5 new techniques to collect customer feedback

The proper collection and analysis of customer feedback is a highly valuable activity to improve your services. But there are two bottlenecks that every business has to deal with whenever they try to implement a customer feedback system. First, customers rarely provide feedback unless you ask them for it. Second, obtaining different types of customer feedback can be a tricky challenge for most businesses.

5 new techniques to collect customer feedback

Each business is different, and therefore the best way to approach customers for feedback without affecting customer satisfaction will be unique for a particular business. However, there are some general techniques that can be applied everywhere. We will take a look at the 5 best ways to get feedback from your customers in a customer survey system Dubai.

1. Feedback button on your website or app


Instead of spamming your customers with emails to get their feedback, implementing an always-visible static button on your website is the fastest way to get actionable feedback from your customers. For example, customers can be prompted to leave their feedback using the button once they have made a purchase on the website. This should ideally be in the form of a customer satisfaction survey. The data from this can be implemented into a customer feedback system and become part of the larger customer feedback strategy.

2. Website surveys 


Another great way to get valuable data from your customer survey system Dubai is to implement website or web app surveys. Since the web has become an integral part of lead generation for any business, surveys on websites can be targeted to appear to only relevant users. It is a very convenient way too. If you have a CRM or a customer feedback system in place already, the data from website surveys can be streamlined to your customer survey system Dubai easily.

3. Transactional emails 


Instead of sending your customer’s dedicated survey or feedback emails and thus creating a negative impression, transactional emails are a powerful tool to foster a great relationship with customers as part of your customer feedback strategy. Transactional emails are the ones the customer receives right after he has made a purchase, signed up for new service with your company and so on. This will ensure that such emails are meaningful to the customer and not just spam.

Statistically speaking, transactional emails have better open rates than other types of emails. Therefore, asking a feedback question within these emails, which can take the customer to a customer satisfaction survey, is a great way to ensure that you get relevant and useful types of customer feedback. Transactional emails are perhaps the most useful of the 5 best ways to get feedback from your customers.

4. Survey Kiosk


If your business if of the type where a customer visits the organization premises in order to avail a product or service, then survey kiosks are a good way to get instant feedback about customer satisfaction and collect different types of customer feedback. Survey kiosks are a better way than walking up to a customer and asking them to fill out a form. The information captured by the kiosk can be integrated into your existing customer feedback system Dubai or CRM in order to complement the other ways of obtaining feedback.

5. Asking for feedback and monitoring social media channels


Social media is an inexpensive way to reach and engage your customers. Every business today has a presence on social media and customers actively participate in different social media channels. In fact, people use social media as a means of giving feedback. As a business, it Is a good idea to join in on the conversation to collect and monitor customer feedback. Several CRM and customer feedback process have social media monitoring integrated into them to analyse feedback obtained through social media.

So, we have seen Customer Feedback: Why It’s Important + 5 Ways to Collect It. Investing in customer experience improvement through a robust customer feedback system is a guaranteed way to improve your products/services and increase revenue-generating opportunities.

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