Employee Self Service System for Kiosk by RSI Concepts

Employee Self Service System for Kiosk by RSI Concepts

An Employee Self Service System or ESS is rapidly gaining popularity in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. These day’s businesses are actively seeking methods and technologies to improve employee satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity. As the entire world is in the middle of a transition from traditional or conventional business practices to modern and digital adoption, HR has also been revolutionized with digital advancements and new technologies. The biggest problem with HR in Dubai, UAE is that most of the businesses have adopted the technology a long time ago, you must be thinking your HR system is up-to-date or you have recently implemented a brand new HR solution, even then the entire structure of the HR or the industry itself has never got modernized as most of the other sectors are.

That is why almost everyone working in HR thinks that working for hours on manual work, printing, mailing, filing, etc is normal and the standard of the industry. However, that is not the case, with just a simple technology like Employee Self Service System businesses and organizations can boost the performance and efficiency of HR. The Employee Self Service System is also not new, but the integration with the HR Kiosk or Interactive Self Service Kiosk is a relatively new concept in the HR industry. This provides a great opportunity to offer HR services to the employees who can’t reach the HR department, or are living or working at different locations or in different shifts and maybe they just don’t have access to the computer at all. This is when HR Self Service Kiosk can facilitate the HR department as well as the employees.

What is Employee Self Service System?

What is Employee Self Service System?

The name itself is self-explanatory. The words Self Service means the employee can avail HR services by themselves without any involvement of the HR staff. The employee self-service systems are not new to the market. In fact, a lot many major HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems) offer integration with Employee Self Service System as well. More often businesses and organizations prefer to customize it, especially in Dubai, UAE the trend is to build a customized Employee Self Service System to ensure better efficiency and a good user experience.

The Employee Self Service System lets employees done so many different things such as accessing HR resources and IT, applying for HR services, updating documents, and availing regular HR services without ever visiting the HR department or HR office. But usually, the Employee Self Service System is offered through web portals which are often confined to the organization’s internal network and all of the employees have access to it, it is not a dedicated system for HR but mostly employees access the HR services through such portals. However, in most cases, the majority of the employee work on different project sites or in fields and are not been able to access the Employee Self Service System or portals. Especially in manufacturing, digging, oil and gas, construction and such industries mostly employees are not so familiar with sophisticated web portals, hence businesses have to provide the HR services which also increase the cost to a lot.

How does RSI Employee Self Service System Works?

How does RSI Employee Self Service System Works?

The RSI Employee Self Service System is a combination of web-based interfaces integrated with a lot of many databases and also with other enterprise systems. Although the stats reflect most of the HR services are being used at Employee Self Service System but such systems also provide a lot many other services too. The entire organization or its departments can be linked and a more like social media kind of communication can also be achieved. Like I said earlier it totally depends upon the requirements of the businesses and organizations. In our experience mostly the Employee Self Service Systems are utilized to access the HR services quickly along with a few other tasks. That is why linking it to an interactive kiosk can provide virtual HR for the employees who are outside of the organization’s network or working off-campus. Another great advantage is to provide the HR services 24/7 via the interactive self-service kiosk and make them available to everyone.

Here are some very popular services that can be offered through RSI Employee Self Service System via the HR Kiosk:

  1. Documents Upload and Update
  2. Documents Printing and Scanning
  3. Time Clock and Schedules
  4. Payroll Information
  5. Salary Certificates and Salary Slips
  6. Benefits Information
  7. Loan Information and Status
  8. Online Applications and Status
  9. Travel Requests and Leave Requests
  10. Company Notice Board and Announcements
  11. Employee Complaints, Surveys, and Feedback
  12. HR Appointments

Obviously, these are just the very basic and most popular HR services usually offered in the ecosystem of Dubai and UAE using the Employee Self Service System. However, there is a huge potential in customization and integration of the Employee Self Service System with an Interactive Self Service Kiosk. Businesses can easily improve various processes through automation and digitalization. Above all the performance of the HR can be improved significantly and the employee satisfaction and employee experience can be enhanced and all that is not with any additional cost but in fact it cut the cost of the HR operations as well. Happy employees are a key to success.

How and What Kind of Kiosk can be used for RSI Employee Self Service Systems?

How and What Kind of Kiosk can be used for RSI Employee Self Service Systems?

For the Employee Self Service System, we require certain types of kiosks, usually, these kiosks are known as ‘document kiosks’ or also referred to as ‘HR kiosks’. Actually, in order to perform certain functions and for certain services we may require additional hardware. Another important aspect of integrating an Employee Self Service System with an interactive kiosk is security and data privacy. For that certain login, mechanisms are used. Here are the basic components of an Employee Self Service Kiosk or HR Kiosk:

  1. Interactive Touch Screen
  2. Login Mechanisms
    1. RFID Scanner
    2. Job ID Scanner
    3. EID Scanner
    4. Fingerprint or Biometric Scanner
    5. Facial Recognition
    6. IRIS Scanner
  3. Documents Scanner
  4. Documents Printer
  5. Passport & EID Scanners
  6. Physical Keyboard and Trackpad
  7. Intercom/Call Center Support (Optional)
  8. Thermal Printer (Optional)

These are just the basic components required for the Employee Self Service Kiosk or HR Kiosk. There are a lot many other hardware accessories that can be included in the kiosk to provide more services. The login methods listed here are different login tools, the most popular among them are the EID Scanner and the Job ID or RFID Scanner. Some companies also use fingerprint scanners as well. No matter whatever scanner you use the main objective is to provide a secure login mechanism.

The other components such as the document scanner and printer are the most used tools. Mostly HR prefers to have a physical keyboard and a physical trackpad, which we also suggest. As the touchscreen inputs often contain more error than the physical keyboard’s inputs.

The intercom is always an IP Intercom and is connected to either the call center or to the HR department. It is to provide instant help to the employees. Apart from the hardware, the major customization and innovation are done at the software part. The software can be developed to build new innovative features and a variety of services can be delivered using some or all of the above-mentioned hardware. Sometimes some other hardware can be used to further simplify the process. For example in some cases, the HR department allows the employees to plug in USB sticks to download or upload certain documents.

How do RSI Employee Self Service Software works?

How do RSI Employee Self Service Software works?

RSI Employee Self Service System comes with highly advanced software. The software is designed to provide excellent services for the employees and to automate various processes which enable the businesses to significantly reduce HR expenses. The main objective is to provide HR services in a simple and easy-to-use way to empower the employees and to enhance their experience. No matter what hardware configurations is used, the RSI Employee Self Service System Software is capable of providing superior service quality and greater management for the HR department.

There is three major part of our RSI Employee Self Service Software:

  1. Administrative Dashboard
  2. Employee Interface (Kiosk)
  3. Server Side Application

Basically, a server-side application is installed on a local server or online, or in a cloud. The server-side application is the core of the software, all the logic, computation and data processing, and linking is done at the server-side app. The Administrative dashboard is the back-office or control panel for the Employee Self Service System. The HR staff and the management can use the control panel to implement company policies and to enable various services using predefined workflows. The administrative hierarchy enables the businesses to easily manage the workflow and data access across the entire system. The employee interface is the interactive kiosk interface where the employee can interact to avail various different HR services.

RSI Employee Self Service System’s Security and Data Protection

RSI Employee Self Service System’s Security and Data Protection

The HR department holds the most sensitive information of an organization along with personal information and other important databases. Security and data protection is the top priority of any business while commissioning an HRMS, ESS (Employee Self Service System), or Virtual HR (Employee Self Service Kiosk). RSI Employee Self Service System comes with multiple layers of security to protect unauthorized access and to prevent data leaks. The security has been managed on multiple fronts, including the physical security and protection of the Employee Self Service Kiosk itself.

Majorly the system is only accessed by the login. Which identifies the person who is accessing the information or services and also limits the access to certain information and services which are allowed by the management for that particular level. For example, an employee can only access their personal information and they are also authorized to access the address book of their department only. However, the supervisor or manager is authorized to access the address book of the other departments as well. This is just an example, our RSI Employee Self Service System enables the businesses to define the hierarchies as per their internal structure. Furthermore, customization also enables to meet the unique needs of businesses and organizations.

The system only allows access by a predefined login protocol. The login data is transmitted on secure lines in a very secure and encrypted form. The interactive employee self-service kiosks are linked to the server using encrypted lines to provide more security and this also prevents cyber-attacks. The integration and data synchronization with other enterprise systems and organizational tools is achieved using secure web services, which further improves security. Our RSI Employee Self Service System is a product of a very long experience and extreme testing, we strictly follow the industry standards and trends. Our software developers are well versed with the industry trends, latest advancements and also with all major known threats and we ensure that our clients get a great well protected and highly secure solution.

What are the benefits of the RSI Employee Self Service System integrated with the Kiosk?

What are the benefits of the RSI Employee Self Service System integrated with the Kiosk?

One of the great benefits of our RSI Employee Self Service System is that it is very flexible and can be customized to completely meet the needs of our clients. The problem with off-the-shelf systems is that they are built as per certain rules and standards. Whenever a business or an enterprise commissioned a new tool or system they will have to make adjustments to their processes and workflow in order to get aligned with the new tool. However, as we know the markets in Dubai and UAE are very dynamic and businesses from all around the world are flourishing here. This means that one-fits-all doesn’t fit here at all. That is why we always sit with our clients, study their business and needs, and then propose them a completely customized solution to ensure maximum efficiency without forcing our clients to alter their methods and processes.

When an Employee Self Service System is integrated with a kiosk it provides the following benefits:

Virtual HR 24/7

The main advantage of the HR kiosk is to provide HR service 24/7 to the employees. As it is a self-service interaction so the employees can avail the services on their own without any help from the HR staff.

Reduce Wait Time

The employees can avail of HR services and access other information without being standing or waiting in the long queues which are normal at any HR department. The HR kiosk can instantly provide services.

Improve Employee Experience

The instant availability of services significantly improves the employee experience. Employees can avail of multiple services as well and whenever they want. Which improves their happiness and satisfaction too.

Automation and Innovation

The automation of various processes and innovation to introduce new ways to improve employee experience is not only helpful for the employee but also reduces the workload of the HR staff as well.

Reduce HR Cost

With automation and digitalization, the HR cost can be cut significantly. As very less staff is required to manage the HR department and there are not many expenses for mailing, printing, and filling, etc.

Improve HR Efficiency

With the help of automation, digitalization, and HR kiosk, the HR department can significantly reduce the daily visitors and the manual work which they usually do. This can let them focus on more productive tasks and it improves the HR’s efficiency and productivity as well.

Implement Company Policies Easily

With the help of the Employee Self Service System and its integration with the kiosk, it is very convenient and easy to implement company’s policies instantly and inform everyone through the kiosks.

Utilize HR Kiosk for Communication

Communicating with employees is easier with the HR kiosk, company announcements, news, updates and even personalized messages can be sent to the employees via the kiosk.

Utilize HR Kiosk for Employee Feedback

The HR Kiosk can be used to collect employee feedback. As studies suggest, an automated feedback collection is more effective than a personalized discussion. Employees sometimes hesitate to express themselves when talking to a person. However, people tend to be more honest and open while using a digital feedback medium.

RSI Employee Self Service System Provides Great Business Intelligence

RSI Employee Self Service System Provides Great Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is an extremely important source of data that can help businesses in reducing their cost, improving efficiency, measuring and monitoring the employees, KPIs, and much more. Business intelligence provides great insight into all the operations, employee performance, and performance of IT and infrastructure and everything else that involves the business’s overall performance. It helps businesses to identify the areas of improvement and to monitor and measure the impact of their policies, strategies, and steps they have taken.

Employee Self Service System when integrated with HR kiosk can provide the effectiveness of various processes and strategies. The management can effectively monitor the employee’s happiness and service quality. The HR performance and productivity can also be monitored. There is a ton of data and feeds that can be analyzed by RSI Employee Self Service System as well as they can be fetched to other systems and tools to further improve the quality of the data.

One of the great aspects of integrating an HR Kiosk with the Employee Self Service System is that it provides a direct communication channel and a feedback medium. This personalized feedback can provide extremely crucial data which helps businesses to understand their employee’s needs, problems, and demands. The businesses can make vital decisions and build up their entire strategy on the basis of business intelligence and employee feedback collected from the RSI Employee Self Service System and the HR Kiosk. Above all, the businesses can monitor and measure the impact of their new policies and strategies with our Employee Self Service System easily.


RSI Concepts is an innovative and reputed IT service provider in Dubai, UAE. We are serving our customers and clients for more than a decade now. Our Employee Self Service System comes with the flexibility to include a lot many hardware accessories along with customized software. The system when integrated with HR Kiosk or Document Kiosk provides additional benefits. The businesses can provide HR services to their employee who is working off-campus or not has any access to the business’s internal network. The purpose of integrating the HR Kiosks with the Employee Self Service System is to provide convenience and instant service delivery. The employees don’t have to visit the HR department either they would be required to wait in long queues to avail of a service. This autonomous way of service delivery digitalizes various processes. Automation and digitization come with added benefits such as very low human intervention prevent human errors, make the system smooth and increase agility.

The HR department can also reduce their workload and cut their expenses. As most of the HR staff is always engaged with the daily visitors, manual work such as mailing, printing, and manual filing of the documents. Which consumes a lot of HR resources as well as it increases the cost a lot. With the help of the RSI Employee Self Service System integrated with the HR Kiosk the HR department can significantly improve their productivity by focusing their resources on more productive tasks. The HR Kiosk also helps organizations and businesses instantly implement new policies and rules. It also provides a communication channel enabling news and announcements along with personalizing messages for the employees. RSI Concepts is a leading IT and HR solution provider in Dubai, UAE. If you need help with improving your HR capabilities and employee happiness, feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page or leave a comment in the comment box below and we will get back to you.

Remember! Happy Employees and Productive HR is a key to success.

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