What are the best devices to be used for Customer Feedback?

The best devices to be used for Customer Feedback System

Now a days the customer experience and customer satisfaction is everything, business are investing heavily in customer satisfaction solutions. In Dubai and all around the UAE the businesses have become more customer centric over the past few years. That trend is not just limited to UAE but in fact it is global. The businesses are putting customers at their core and everything circles around the customers. That is why businesses keep improving their business processes, service delivery strategies, IT and Infrastructure, quality and features of the products and services and much more. Businesses are investing huge revenues in customer journey transformation tools and customer satisfaction solutions. These days all modern software, tools and systems have in-built data analytics and statistics features which provide the business management with brief reports of the overall performance of the system or tool. However, the actual measurement of the performance of any of these is the measurement of the customer satisfaction and customer happiness.

Customer Feedback System

The question arises, how a business can know if the customers are happy and satisfied? Will the increase in sales could be the indicator, will the decline in complaints could be the indicator of the progress in right direction? The simple answers is yes, these are and many others too are the indicators, but they are not very precise and accurate, and they provide only a limited data and doesn’t provide any info about customer’s actual emotions. The only best way to know how your customers feel about your brand and how much happy or unhappy they are with the business is to ask them. That is why the customer feedback is considered to be the most accurate and valuable performance data. Which not only provide a deeper and most accurate understanding of customer’s perception of your brand image, but it also provide you any other details you want to know, such as ongoing market trends, what your customers are expecting form you, what products they like and why and what they don’t like and why, these all details will only come from the customer feedback campaigns.

Here are some of the best devices to be used to collect customer feedback:

Collect Customer Feedback with a Push Button Happiness Meter

The push button type happiness meter is a wireless customer feedback collection device. The feedback terminal is always placed at the very exact point where the customer is interacting with the business or organization. That is a very old form of collecting customer happiness data, but still very popular and effective in certain scenarios. Usually the push button happiness device or terminal is placed at the most busy places, where a huge number of customers is to be expected, for example at the airports, mass transit stations, stadiums, parks, malls, etc. The reason why business and organization uses the push button happiness meter is to collect more feedback. As the system allows only one questions, so the feedback is simple and quicker. The customers don’t have to fill-in any data or their identity or mobile number, etc. all they need is to have a look at the question and simply push the button. Usually these devices are designed in different configurations, it depends upon the questions.

Collect Customer Feedback with a Push Button Happiness Meter

Mostly the push button happiness meter device comes with 2 button with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ options. But now a days the 3 button and 5 button variants are also gaining popularity in Dubai and all around the UAE. The 3 and 5 push button configuration is usually used for happiness meter, where the business or the organization wants to measure the level of happiness or unhappiness too.

Here are some advantages of a push button happiness meter:

  1. Extremely Cost-Efficient
  2. Ready-to-use, plug-and-play setup
  3. Single Question Results in More Turnover
  4. Custom Branding can be Used on the Devices
  5. Wall-mount, Floor Standing, Tabletop Installation
  6. 3G/4G Wireless Setup
  7. Battery Operated (Long Battery Life)
  8. Easy Feedback Submission
  9. Online/Cloud Based Administrative Panel
  10. Simple and Easy Data Collection and Report Generation

These are some key benefits of using a push button happiness meter. It is very useful when collecting customer feedback from a huge audience. The administrative admin panel is extremely simple and the data collection, report generation and data extraction/download is very easy. The operational or running cost is also very low. Overall the push button happiness meter customer feedback collection tool is a very cost effective and efficient device to collect customer feedback.

Collect Customer Feedback with a Tablet Kiosk

The customer feedback collection with a tablet kiosk is very simple and provide a lot more options comparing to the push button type happiness meters. A tablet kiosk consists of an ordinary tablet whether Android based or Apple/iPad based, which is installed in a mount, stand or enclosure. The customer feedback system has either an application which is installed on the tablets or it has a web-based interface/web-app. In either case the Android Tablet or Apple iPad is programmed and prepared in a way that is can operate automatically at its own without any help from the staff. The touch screen provides a user interaction interface where users can submit their feedback. As the touchscreen tablet is a very advanced platform it can provide a variety of options and business can have happiness meters, customer surveys and input fields to collect different data types. The business can ask the customers to fill-in as many details as they want, the touch-screen interface also allows an on-screen keyboard which enables the customers to submit their feedback in plain text format. It means the customer can also type their opinion, suggestion or comments and it will be stored in the system along with the other feedbacks. The customer feedback could be a single question, two question or multiple questions based long surveys. The tablet kiosk supports all.

Collect Customer Feedback with a Tablet Kiosk

In Dubai and all around the UAE there are certain types of customer feedbacks which are most common and considered to be more effective such as:

  • Customer Happiness Meter
  • NPS or Net Promoter Score Survey
  • CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • CES or Customer Effort Score Survey
  • General Customer Happiness Survey (Multiple Questions)

The tablet kiosk supports all these types of surveys. Which allow the businesses to use a single device for multiple campaigns at different times and provide more comprehensive customer feedback data.

Here are some key benefits of the customer feedback system with tablet kiosk:

  1. Very Cost-Effective
  2. Easy to Implement
  3. Ability to Collect Multiple Question Based Feedbacks
  4. Excellent Choice for Short and Medium Sized Customer Surveys
  5. Ability to get Textual-Based Inputs/Comments of the Customer using On-screen Keyboard
  6. Graphical Interface Attracts More Attentions and Increase Response Rate
  7. The Touch-screen Interface of the Android Tablet or Apple iPad Enhance User Experience
  8. Provide More Control over Surveys and Questions
  9. Customizable Surveys and Questions
  10. Customer Feedback Campaigns can be Scheduled
  11. More Data Collection and Ability to Generate Detailed Reports
  12. Remote-Management and Ability to Connect to both Online and Offline Networks
  13. Ability to Connect the Entire Organization and Its all Branches via Head-office Admin Panel
  14. Ability to Host Different Customer Surveys and Campaigns on Different Tablet Kiosks
  15. Easy and Cost-Efficient Expansion and Scalability
  16. Ability to Integrate Email and SMS based Notifications and Alerts
  17. Can be Placed at Each Counter, Entry/Exit Points, and any Convenient Location
  18. Simple and Easy Connectivity via WiFi, LAN and 3G/4G
  19. Very Low Maintenance is Required
  20. System Integration Enables to Link the Customer Feedback Data and/or Interface with Other Systems, Tools and Central Information System

These are some of the advantages of using a tablet kiosk with a customer feedback system. As the system is very flexible towards customization and modifications, so business can innovate their own methods and techniques to improve the response rate and the quality of the customer feedback.

Collect Customer Feedback with Smartphones and Mobile Devices

The smartphones, tablet and mobile devices have become extremely important. In Dubai and all around the UAE people tend to spend hours on their mobile devices and smartphones. In fact all over the world, the use of mobile devices and smartphones to surf the internet have surpassed the usage of conventional computers and laptops. This is how the smartphones and mobile devices are taking over the online domain. Business really need to focus more on mobile apps. The smartphone is a very useful device with very high response rate for customer surveys and feedbacks. The businesses can collect feedback using their smartphone apps or using online survey links which are optimized for mobile devices. Even businesses can do surveys and collect feedbacks using the SMS feature. The customers love to have interaction with their business through their smartphones. Some businesses are already offering smartphone applications to their customers and visitors for various other purposes.

Collect Customer Feedback with Smartphones and Mobile Devices

The customer feedback system can be integrated with the existing smartphone apps to enable the customer feedback module on the smartphone apps or the businesses can share online links for mobile devices to collect the customer feedback. The customer feedback can also be collected through SMS.  Using smartphones and mobile devices for customer feedback is very cost-efficient and convenient for the businesses.

Here are some advantages of integrating a customer feedback system with smartphones:

  1. Very Cost-effective
  2. Easy to Implement
  3. Customers can give their Feedback using, Smartphone Applications, SMS, Online Links, QR Codes, etc.
  4. Instant Feedback Using QR Codes
  5. Post-Sales Feedbacks
  6. Reminders, Alerts, Status, Follow Ups and Personalized Communication
  7. Provide Customers with a Highly Personalized User Experience
  8. Short, Medium and Long Size Surveys have Better Response Rate
  9. Allow Customers to Attach Documents, Photos, Files, etc. along with their Feedback
  10. Equally Effective for all Types of Customer Feedback such as Happiness Meter, Rating Scale, NPS, CSAT, CES, and General Purpose Surveys
  11. Collect More Statistical Data and Gather In-Depth Business Intelligence
  12. Easy to Link and Synchronize Data with other Enterprise Tools and Systems
  13. Simple Campaign Management, Survey Creation, Broadcasting and Data Collection
  14. Low Maintenance and Less Operational Expenses

The smartphones and mobile devices are very common and used by everyone. This is why collecting customer feedback using smartphone and mobile devices is a lot easier, and have better response rate. Sometimes the customers avoid sharing their opinion face to face so such electronic mediums and devices are a great alternate to encourage more customers to share their experience with the business.


These days the market trends are much more customer centric than ever before. The businesses are investing huge in customer satisfactions solutions, the only way to evaluate these investments and efforts is to ask the customers that if they liked them or not. The customer happiness and customer satisfaction is the key to success. In Dubai and all around the UAE the competition is very high. If a customer had a bad experience they don’t even give it a second thought and switch immediately. That is why it is extremely important to listen to your customers and act accordingly. The customer feedback is important and more important is that you get accurate and precise data from the feedback to make informed decisions and successful strategies. There are different types of the customer surveys and different mediums to get the customer feedback. These mediums and devices are the one who can determine the failure or success of the customer feedback collection campaign.

In this blog we have listed three main devices, the push button happiness meter, the interactive tablet kiosks, and the mobile devices. These all are most popular and commonly used devices for customer feedback collection. The customer feedback can also be collected from other devices and mediums such as Self-service kiosks, web portals, emails, etc. However these three are dedicatedly designed devices for the sole purpose of collecting customer feedback only. So, the response rate is highest than other mediums and platforms. Each device have its own application and perform well in certain scenarios and for certain types of customer feedback collection campaigns. The customer feedback system is the software program that run on the backend of all these devices and collect data. Later that data can be processed and extracted in the form of reports and these reports will provide a valuable insight to the customer behavior, expectations, liking, disliking and their demands. On the bases of that knowledge the business can make future strategies and changes in its practices and processes to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction to ensure growth and progress. RSI Concepts is a leading brand in Customer Feedback System providers in Dubai, UAE. If you need any help feel free to reach us out through our Contact Us  page or leave a comment in the comment box below and we will get in touch with you soon.

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