Queuing System for Oman Post by RSI Concepts

Oman is the second largest country after Saudi Arabia on Arabian Peninsula with the geographical area of 309,500sqm with the population of 4.5 million approximately. Having an almost 2000 miles coastline across the country it has huge importance in the region.

Postal Services in Oman are taken care by Oman Post, fully administered by Oman Government since 1966. Since then, Oman post has never looked back in the progress of the postal services to serve the residents of the country. Every now and then the department has worked to adapt new resources, mechanisms and technologies to progress in the field of postal services.

RSI Concepts and Oman Post have signed a Queuing System project for five of the branches where the customer foot fall was a concern. Token machine System at branches will save resources and time of Oman Post administration, eventually serving the customer in short possible period of time along with quality service by using reporting and in-depth analyzing features of the token system.

The branches will be equipped with ticket dispensers, waiting LED screens, Sound System and required software applications integrated with the business process to facilitate administration, management and customer experience.

Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager RSI Queue System has shared his delightfulness by adding;

“We are extremely proud and excited for being chosen by the management of Oman post for Queuing System implementation. It was quite challenging experience to understand and provide an end to end Queue Management Solution which caters to their complex requirement for customer experience and integrations to their core business applications. This Queue System implementation is a pilot project which is being rolled out in five branches at the first stage. The objective is to fine tune the system at this high foot fall locations and then roll it out to the rest of the branches across the entire country”

Acquiring of Queue system is a sign that Oman Post is constantly looking to improve their services for the residents of Oman.

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