How to Collect HR Customer Feedback?

How to Collect HR Customer Feedback?

For any business the HR department’s main job is to provide and retain the required talent. Required skillset not only help maximizing the outcome and quality but it also help businesses optimizing the cost and expenses. Talent hunt alone is not enough because you will also have to motivate your skilled employees, and you have to ensure your employee also remain happy and satisfied in order to reduce employee turnover. The employee turnover is always a big problem for the HR, as when an employee left, the HR will have to fill the space, then the new employee also require training, time to adjust and integrate in the teams and organizational culture which cause could cause noticeable decline in efficiency. Furthermore the HR must also have to keep employee happy and satisfied. There are several factors that contributes to employee happiness, one of the most important is to address their problems and needs. Moreover the HR department is also responsible for the performance management tasks. Which means intensive monitoring and a fully structured framework to deal with the problems with a highly systematic approach. High-performing employees are a key to long term success.

How to Collect HR Customer Feedback?

When it comes to employee performance management or employee satisfaction one of the most crucial part is collecting the feedback. The employee feedback will provide you a highly accurate and in-depth understanding of their needs, demands, desires, expectations, strengths and weaknesses. Businesses in Dubai and all around the UAE are already transitioning from a traditional annual review system to more modern and agile performance management practices. In all that the feedback plays a crucial role, more frequent and well-organized feedback can be a game-changer. Employee feedback also plays crucial role in employee retention as it provide your employee a chance to give their say and to get them heard. For the HR the employees are the customers who use their services, and the HR department will have to keep them happy, motivated and loyal with the organization. In this blog we will discuss how to collect HR customer feedback effectively to be able to leverage the full potential of the feedback data.

How to Collect HR Customer Feedback?

Collecting HR Customer Feedback Data

There are many ways and methods to collect HR customer feedback data. However, most of the traditional practices lack the required accuracy and quality of the data. In the modern fast-paced world the businesses need a bit more engaging approach to maximize the impact of their HR customer feedback drives. The ideal way is to utilize a digital customer feedback system. The digital customer feedback system is a software based tool which provide HR managers a lot of useful features, help them automate several processes, raise the data quality, gather analytical data and offer a variety of other benefits. The traditional methods are manual, which usually inherit a lot off issues, the poor data quality, difficult analysis and customer unhappiness reduce the impact of the feedback campaign and undermine its purpose. Therefore the ideal is to collect HR customer feedback data with a professional customer feedback system. Here are the market proven best practices to collect HR customer feedback data more effectively and efficiently.

Collecting HR Customer Feedback Data

HR Customer Feedback: 360 Degree Performance Reviews

The 360 degree performance review or is an employee feedback which is gathered by multiple sources to evaluate the employee’s performance and behavior. Usually the 360 degree employee feedback is taken from the managers, supervisors, peers, team leads, subordinates, cross-department relevant personals, and even sometimes external sources such as customers and suppliers, etc. The 360 degree feedback is usually collected via a dedicated feedback form or survey. The customer feedback system will help you setup quick surveys and also allow to you share them automatically with relevant stakeholders. This biggest problem with the 360 degree feedback surveys is that they are complicated, difficult to set up and for different job roles the questionnaire can different from a very few questions to completely different which makes the process lengthier. However, with the customer feedback system the HR can streamline many steps, they can leverage the automation and they can also automatically analyze the data with in-built analytical tools. The 360 degree employee feedback is one of the most impactful HR customer feedback type that is why it is also more crucial.

360 Degree Performance Reviews

HR Customer Feedback: One-on-One (1:1) Meetings

After the famous 360 degree employee performance reviews, the second most important HR customer feedback is the one-on-one meetings. In one-on-one meetings the employee and the manager sits together to discuss a pre-set agenda and to draw conclusions which will have far reaching impact on the employee performance and overall productivity of the organization. Any good HR customer feedback system will provide a dedicated module for the one-on-one (1:1) meetings. The one-on-one meetings are of two types, one is regular and one is formal, the formal one have slightly more structured format, but more or less both have similar objectives. The one-on-one meetings have huge individual level impact on the employees, it gives them a chance to openly express their concerns and help strengthening the relationship between the employees and the managers. The HR customer feedback system help improving the quality and outcome of less structured one-on-one meetings and performance reviews.

One-on-One (1:1) Meetings

HR Customer Feedback: Skip-Level Meetings and Reviews

The skip-level meetings and reviews are an excellent performance feedback tool. In skip-level meetings the two participants are a senior manager and the sub-ordinate of the employees who report to the senior manager. For example, the production manager reports directly to managing director, and a production engineer or supervisor reports directly to the production manager, the skip-level meeting will be between the managing director and the production engineer or supervisor. Basically the skip-level meetings skips one or more managerial levels and it is a great tool to establish a relationship between the senior management and the employees. It can greatly help in motivating the employees while at the same time it can provide a very direct insight to employees. The direct feedback whether positive or negative will help senior management to take quicker actions and connect with the employees on a large scale. It is also very encouraging and motivational for the employees as they feel that someone very senior is interested in their opinion and concerned for their problems.

Skip-Level Meetings and Reviews

HR Customer Feedback: General Employee Feedback Surveys

Obviously there are different methods for collecting different types of HR customer feedback data. However, all these are highly subjective and cover only their respective fields. There are generic employee feedback surveys which are used to fill the gaps. The generic HR customer feedback surveys are a great tool to address a much wider range of topics and can produce a highly valuable feedback data. Usually businesses use the general employee feedback surveys to understand the employee experience and satisfaction along with their career development and growth opportunities. Businesses also use general employee feedback surveys to understand the effectiveness and impact of their different programs and efforts on employees, such as training, organizational culture, reward programs, and various other aspects that might not be covered efficiently in the regular forms of the HR customer feedback. The HR department is also interested in understanding the employee’s perception about the workplace and what can be done to improve employee satisfaction which will help reducing the employee turnover.

General Employee Feedback Surveys

HR Customer Feedback: Onboarding/Off-boarding Interviews

The onboarding and the off-boarding/exit interviews can provide a great insight to various important aspects of both processes and the employee lifecycle. The onboarding interviews are a standard hiring practice, but they can be done for multiple time at different stages, including one interview after some time of the joining. The onboarding interviews are used to improve the hiring process to make sure you will attract the right candidates. Furthermore the interviews that are conducted after joining will help HR to understand the employee expectations and their experience. The onboarding interviews and surveys also offers the same benefits as one-on-one performance reviews that is why they are very important. The HR customer feedback system help HR leaders and management to get the maximum out of both onboarding and off-boarding interviews. The off-boarding or exit interviews are part of a standard off-boarding process. These interviews and feedbacks help HR understand the employee satisfaction and retention related aspects. Both onboarding and off-boarding interviews are a great source of valuable HR customer feedback data.

Onboarding/Off-boarding Interviews


The HR department has very important and critical tasks, it the HR department that make sure that the business will have the needed talent and skilled workforce to pursue their goals with optimum efficiency. No matter how high-tech or advanced production unit you build, or how sophisticated IT infrastructure of business tools you implement, it is eventually the employees who will be using them. That is why it is important to nurture them and provide them a healthy environment and a collaborative organizational culture which help you achieve your goals and vision. For the HR department the employees are the customers, and the HR collects various different types of customer feedbacks in order to acquire a better and deeper insight to employee’s minds. When an organization develop its workforce, they proactively address the concerns and problems of their employees, and they take quick actions to make improvements and adjustments, only then the higher performance and operational efficiency can be achieved.

In this blog we have discussed the five most effective and impactful HR customer feedback types which will help our audience to understand the subject. If you want to learn more about the subject or if you want our help to design a high-quality, cost-effective and tailor-made HR customer feedback system for your business, please feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page or leave a comment in the comment box below and we will get in touch with you soon.

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