Kiosk and Interactive Kiosks FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – Kiosk and Interactive Kiosks

What is a Kiosk Machine?
Kiosk is a self service device that is most of the time installed at public places for some specific or general purposes such as capturing customer feedback or issuing a loyalty card in a store or helping visitors of a shopping mall to find a particular store.

What other names can be used for Kiosk?

Kiosk Machines are also known as Self Service Kiosk, Interactive Kiosk, Touch Screen Kiosk, iPad Kiosk, Tablet Kiosk, Samsung Tablet Kiosk and so on.

How are Kiosks built?

Kiosk machines are built with metal, cast iron, stainless steel, fire rated medium density boards, acrylic or plastic. Cost is the major factor of choosing the material of the kiosk.

How are Kiosk Machines designed?

It starts with requirement gathering, then sketch making. The sketch is transformed into drawing and preferably 3d image.

What kind of devices are installed in Kiosk Machines?

Kiosk machines can be stand alone screens to have video input coming through HDMI cables or media players or interactive kiosks can be built-in or separate computers fixed in the kiosk.

What is the difference in a standalone kiosk and interactive kiosk?

In a standalone kiosk the video source of the screen is either transmitted through HDMI cable from a central room or an individual media player is attached with the screen. Media player is then connected to the network over Wi-Fi or cabled network that is Ethernet.

Should I go for an interactive kiosk or a screen based kiosk?

It totally depends on the requirement. If you want visitors of a shopping mall to be routed to a store on an interactive map then you need a computer and a touch screen where the user can type the store name or tap on the map to navigate. A customer feedback system and visitor survey will also require an interactive kiosk. If you need to display static or dynamic ads – a standalone screen with a media player or any other video source is what you need.

What should be the screen size of the interactive kiosk?

The size of the screen of interactive kiosk depends on the type of application is to be used for user interaction. Issuing a token in the bank for waiting customers will require a small screen. Similarly a customer feedback system requires a small screen to take user input in the form or emoticons. While routing the customer on the map requires a large screen.

What is a kiosk app?

A kiosk is either a standalone screen or an interactive kiosk. In the aforementioned the media player has a web browser interface where the required images, videos, presentations and other form of data can be played. An interactive kiosk requires an app to be installed where the user can interact with the machine using human interface mechanism. Such as an application in garments store can let users try different clothes with a tap of screen using different clothes or a navigation app in the store can route customer to their directions.


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