What are the best Customer Feedback Questions?

What are the best Customer Feedback Questions?

Businesses in Dubai and all around the UAE are very proactive in improving their quality and customer satisfaction. There are several factors that are responsible for this behavior or trend. For example the markets in UAE are very competitive and growing rapidly, the majority of the population is well educated and the living standards are very high comparing to the other countries in the region which raise the consumer standards as well. The government also have strict policies and laws to ensure the consumers’ interests are secured and also facilitate businesses which also encourage them to boost their performance and quality of the work. The year 2022 is expected to spice up things a little bit more with the Expo 2020 going on and new businesses paving their way to the markets the customer satisfaction has become the main goal of the businesses. Earlier such feats were associated with big businesses only but things have changed since past few years and almost every businesses big or small is seeking ways to collect customer insights.

What are the best Customer Feedback Questions?

Businesses do different things and make different strategies to improve their customer satisfaction. These all activities and efforts could cost a lot. Some might involve implementing new IT infrastructure, or acquiring new tools, or hiring new staff or anything else, which all comes with a price tag. So, it is extremely important for the business to evaluate their efforts and investments to ensure a long term success and a good ROI. Asking your customers directly about their opinion and feedback about all the efforts you are doing is the best way to evaluate and improve your customer satisfaction strategies. However, it is not as that simple either. The customer feedback questions and surveys should be designed very carefully to ensure that maximum customers will attempt the survey and the customer feedback questions will be able to provide the right amount and quality of the data that is needed for the decision making or taking any solid actin which will help the business to improve customer happiness. In this blog we will discuss several aspects of collecting customer feedback and the customer feedback questions.

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What are different types of customer feedback?

Before we discuss the actual questions it is important to understand how many different types of customer feedback surveys are. This is to provide our reader enough knowledge to let them understand which type of customer feedback survey should be used when and for what kind of customer feedback data collection. There are several customer feedback types and all the questions that we use to collect customer feedback comes under those major classes or categories. Here are the most important customer feedback categories:

  1. NPS Survey (Net Promoter Score)
  2. CSAT Score (Customer Satisfaction Survey)
  3. CES Survey (Customer Effort Score)
  4. Rating Survey
  5. Customized Survey

What are different types of customer feedback?

These are the most commonly used customer feedback survey types and each one contains different types of questions. These customer feedback questions are not specific to any particular business or industry in fact each business can modify them to serve the purpose. The main idea is to discuss the question types and the data that can be collected from such questions.

1. NPS Survey (Net Promoter Score)

The NPS Survey or Net Promoter Score is one of the most commonly used customer feedback type. When a business is seeking to collect a huge amount of data from a large group then they usually used NPS Survey or the Net Promoter Score. The customer feedback question that is used for the NPS Survey is usually like the following questions:

  • On a scale of 0 (highly unlikely) to 10 (very likely) how likely or unlikely would you recommend our products/services to your friend, family member or colleague?
  • Considering your today’s experience with our customer support staff and the service provided how likely or unlikely would you recommend us [Business Name] to your family, friends or colleagues? Please answer on a scale of 0 to 10. Where 0 is ‘highly unlikely’ and 10 is ‘very likely’.

NPS Survey (Net Promoter Score)

This is how the NPS Survey questions are set. The customer feedback data can be classified in different groups where each group represents a certain range of the answers to simplify the answers and to improve data quality and accuracy.

2. CSAT Score (Customer Satisfaction Survey)

The CSAT Score or Customer Satisfaction Survey is a general customer satisfaction question. Mostly there is only one questioned asked, but in some scenarios business also add some question before and after the main question. The customer feedback question that is used for the CSAT Score or Customer Satisfaction Survey is usually like the following questions:

  • How was your today’s experience?
  • How satisfied or unsatisfied are you on the bases of your interaction with our sales staff? Please rate from 1 to 10 where 1 means very unsatisfied and the 10 means very satisfied.

CSAT Score (Customer Satisfaction Survey)

That is how the general satisfaction or CSAT Score is taken. The data is somewhat generic but it could help businesses to later conduct more studies and surveys in right direction to get deeper insight.

3. CES Survey (Customer Effort Score)

The CES Survey or the Customer Effort Score is the measurement of the level of difficulties a customer will have to face while having and interaction with a business. Usually it is used to improve customer journey and customer experience. The customer feedback question that is used for the CES Survey or Customer Satisfaction Survey is usually like the following questions:

  • How easy or difficult it was to get the service [Service Name]? Please rate from 1 to 5 where 1 is ‘very difficult’ and 5 is ‘not difficult at all’
  • Are you happy with our payment methods? Yes/No

CES Survey (Customer Effort Score)

The customer effort score is very important to improve customer journey and customer experience and it also help businesses to identify the areas of improvements.

4. Rating Survey

The Rating Surveys are general rating questions. The businesses can ask about a very specific topic or subject and they can collect a very precise and accurate data. The general rating is usually a traditional five star rating or it could be a rating gage as well. The customer feedback question that is used for the Rating Survey is usually like the following questions:

  • How would you like to rate the feature [Feature Name] of our product/service [Product/Service Name]?
  • How was the behavior of the support staff? Please rate:

Rating Survey

The rating surveys are used for only a single topic so it has only a single question with a rating answer hence it can provide very precise data and businesses can easily pin point different issues and problems in their products/services and the entire customer journey.

5. Customized Survey

The Customized Surveys are the detailed survey used to have multiple questions on multiple topics and can provide very detailed customer feedback data. Usually these types of customer feedback surveys could have anywhere from 8 to 50 questions or even more if needed. Businesses usually use conditional logic to cover multiple topics and follow up questions are also more frequently used. The customized surveys are also used to evaluate various business processes, understand the customer opinion about the products and services, and it also help measuring various KPIs and staff performance. Usually the long surveys are targeted for a selective audience. The questions can be of different types, rating scale, multiple answers, single answer, or even open-ended questions which allow the customer to express their suggestion or opinion in words. The data collected by long surveys could be complex, it is usually segregated in three parts based on the priority or urgency, for example, the problems that need immediate fix, or need later fix or more insight or the problems that can’t be fixed or doesn’t require a fix. That is how the data can be utilized to improve business strategy and overall performance.

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Customized Survey

Examples of the best Customer Feedback Questions

Writing question for any customer feedback campaign or survey is a very important and critical tasks. The entire campaign depends upon the questions that you are asking. However in Dubai and all around the world there are some most popular questions that businesses occasionally asked and get very good results. Here are some of the examples of the customer feedback questions:

1) Please describe yourself in a one sentence or fill in the followings.

Asking for demographic or basic contact details is a nice start for any customer feedback survey. It also very helpful while compiling reports and analyzing the feedback data.

2) What is the main purpose of purchasing this product or acquiring this service?

This question help business to learn about the expectations of their customers and why they want their products or services.

3) What is your main concern about this product/service?

This question can provide very precise data about the reasons why customers don’t want your products/services.

4) What value this product/service added to your life and what have changed after using our product/service?

Behind every purchase decision there is a goal. This question help businesses to understand if their existing customers have achieved that goal or not.

5) How exactly did you heard about us?

This is typically used for digital channels but can also be used at in-store or at business’s premises. The purpose is to evaluate on-going marketing efforts and marketing channels.

6) What have convinced you to choose us over other options?

This question help businesses to understand what is making them different from their competitors and it also provide them insight of customer’s liking and their perspective of the brand.

7) How can we make this product/service better?

This question could be an open-ended question or with a multiple choice answers to keep the feedback data simple which helps a lot during the analysis phase.

8) How would you like to rate the [xyz] feature of our product/service?

Usually this question have a traditional rating scale or a 1 to 5 score. Some businesses also use suggestive visuals or smiley emoticons to represent different answers.

9) How likely or unlikely would you be recommending us [business name] to others?

This is a typical NPS Score question. Such questions always have a 0 to 10 rating scale based answers. The NPS score is considered to be the overall performance indicator of the entire business.

10) How easy or difficult it was to purchase the product/service?

This is an example of the CES Score. Such questions are asked to evaluate the customer journey and various business processes that can impact customer satisfaction.

11) What else would you like to see in this product/service?

This question will help businesses to understand customer’s expectations and new market trends. Businesses can improve their products and services on the bases of this data.

12) What do you like the most or least about our product/service?

Such questions help identifying the weaknesses and strengths of a business’s products and services, based on this data the product and services can be improved.

13) How happy or unhappy you are from our staff’s behavior?

Such questions and many others are set to not only identify the cause of the customer’s unhappiness but to also collect various staff KPIs data. Which helps improving the customer experience.

14) How would you like to rate your interaction or experience today?

Such questions are usually have a follow up question which ask them to determine the cause of their satisfaction or dissatisfaction and this data is very helpful in improving customer journey.

5) Is there anything you want to add?

Such questions are very encouraging and gives your customers a sense of importance. The customers usually share their opinion, suggestions and thoughts. Which could be very helpful.

Examples of the best Customer Feedback Questions

These are some of the most commonly used questions for the customer feedback collection. The businesses in Dubai and all around the UAE are now adopting modern methods and high-tech solutions to collect and process customer feedback data. Usually a digital customer feedback system is used to launch and manage various customer feedback collection campaigns. The digital customer feedback software is the best way to manage and execute customer feedback campaigns.

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In this blog we have covered major classifications of the customer feedback campaigns along with some examples. We have also added several popular questions as examples to let our reader understand the topic. Each and every business is different and every business have its own customs and traditions, these questions should be solely based on the objectives of the campaigns. The customer feedback questions are very flexible and vary from case to case. This blog will provide basic knowledge on different customer feedback collection campaign types and the questions a business should ask. If you need any more help with setting up your customer feedback collection campaign or if you want to learn more about our exclusive state of the art customer feedback system, feel free to reach us out through our Contact Us page or leave a comment in the comment box below and we will get in touch with you soon.

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