Why Customer Feedback Tool is Essential for Closed-Loop Customer Feedback Management?

Why Customer Feedback Tool is Essential for Closed-Loop Customer Feedback Management

Business in Dubai and all around the UAE are proactively improving the methods and tools to collect customer feedback. In the modern fast-paced and rapidly changing market landscape it becomes more important to listen to your customers. The customer feedback is basically the information shared by your customers regarding your products/services, processes, customer experience and any interaction or communication happening between your business and your customers. Business leaders often don’t realize that the customer feedback can provide a great wealth of knowledge and understanding of your business and the markets. The customer feedback data help you understand your brand’s perception in customers’ eyes. It also help you identify the areas of improvement and help identifying many trends in the market. Furthermore listening to customers’ voice help improving customer relationship and it gives them a sense of importance and increase their loyalty. The customer feedback can be integrated in product development processes to improve products and services and it can also help improving customer journey and experience. That is why the customer feedback is extremely important.

Why Customer Feedback Tool is Essential for Closed-Loop Customer Feedback Management

What is Closed-Loop Customer Feedback?

The only different between traditional customer feedback collection and a closed-loop customer feedback campaign management is that in closed-loop customer feedback the business respond to the customer feedback either by following up with them to tell them how their pain points are being resolved, or how their valuable feedback is utilized to make improvements. It is natural when someone gives a feedback or shared their opinion they will be expecting how their feedback had been utilized. An acknowledgement from the business will assure them that their feedback has been heard and understood. When customers will not see any acknowledgement or improvement after sharing their feedback and opinion they will automatically feel distant and discouraged and are most likely to never share their opinion again. The closed-loop customer feedback is a systematic process of following up and responding to customers’ feedback in order to maximize the impact of their feedback and for better understanding. The customer feedback collected within a closed-loop system is more effective and impactful in improving your products/services, business processes, performance and productivity.

What is Closed-Loop Customer Feedback?

Why Customer Feedback Tool is Essential for Feedback Management?

The customer feedback can provide highly valuable business intelligence data. Obviously your targeted audience is scattered around your different communication channels and that is not all the customer feedback collection is also done through various means. The most obvious choice for any business to collect customer feedback data is using digital channels such as Emails, SMS, and on-premises tablets or interactive kiosks. Furthermore there are many other channels such as websites, social media, WhatsApp, smartphone applications, etc. All these channels can be used to collect customer feedback data. The customer feedback management is a systematic process of collecting customer feedback data from multiple channels, consolidating it, analyzing and processing it, drawing conclusive data and actionable reports from it to improve your products, services, internal processes, communication, customer journey & experience and other business practices.

Why Customer Feedback Tool is Essential for Feedback Management?

This is what makes customer feedback management a complicated and lengthy process, doing everything manually could be very resource and time consuming and above all the manual process is prone to errors and mistakes. A digital customer feedback tool is a powerful software application designed on AI (artificial intelligence) based smart algorithms. This is what makes customer feedback tool more useful. The automation drives efficiency and help reducing the efforts, time and resources required to manage a customer feedback management campaign. The customer feedback tool is capable of collecting customer feedback data from various sources and automatically processing it to minimize the human-effort and to maximize the efficiency and performance. Furthermore it is easier to streamline the communication and follow up with the customer using a digital and automated customer feedback management tool. The customer feedback management tool offers great features and it can also be integrated with other third-party tools such as ERP, CRM, Customer Database, Accounting Software, etc.

Why Customer Feedback Tool is Essential for Feedback Management?

Here are the benefits of the customer feedback system tool:

Customer Feedback System Tool: Streamlines All Feedback Channels

A business uses multiple channels to communicate to its customers and targeted audience. Every customer has its own preference and favorite mode/channel of communication. The customer feedback tool is a digital system with capabilities to collect customer feedback from various channels. All the feedback from various channels is classified according to the source and targeted audience. The customer feedback tools can automatically categorize different feedbacks, both negative and positive feedback is according to the reporting preference. Furthermore there are various reporting mechanisms which allow the customer feedback manager to customize the reports according to their needs. For example if they want to access a particular survey, or a question from a survey, they will be able to extract that data. The customer feedback tool also allow managers to compare two different similar or different situations. It can also provide analysis and reporting on all combined customer feedback data form various or all resources which is extremely important.

Streamlines All Feedback Channels

Customer Feedback System Tool: Reduce the Cost of the Campaign

For any campaign the most important thing is to make sure you will get a better ROI. The customer feedback management campaign is a very lengthy and effort consuming process which makes it more time and effort consuming. Thus businesses might have to hire new staff dedicated for social media marketing and the other purposes. Furthermore the manual customer feedback collection process included intensive inputs from the human, which makes it more prone to human errors and other inherent problems of the manual process. Furthermore the data entry in the system and digitalizing the manual records itself is a very time and effort consuming. All these manual processes significantly increase the time and resources required for the customer feedback collection campaign. However, the digital tool not only reduce the expenses, it help minimizing the efforts required for the process, and enable businesses to reduce the resources required for the customer feedback collection campaign hence the overall expense of the customer feedback campaign can significantly reduce.

Reduce the Cost of the Campaign

Customer Feedback System Tool: Leverage the Digital Features

The customer feedback tool is a digital software tool which not only improve the closed-loop customer feedback management campaign but also offers a variety of useful features which further enhance and improve the usability and impact of the system. The customer experience officer or manager can set email alerts for negative feedbacks, they can set alerts to remind them for the follow ups so no follow up is missed and so on. The customer feedback data can be automatically shared with all the stakeholders by the systems as per the system preference. The customer feedback system tool is a centralized system which enable businesses to integrate all branches and channels with the system. The head office and the branches can be connected to a centralized data repository system. The reporting tools allow managers and head office to perform various analysis within a few clicks. This increase the decision making capabilities of the business leader and enable them to quickly respond to the changes in the market trends and customer demands. There are several digital features of a customer feedback system tool which can significantly improve the impact of your customer feedback management campaign.

Leverage the Digital Features


The customer feedback is a great tool to acquire a better and deeper understanding of your customers’ minds. The customer feedback help businesses improve their product, services, business processes, communication and customer experience according to their customers’ demands, desires, needs and expectations. The closed-loop customer feedback management is a processes of collecting customer feedback from multiple channels, categorizing and analyzing it according to the need and then taking actions according to the customers’ feedbacks. Furthermore the closed-loop customer feedback process also includes following up with the customers and informing them what has been done in the light of their valuable feedback. The closed-loop customer feedback management is a much superior and more impactful process. However, manually it is extremely difficult to conduct closed-loop customer feedback campaigns with manual practices. Therefore a digital customer feedback tool is used to conduct such campaigns.

In this blog we have discussed why a digital customer feedback collection tools is essential to conduct a closed-loop customer feedback management. If you want to learn more about the subject of if you want our help to implement a bespoke customer feedback tool, please feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page or leave a comment in the comment box below and we will get in touch with you soon.

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