RSI Queue System Is Acquired By Union Cooperative Dubai

Queue System: Union Cooperative Dubai (UNION COOP) is a consumer cooperative society in Dubai whose mandate is to establish and manage hypermarkets in Dubai and to promote the growth of its members. Belonging to the field of business and commerce, UNION COOP, has a lot of transactions with its hordes of clients every day. Servicing clients and ensuring their happiness became a very pressing need for UNION COOP. In order to improve their efficiency, UNION COOP approached RSI Concepts to design a queue management system.

RSI queue systems are famous in Dubai and other regions of UAE for helping in swift customer service and enhanced productivity. These queue management systems have been designed and installed for a very many enterprises and government organizations across various business verticals. RSI queuing systems are built on cutting edge technology components which make it solid as well as agile. The queue system also enables a quick customer flow management system and is very user friendly.

The teams from UNION COOP and RSI Concepts first drew out a plan to design an active queue management system which would help in better client servicing. All the requisite parameters were jotted down and the various influencing factors were mapped. After this brainstorming, the team from RSI concepts proceeded to customize and create a queue system for UNION COOP. This queue management system had a very smart queue manager in place and was designed to actively manage queues in the most user friendly manner possible. After the testing phase, the queue system was installed. The staffs of UNION COOP were trained to use it. Some of the features of the queue management system designed for UNION COOP included an automated ticketing system, a robust customer flow management algorithm and a very active queue system which reduced customer waiting time drastically.

After the successful implementation of the RSI queue system, Mr. Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager RSI Queue System says,

“This project with UNION COOP was extremely challenging and satisfying for us. One of the biggest issues which we faced was the fact that UNION COOP is a large organization and that they have a diverse range of clients. Taking into account the multitude of factors needed to design an effective queue system was another daunting task. However the team from UNION COOP was extremely helpful and they assisted us by giving us the vertical knowledge at all times. Our strong technical fundamentals coupled with UNION COOP’s domain knowledge enabled us to design a very robust queue system for UNION COOP. We are very happy with the outcome and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with UNION COOP. This experience has broadened our knowledge repository and given us a wealth of experience. We look forward to taking on more challenging works!”

With a smoothly functioning RSI QUEUE system in place, UNION COOP has had a leap in their productivity and efficiency!

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