3 Advantages of Kiosks in Retail Stores

3 Advantages of Kiosks in Retail Stores

In Dubai and all around the UAE the digital kiosks are popping up everywhere, from airports to malls, and from hospitals to schools and colleges, these kiosks are helping businesses and organizations to transform their customer experience and offer them convenience. The businesses are utilizing the kiosks for marketing and communication purposes also. For any retail business in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE or even anywhere in the world, the main goal and objective is the expansion. The retail businesses whether it is an established business or a new startup always seek ways and business practices to expand. Kiosk is a great tool to support these objectives. For retail businesses the brand image and perception of the business is extremely important. The digital and interactive kiosks not only enhance brand image and its perception but it also provide you a great competitive edge.

3 Advantages of Kiosks in Retail Stores

On top of that the digital and interactive kiosks can offer a variety of services in terms of marketing, communication, functionality and they are very cost-efficient. Apart from initial cost which is also not too much, the running and maintenance cost is very low. Business can easily upgrade them and repurpose them which improve the overall ROI of investing in the digital kiosks.

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Here are the key advantages of having a digital kiosk for a retail business:

1. Retail Kiosks Improve Customer Experience

A positive and trust worthy image of a brand is extremely important. A retail businesses is always focused on promoting a positive brand image and brand perception. The retail kiosks are specifically designed to facilitate the self-check-out process with capabilities to scan items, manage cart and payment functionalities. The retail kiosk significantly improve the communication and ensure easy availability of information for the customer via a touch screen based user interface (UI).  The business can easily boost their sales by using a digital retail kiosk. The kiosk can offer self-check-out, it can provide more details of the products, allow easy redemption of the loyalty points, etc. Moreover business can offer discounts and promotional offers through the kiosks which can attract more customers. A digital kiosk is a great communication tool, it can be used for advert or during the purchase process it can offer certain add-on products which increase sales and revenue.

Retail Kiosks Improve Customer Experience

The self-check-out process is convenient and if the facility is provided the customer will prefer it. As the customer have more freedom on the digital kiosks comparing to a traditional counter. They can manage their cart, change it any time during the payment process and much more. In addition to that the business can easily link multiple payment methods which will improve the customer experience. For example the payment can be done via credit/debit cards, digital payment methods, online payment gateways, etc. The digital kiosk can also offer the customer to pay for a single transaction using multiple payment method and much more. Such attractive features encourage the customer to use the self-check-out kiosks. Which on the other hand help business to manage their resources more efficiently. It also enables the retail business to add more counters/POS without much cost. This improve profitability and productivity. For retail business the biggest problem is the waiting time in the check-out, the digital retail kiosks are a good alternate to hiring more staff to reduce the waiting lines and quicker service delivery/check-out.

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2. Retail Kiosk is a Great Marketing Tool

The retail kiosks are being used by all types and sizes of retail businesses all over the world. Recently in past few years the retail kiosks made their way in UAE markets, specifically the Dubai witnessed rapid growth in the retail kiosk. The kiosks are heavily used for communication and advertisements. Businesses have reported somewhere from 20% to a whopping 75% increase spike in the sale of the products who has been advertised on the signage. The bright screens with videos and multimedia content running on them can easily caught attention of the passing by customers. When a digital kiosk is placed near to the products with their adverts and promotional content running on it, the customers notice it easily. The product features and adverts do the rest and can influence the customer’s purchase decision.

Retail Kiosk is a Great Marketing Tool

Moreover the digital kiosks can be used to display dynamic content such as promotional offers, occasional sales, deals, packages, etc. Which can also attract more attentions. Each business have different approach towards marketing. The digital kiosk allow the retail businesses to run content as per their needs. The digital kiosk are built on a very flexible platform, which enables the businesses to remotely manage the content and it also allow the management to schedule different content for different hours of the day. Even when the business is shut the kiosk can keep displaying the adverts and promotions which further help promoting the brand.

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3. Retail Kiosks Increase Profitability and Staff Efficiency

The digital kiosks are not so expensive, the technology used to build these devices is widely available and is comparatively very cost-efficient. The lifecycle of digital kiosks also spans on years. The devices are easily customizable and businesses can easily repurpose them too. On top of that the digital kiosks require very less or literally no regular maintenance. Mostly these are network enabled devices, and some businesses also prefer offline devices where they can easily upload media using portable storage devices such as USB pen drive or SD memory cards. This makes them highly user friendly and cost-efficient. The devices can operate 24/7 without any trouble. The display and the computing modules used in the devices are also widely available and very cost-effective with longer lifecycles. This makes them super-cost efficient.

Retail Kiosks Increase Profitability and Staff Efficiency

The retail businesses always face problems with the long queues and overburdened staff. Which have negative effects on the customer service and customer experience. The long line can ruin the customer experience and the overburdened staff also tend to focus less on the customer experience and customer happiness. One solution is to increase the number of counters, which is very expensive and in some cases nearly impossible due to the physical architecture or interior of the retail store. The other option is to offer self-service or self-check-out kiosks. The self-check-out kiosks allow the customers to check-out without relying on a staff. This can expedite the check-out process and with all self-check-out kiosk’s benefits the customer experience can be enhanced significantly.

Retail Kiosks Increase Profitability and Staff Efficiency

The digital kiosks are also used to display the promotional content, adverts and product details videos, which also increase the in-store sales. The self-check-out terminals are a great tool to reduce customer churn rate and improve in-store sales. They are also very effective in improving the customer experience. A good customer experience improve customer retention and had long term benefits. The digital kiosks can quickly increase the in-store sales and allow the businesses to promote certain products. With the help of self-check-out kiosks and digital kiosks the retail store have reported significant increase in the daily sales. This also improve customer loyalty. The staff’s work is also reduced which allow them to focus more on their primary tasks and results in significant improvements in the staff efficiency. These all factors result in higher operation efficiency and allow the business to utilize its all resources at full potential. Which increase productivity and profitability. The increase in sales and good customer experience results in long term steady growth.

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These days in Dubai and all over the UAE we are witnessing digital kiosks everywhere. Whether it is just a digital sign running some adverts on it, or it is a very sophisticated piece of machinery facilitating the self-service immigration process at the airport, the digital kiosks are everywhere. The retail businesses can benefit from the digital kiosk and get a great competitive advantage. The digital kiosks are a great marketing and communication tool with capabilities to run dynamic content that can also be managed remotely. The marketing and promotional content can significantly increase the sales. The self-check-out kiosks are a great toll to facilitate check-out process, reduce lines and queues at the counters and it is a great tool to generate extra revenue and on the same time it is very capable of transforming the customer experience. The businesses can push more promotions and add-on products during the self-check-out process which can also increase the sales.

The self-check-out also offers multiple payment methods which also facilitate the customers. The business can easily deploy more kiosks and reduce the work load of the existing staff, this allow the retail stores to efficiently manage their resources and it also boost staff efficiency and performance. The digital kiosks are very cost-efficient, have along lifecycles, and require literally no regular maintenance, this help the retail to achieve high profitability and productivity and also help them to improve their brand image. RSI Concepts is a leading retail kiosk provider in Dubai, UAE. We are offering a variety of standard solutions along with customization facility to let our customers customize a solution to meet their specific needs. If you want to learn more or need any help with your digital kiosks project, feel free to contact us through our Contact Us  page or leave a comment in the comment box below and we will get in touch with you soon.

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