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Employee Self Service System for Kiosk by RSI Concepts

An Employee Self Service System or ESS is rapidly gaining popularity in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. These day’s businesses are actively seeking methods and technologies to improve employee satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity. As the entire world is … Continue reading

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5 Best Features of Employee Self Service Kiosk

The Employee Self Service Kiosks are gaining popularity these days in Dubai, UAE. These kiosks are used to provide HR services to the employees at remote locations, or in simple words, the Employee Self Service Kiosk (ESS Kiosk) is a … Continue reading

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Employee Self Service Kiosk (ESS Kiosk)

ESS Kiosk or Employee Self Service Kiosk is basically an Employee Self Service tool deployed in a Kiosk. It provides employees with a digitalized version of the HR services. The Employee Self Service Kiosk or ESS Kiosk is a touchpoint … Continue reading

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10 Useful Features of Interactive Kiosks

Customer experience is everything, if your customers are not satisfied with you, then you are surely doomed. This is what business are focusing on these days. Especially in Dubai, and other parts of UAE, the expectations of the customers are … Continue reading

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Challenges in Customized Kiosk Project

Digital kiosks are classified as cyber-physical interactive products. As they provide a physical interaction with the digital services. As in the year 2021, most of the businesses and organizations are actively seeking low-cost expansion, great customer satisfaction and reduction in … Continue reading

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What is the difference in iPad Kiosk and a standard kiosk?

Kiosk is helping all kind of industries. In the past few years, the kiosk industry has been expanded and revolutionized with advance technology and innovative software tools. The kiosks are mainly used to enable businesses and organizations to provide their … Continue reading

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Why more self service kiosks are being used in Dubai now?

The self-service kiosk is an integral part of delivering an omnichannel experience for your customers, connecting them more deeply with the products or services that you offer. In the UAE, kiosks Dubai is being widely adopted because they offer numerous … Continue reading

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7 Features of Self Service Kiosks

In this blog, we will discuss the 7 features of a self-service interactive kiosk that could drastically improve customer experience and can boost your sales. These features will also help you automate the processes, which could result in more convenience, … Continue reading

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Shifting of business process on interactive kiosk

From grocery stores to retail outlets, several industries are starting to recognize the benefits of digital kiosks in Dubai. Interactive kiosk with custom functionality is being heralded as the next big thing in customer service and employee satisfaction. Every organization … Continue reading

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How to maintain social distancing in Human Resources department?

COVID-19 has changed our work-life in unprecedented ways. The pandemic has brought an end to our old office lives, with employees working remotely for months at a stretch. However, with many of us slowly resuming our work lives by returning … Continue reading

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