NYU Abu Dhabi is a University focusing on research of arts and science colleges in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The students all around the world approach the University for its standard of Education and facilities provided for the education seekers.

In order to provide student friendly services within the campus NYU Abu Dhabi decided to install Kiosk machines within different departments of the University.

Team at RSI Geeks worked with the team at Abu Dhabi University to come up with two different customized kiosk machines that will have iPad to interact with students. First design of the interactive Kiosk is a floor standing kiosk with a huge area for artwork to attract students. The Kiosk has all around graphics and NYU artwork to give a unique look to the kiosk. iPad is installed in kiosk in a way that it will have continuous connection to the power socket with concealed cables and at the same time iPad can be removed from the kiosk for servicing or app installation or update purposes.

Survey System Kiosk: The other design of the kiosk was also a floor standing kiosk with our standard kiosk model. The kiosk has the ability to fit in any screen size or any brand of tablet. Be it iPad or Samsung or Lenovo tablet, all the types of tablets can be installed in 9002 model of our kiosk. It is created in mild steel or fire rates MDF as and how it is required and adjusted in the environment. The kiosk had ipad installed to interact with the students in the form of Survey System.

After the successful execution kiosk design project the project manager, Mahyne Waheed said. “NYU Abu Dhabi is one of the most reputed university in United Arab Emirates. The Kiosk machine requirements were diverse and challenging. By designing and delivering such kiosk for NYU Abu Dhabi, our self-belief levels have risen up. We are further convinced that team at RSI Geeks has the technical know-how and ability to design and personalize any type of Kiosk machine by utilizing our team of designers, engineers and fabricators”

Team at RSI Geeks is committed to provide best of the class after sales support and service to customers to ensure that each and every installation of Kiosk , Computer Kiosks, iPad Kiosk or tablet kiosk are operational and serving the requirements of the customers 24×7.

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