Employee Self Service Kiosk can also be integrated with different other systems and corporate tools to further improve the service quality and enhance the employee/user experience. For example, if an employee wants to access any HR data such as their overtime or bonuses or loans, and installments, they should have to identify themselves using any login method.

The employee login portal could reside in a separate tool or system in order to provide the logging-in facility at the Employee Self Service Kiosk we should have to integrate it with that system which is hosting the employee login portal and so on and so forth. There are endless possibilities and innovation has no limits. There are tons of services that can be offered with tons of more ways and methods to improve them to enhance the employee experience and to increase the system usability.

Here are some of the HR-related services that are most often offered by Employee Self Service Kiosk:

  • Employee Forms and Applications
  • Documents Update, Scanning, and Printing
  • Employee Clock, Schedules, and Overtime
  • Salary Slip Printing
  • Online Forms and Applications
  • Bonuses and Benefits
  • Loans and Dues
  • Leave and Travel Requests
  • Online Overtime Calculator
  • Announcements and Updates
  • HR Appointment and Bookings

These are just a few services that are most widely offered through Employee Self Service Kiosk in Dubai, UAE. Furthermore, it depends upon the nature of the service and the company policy that which services will be offered through the Employee Self Service Kiosk. Overall it is a great tool to boost HR performance and to enhance the employee experience. Satisfied and happy employees work better and produce good quality work, which makes your customer happy and satisfied which is a key to success and growth.

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5. Business Intelligence and Employee Feedback

Business Intelligence and Employee Feedback

Employee feedback and communication is a very important factor in employee performance and morale. When an employee is ensured that their voice will listen they will be more comfortable in expressing their problems, needs, and expectations from the employer. If the employees are not encouraged to freely speak, their morale will be lower, and sooner you will witness poor performance and even poor behavior too. The Employee Self Service Kiosk not only provides a great communication channel that allowed the HR and management to collect direct feedback from the employees but it also gathers a lot of statistical data that can be analyzed to gather business intelligence which could be very crucial in strategy making and decision making.

Above all the direct employee feedback is extremely important to understand individual employees and to address their problems. It also provides them a personalized interaction with the HR department. Moreover during personalized communication and discussions sometimes employees are hesitant to express themselves or to talk openly but, with online feedback, this is not the case, the employees can more freely express their feelings and provide more honest opinions than face-to-face or verbal discussions. This is why employee feedback is very important in employee development and increasing the overall efficiency of the business.

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The Employee Self Service Kiosk is extremely effective in improving employee experience, employee satisfaction, and HR productivity. The HR Kiosks are a great alternate of the HR office at remote locations, worksites, and employee accommodations, etc. The employee can easily receive the HR services 24/7 from their nearest Employee Self Service Kiosk. The technology behind the kiosks is very widely available which makes them very cost-effective and it also increases their lifecycle. The Employee Self Service Kiosk or HR Kiosk comes with the added benefits of digitalization and automation. Which further simplified the service delivery process and reduce human efforts. The HR department’s workload is significantly reduced by providing HR services through interactive kiosk and digitalization of various business process also improve the work efficiency.

The Employee Self Service Kiosks reduce the operational cost of the HR department as well. The HR department has to spend a lot on paperwork, printing, mailing, filing, and manual record keeping. Which also requires more human resources. Along with that, the HR department will have to have a lot more resources and staff to handle the daily incoming visitors than it would have usually required without too many daily visitors. This is another big advantage of the Employee Self Service Kiosk. The integration with HRMS and the employee feedback systems can further amplify the effects of the HR kiosk. Employee feedback is very crucial to understand their strength and weaknesses. Overall the Employee Self Service Kiosk can do wonders if utilized properly.

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