Customer Satisfaction Survey – Top 5 questions in 2021

Customer Satisfaction Survey – Top 5 questions in 2021

The customer satisfaction survey is used to ask customers about their experience and their opinion about your product, services, and capabilities. It helps a business to understand how customers are feeling about their brand and business practices and the interaction they have had with the brand. These surveys are a very reliable source of data that tells a business that how happy or unhappy or how satisfied or unsatisfied a customer is about the brand and their interaction and experience with the brand. Here in Dubai and other parts of UAE, customer satisfaction is considered to be extremely important. As the market is growing continuously, there is a lot of tough competition and the demands and expectations of the customers are also very high. This begs the question of how to meet the expectations of a customer? Businesses and Enterprises in Dubai and all across the UAE are investing heavily in customer satisfaction solutions.

For example, you have upgraded the IT infrastructure, your marketing efforts are well paying off by attracting more visitors, you have upgraded your products and services and each and every interaction point. But does your customer also think and feel the same? How would you be able to find that out? The answer is pretty simple, just ask them! This is what the customer satisfaction surveys are used for. Businesses can set up customer surveys and feedback systems and wait until they got sufficient data to process and understand. Then they can make up new policies and strategies to improve their practices, methods, products, services, and staff.

However, it is not as simple as it might look. Setting up a survey always requires critical thinking and clear objectives. The very first thing that a business should understand is that each survey is designed to achieve a particular objective, and the objective here is to attain information and data about customer happiness and customer satisfaction. Too many questions and the customer might not answer, too few questions and you might not be able to fully understand or achieve the objective. A balance should always be maintained while setting up questions between the length of the survey and the types of the questions.

Here are the top 5 questions in 2021 that you should ask your customers and visitors to understand their satisfaction, your service quality, customer journey, and their overall opinion about your brand:

1. CSAT Score

CSAT Score

The first and most important question should be from the CSAT Score category. CSAT Score means ‘Customer Satisfaction Score’. The question should ask the customer about how satisfied or dissatisfied they are after their today’s experience/interaction with your brand.

The question could be:

  • How was your experience today?
  • How happy or unhappy you are with your today’s experience?

Something like that. The answers could be 3 or 5 options, emoticons, smiley icons, rating scale, etc. The objective of this question is to understand how good or bad your customer journey was? Or how good or bad the service delivery was? If a customer had to wait for a long time the possibility is they might end up answering ‘unhappy’ or ‘unsatisfied’ even if the rest of everything was up to the mark.

2. CES Score

CES Score

Customer Effort Score or CES Score is meant to understand how easy or difficult it was for the customer to avail a particular product or service. It is also a kind of related to their experience but since we have already asked them about the experience so now we should ask them a bit more precise question.

For example:

  • How easy or difficult it was to avail of the service you were looking for?
  • How easy or difficult it was to purchase the product you were looking for?
  • Were you satisfied with our purchasing process?
  • How easy or difficult it was to do the sign-up/paperwork/payment, etc?

And so on. The answer to that question should be a rating scale or five descriptive word options or emoticons. The objective of this question is to understand the difficulty level of your processes and business practices. Obviously, the scrutiny of the entire process could take so many more questions, but at least you will identify that the problem is with the process. Later on, more steps can be taken to find out the actual root cause of the bad experience, such as you can follow up with the customer to enquire about their problems.

3. General Satisfaction Question

General Satisfaction Question

Usually in Dubai and UAE, we have noticed that businesses most often don’t ask such questions, but these questions have a great impact on your customers. If the right question asked, the customers and visitors build a positive image of the brand and think that the business truly cares about their experience and convenience. These questions are very generic and it depends upon your business type and many other things.

Here are some examples of general satisfaction questions:

  • Did you find the parking spot easily?
  • How was the air conditioning?
  • Was the waiting area sufficient?

These are very easy questions and the answers should be multiple choice or happiness meter, or a rating scale. The objective of such questions is to encourage the customers and visitors to attempt more questions and to provide more details such as requests for suggestions or opinions, which requires them to type something. As per studies and data, only the customer with a very bad experience are most likely to type in the details or post comments uncles you encourage them to write. So, such questions are a great way to encourage your customer and visitors to write or type in their feedback for coming questions.

4. NPS Score

NPS Score

The Net Promoter Score or NPS Score is a question asking you customers and visitors about how likely will they be to suggest your products/services or brand to others, such as their family, friends, and colleagues. It measures customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. If a customer is satisfied they will stay loyal to the brand and they will share their experience with others as well.

The net promoter score or NPS questions are very simple, such as:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you suggest or recommend our products/services to your family, friends, and colleagues?
  • Considering your today’s experience with us how likely are you to recommend our products/services/brand to your family, friends, and colleagues? Please answer on a scale of 1 to 10:
  • Considering the service and the behavior of the staff/agent today, how likely would you be suggesting us/[BUSINESS NAME] to your family, friends, and colleagues?

The NPS Score questions are very simple and easy, the answers are mostly a scale of 1 to 10 or 0 to 10 or just a percentage scale. The objective of Net Promoter Score questions is to understand the level of satisfaction and happiness of the customer. Only the happiest and satisfied customers are likely to recommend your brand or products and services to their family, friends, or colleagues.

5. Open-Ended Question

Open-Ended Question

The open-ended questions are sometimes follow-up questions to a previous question and sometimes just asking for the opinion or suggestions from the customers by providing them free space to type in or write their comments. Such questions provide extremely rich data and very accurate measurement of customer happiness and their viewpoint. Obviously, such questions can’t be processed by automatic analytical engines so a person must have to read them to compile actionable reports.

Here are a few different examples of the open-ended questions:

  • What was the reason for rating [whatever they have rated[in their previous answer/scale] on the NPS score scale?
  • Would you like to tell us what we can do to make you happy?
  • What do you like the most about us/ [BUSINESS NAME]?
  • What do you like the most about the product/service (they availed or acquired)?
  • Would you like to suggest something to help us improve your experience on the next visit?
  • How often do you visit our branch to avail of our services?
  • When the next time should we expect you?
  • How was the behavior of the agent/server and the staff?
  • Would you like to upgrade if we offer you a 20% discount voucher?

Something like that. There are too many questions that can be asked at this time. The objective here is to get a detailed insight into the customer’s perception of your business and products/services. Normally the text area is limited to a certain number of words/characters. This is to prevent customers from typing too much which causes delays in the next customer calling.


The Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a great way to collect direct feedback from your customers. The data is very helpful in understanding the image and perception of your business from your customer’s viewpoint. Obviously, a business wants to ask too many questions to their customers but that is not very helpful, if your customer satisfaction survey will have too many questions, the customers will not attempt it, if it has too few questions, you might end up confused as the data would be unclear and incoherent.

The CSAT Score, CES Score, General Satisfaction Question, NPS Score, and at least one open-ended question can do the job very well. As per our experience, this is the most appropriate approach. The customer feedback system interface (kiosk, tablet, touchscreen) should be placed on each counter, this will encourage more customers to give feedback. If the interface is placed at the entrance or exit of the premises then the chances are most of the people will skip it.

RSI Concepts is a well-reputed Customer Satisfaction Survey and Feedback, System provider. Our skilled staff and experience have enabled us to deliver some of the most effective customer feedback and survey systems in the entire GCC. If you want to ensure customer happiness and steady growth, feel free to reach us through our Contact Us page. Or leave a comment in the comment box below.

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