To enhance the security of the facility, Falcon Breeding Farm approached RSI Concepts to install CCTV surveillance systems. Falcon Breeding Farm is a world class falcon breeding and training facility. It is under the auspices and patronage of the Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Falcon Breeding Farm is a premier falcon training and breeding facility where very precious breeds of falcons from all over the globe are trained, bred, and looked after with care and commitment.

RSI Concepts is one of the leading providers of CCTV surveillance systems in Dubai. RSI CCTV security surveillance system has been acquired by many multinational clients.  These CCTV surveillance systems have always been customized to suit and meet the security requirements of the clients.

For the installation of the CCTV cameras and surveillance systems for Falcon Breeding Farm, the RSI Concepts team work together with the team from the Falcon Breeding Farm. Both the teams assiduously chalked down the various surveillance needs of the Falcon Breeding Farm. After this blueprint was drawn, RSI CCTV surveillance systems were designed and deployed in the precincts of Falcon Breeding Farm.

109 CCTV cameras were deployed in Falcon Breeding Farm in order to monitor the falcon development and training activities. The cameras were installed both within and outside the buildings. These CCTV cameras are intrinsically designed for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. They are weather proof, function optimally both during day and night, and also provide a 360 degree view.  Additionally these CCTV cameras are built on the latest technology and hence provide foolproof security.

The CCTV surveillance systems installed at the Falcon Breeding Farm now provide a 24 x 7 surveillance, monitoring, and tracking of every area of the training facility. Managers can now keep track of every movement happening within the facility and also record the footfalls in and out of the facility. Staff work and functioning can also be traced and recorded effortlessly.

The CCTV security systems which have been put in place in the Falcon Breeding Farm allow access to trainers through smart phones. This means that remote monitoring of training of the falcons by the staff is also feasible. Such a facility has provided the managers with the mobility which allows for increased all round efficiency and productivity.

After installing the RSI CCTV Surveillance System for Falcon Breeding Farm, Muhammad Iqbal, Project Manager at RSI Concepts said, “Falcon Breeding Farm is one of the most reputed falcon training and breeding facility. The security requirements are varied and imminent. By designing and delivering a cutting edge CCTV surveillance system for Falcon Breeding Farm, our confidence levels have spiralled up. We are further convinced that RSI Concepts has the technical know-how and ability to design and personalize CCTV security surveillance for any industry.”

The Falcon Breeding Farm is now completely secured with RSI CCTV security systems. This not only helps the management to record and track every movement, but also provides a mechanism to ensure that the staff and operations are at the productive best.

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